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Pardot Social Data: That FullContact Thing Everyone Forgets

Pardot Social Data: That FullContact Thing Everyone Forgets

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Does this look familiar?

Pardot Social Data Connector.png

I can’t tell you how many Salesforce orgs I log into that have the “Pardot Social Data” Visualforce page added to the contact/lead page layout, and it displays a big window of nothingness.

But it’s not that hard to set up, so consider: a) taking 5 minutes to do so, or b) removing it from your page layout already.

So What Is It Pardot Social Data / the FullContact Connector?

The ‘Pardot Social Data’ Visualforce section is intended to show the data gathered by the FullContact connector.  According to Salesforce Help & Training, this allows us to:

Automate prospect social profile lookups based on email address using the FullContact connector. The connector checks for prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. When publicly available, the connector pulls location data, profile image, or summary for the prospect. When social profiles are found, their corresponding icons are displayed next to the name on the prospect record. Click an icon to view the social data available for that prospect.

So, TL;DR if your users want to do a little social creeping, it saves them a few clicks.

When the connector is set up, that blank box shows something more like this:

Pardot Social Insight

Do I Have a License for This?

The message that displays when FullContact isn’t set up says it is “included with Pardot Enterprise Edition.”  

What is ‘Pardot Enterprise Edition’?

Not a thing, ignore it.

Current Pardot tiers are called Standard, Pro, and Ultimate.  It’s included in Pro and Ultimate.

How Do You Set Pardot Social Data Up?

1. Mosey over to Administration > Connectors.   Click + Add Connector.

Create Connector Pardot

2. Click FullContact. You’ll get this little prompt.

Full Contact Pardot

3. Click ‘Create Connector,’ then boom!

Pardot Connector

You’re done.

No really, you’re done.

It will take a little time to refresh the data, but then your Pardot prospect records and Salesforce leads and contacts will start showing social deets.

Happy social creeping 🙂

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