Is Hustle Your Middle Name? Come Play in the Sercante Sandbox

Back in January, I posted an appeal to all of the talented Pardot and Salesforce admins at the ecosystem… looking for able bodies and willing hearts to join the Sercante team.  At the time, my firm was about 2 months old, and Sercante needed all of the contract talent it could find to service our handful of clients.

Fast forward 6ish months.  Today, the team includes the wonderful Mike Fazio, Allie Cappitelli, and Janna Rawls on a full time basis, along with 10 part-time consultants who bring some highly specialized talent to the team.

We are taking on more projects than we know what to do with, and every day we’re challenged to find new ways to create value and help our customers rock it out on the platform.

This may sound cheesy, but I genuinely think the one thing that sets our team apart is the amount of love we feel for our clients and the level of extreme ownership we take in their success or failure.  We are hugely invested in them, and every member of the team feels the same emotional highs and lows that they do as they work to grow their businesses.

Anyway… in usual form, I am slowly getting to my point.

We’re on a mission to grow.

The most important ingredient in that is awesome people.

If you’re a Pardot pro who’s looking for a career shakeup, I’d love to chat.

The Job at Sercante

If I had a tidy job description, I’d post it to Monster or Linkedin or some ish.

But tbh, we’re a startup, and things aren’t tidy.  To a certain extent, our team is always wearing all of the hats.  We boil our core responsibilities to the client to:

  • Happiness – We want our customers to be jazzed about the future of the platform and lit up by the possibilities.
  • Growth – …and not in the “sell more” sense. I mean sure, we’d love to grow our services.  But above all, growth to us means setting the client up with tested, sustainable processes that minimize technical debt and position them to take the next step in their marketing automation journey (whatever that means to them).
  • Learning – We want our clients to know and appreciate the platform the way we do. Our ultimate accomplishment is getting a client to the point where they know Pardot inside and out and can choose to run their entire marketing program on the platform… without us. (Hey, I’m fine with us working ourselves out of a job, as long as the client wants to high five us on their way out the door.)

If you think you can help us do those 3 things, I’d love to learn more about you and your background.

The Unicorns We’re Looking For

We have an absurdly high bar for who we’re looking to bring onto the team.  Our clients are depending on us to take them beyond just the basics of the platform. They need us to be the best – and we strive to deliver that in every interaction.

We’re looking for committed, driven Pardot lovers who:

  • Have 2+ years on the platform rolling up their sleeves solving problems
  • Believe there’s no problem too big to Google
  • Can navigate ambiguity and “wayfind” the path through almost anything
  • Like to dip their toes in the Salesforce waters (or just plunge right in)
  • Love playing with technology in general and have an experimental mindset
  • Are team players in every sense of the word, and will do any task big or small that our clients will value

Functionally, projects may include:

  • Developing marketing and campaign plans
  • Building email templates in Pardot, Hubspot, or other marketing automation platforms (with Pardot being the obvious favorite, I mean, check the URL)
  • Creating landing pages with great design, strong copywriting, and effective calls to action
  • Managing/cleansing campaign data & contact lists
  • Building client relationships, managing deadlines, and keeping project work on track
  •  Salesforce configuration, usually with the goal of enhancing adoption, streamlining workflows, solving weird martech integration challenges, and building gorgeous campaign and lead gen reporting

For you modest marketeers and readers with an active impostor — if you’re fantastic at even a few of these things, I’d still love to chat.

A Little About Sercante & What Makes Us Tick

Sercante helps businesses transform their lead-to-revenue processes by leveraging marketing automation & the Salesforce platform.

Our customers have a vision for where they want to take their sales and marketing.  They’ve fallen in love with a better version of the future and of “what could be” – and we help them bring that to life with strategy, technology, and ongoing content/creative/execution.

We enhance and better connect these critical steps in sales and marketing programs:

  •        Attracting digital traffic
  •        Converting more & better qualified leads
  •        Nurturing prospects & generating demand
  •        Supporting sales & streamlining deal closure
  •        Reporting on campaign influence/attribution
  •        Cross selling & building loyal customers

Know Someone Who Fits the Bill?  Let’s Chat, Yo.

Does the above description sound like you, or someone you might know?

Let’s chat – send me a note at [email protected].

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Andrea is a 12X certified Salesforce MVP and the founder of Sercante. When she's not Pardot-ing, she can be found playing with her German Shepherd Murphy, making homemade gin, or traveling with her hubby Buck.

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