Duck, Duck, Goose: How to play with Pardot Snippets!

Snippets were added to the Pardot functionality toolset fairly recently as a way to help the marketers of the world stay organized and reuse their content across multiple templates or Pardot Business Units without copy and pasting (*cues angelic music*). 

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21 Resources to Level-Up Your Pardot Emails In 2021

Nearly 90% of marketers are using email (think tools like Pardot) to reach their audiences on a weekly basis, according to Oberlo. On average, people get roughly ~120 emails a day, according to Radicati. Whoa! That’s a lot of emails. For many organizations in sectors like manufacturing, the switch to digital channels has become a race against time. One could infer that this number has increased due to the shift to digital channels (such as email) in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift is probably affecting businesses who perhaps did not depend on email marketing to generate sales, or depended more on brick-and-mortar stores for sales. In any case, these metrics are alarming to say the least, which begs the question, what are you doing to stand out and make your brand memorable?

In Pardot, there are several ways to send emails, however the way you organize and set up your email campaigns can differ from team to team. As a marketing team, here are some challenges you may be facing and need support on in 2021:

  • Planning and executing Pardot email campaigns that scale
  • Creating email banners and graphics (with no designer on staff) 
  • Checking for mobile responsiveness across templates (with little HTML knowledge)
  • Testing your email content (lack of feedback on subject lines, copy, A/B testing, etc)
  • Customizing email templates and trying to stay consistent with branding guidelines
  • Navigating through ambiguous IT documentation around email domains

Regardless if you are a team of one or a team 15+, this Pardot Email guide can help you take your email templates to the next level with a few simple clicks.

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Single Pardot Form, Multiple Completion Actions

Have you ever wished you could have multiple conditional form completion actions in a single Pardot form?

If you answered “OF FREAKIN’ COURSE I HAVE”, you’re in luck because I am going to teach you how in just 5 easy steps.

As you know it is super easy to add a single completion action to a Pardot form. But what would you do if you wanted to add multiple completion actions to a form and tie those actions to specific form elements. 

I know, it’s a head scratcher right (and you’ve probably heard: “Nope, can’t do it”)? Never fear I’ll guide you through the dragon’s den.

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Pardot Goodies from the Salesforce IdealExchange

This past year has been a great year for Pardot Admins everywhere. With each new release, Pardot has grown in functionality and has also become more integrated with Salesforce. This is fantastic as it allows for tighter data control, better personalization when communicating with prospects, improved user management processes. and an overall better user experience. In the wake of the new year, check out the newest Pardot features and updates on the Salesforce Spring 21 release notes to gain insights into what is coming in 2021.

As Pardot Admins, we often run into corners of the platform that require a little more creativity in order to solve a specific business need. Oftentimes, you can just “Google it” and voilà! Many in the Pardot community have the exact same question or problem you do, and although you find the answer (which is a huge relief), wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way for Pardot simply to add a fix for everyone?

Well my friend, grab a seat and let’s head over to the IdeaExchange!

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Using Preview & Preheader Text in Pardot to Encourage Opens: Questions & Answers


It’s an increasingly competitive environment to try to catch anyone’s attention — your prospects, your customers, even that dude on Tinder (okay, kidding on that last one).  But seriously — our span of attention just keeps getting smaller, and our inboxes keep getting fuller.  

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