Pardot Marketing Data Sharing

Wait, what is Marketing Data Sharing?!? If you are not familiar with Marketing Data Sharing, it essentially allows you to restrict which leads, contacts, opportunities, and/or custom objects are eligible to sync from Salesforce to Pardot. Let’s break this down and discuss its requirements, use cases, and setup. 

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Single Pardot Form, Multiple Completion Actions

Have you ever wished you could have multiple conditional form completion actions in a single Pardot form?

If you answered “OF FREAKIN’ COURSE I HAVE”, you’re in luck because I am going to teach you how in just 5 easy steps.

As you know it is super easy to add a single completion action to a Pardot form. But what would you do if you wanted to add multiple completion actions to a form and tie those actions to specific form elements. 

I know, it’s a head scratcher right (and you’ve probably heard: “Nope, can’t do it”)? Never fear I’ll guide you through the dragon’s den.

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Pardot Goodies from Salesforce IdeaExchange

This past year has been a great year for Pardot Admins everywhere. With each new release, Pardot has grown in functionality and has also become more integrated with Salesforce. This is fantastic as it allows for tighter data control, better personalization when communicating with prospects, improved user management processes. and an overall better user experience. In the wake of the new year, check out the newest Pardot features and updates on the Salesforce Spring 21 release notes to gain insights into what is coming in 2021.

As Pardot Admins, we often run into corners of the platform that require a little more creativity in order to solve a specific business need. Oftentimes, you can just “Google it” and voilà! Many in the Pardot community have the exact same question or problem you do, and although you find the answer (which is a huge relief), wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way for Pardot simply to add a fix for everyone?

Well my friend, grab a seat and let’s head over to the IdeaExchange!

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How To Map Lookup Fields in Pardot


Have you tried to map an important Salesforce field in Pardot, only to realize it’s not available in the Pardot field mapping dropdown list? Yeah, me too. The most common reason for this…It’s a dang lookup field in Salesforce, and Pardot doesn’t like lookup fields. 

If you’re wondering what a lookup field is, it’s when a field value is being sourced from another field or object.

Side note: User lookup fields are an exception here. Salesforce user lookup fields can be mapped to Pardot CRM User type fields.

If you’re still thinking you need that field in Pardot even though standard functionality won’t allow it, lucky for you, we have three solutions so you can still create and map the field you need in Pardot.

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Drawing a Blank: How Pardot Handles Empty Field Values

One of the tricky and little-known-things about Pardot is how the system handles blank values.

If you’ve never had a reason to, you probably haven’t thought about it.  But when it DOES come up — here’s what you need to know to be ready. Continue reading Drawing a Blank: How Pardot Handles Empty Field Values