Real Talk: 5 Surprises When Implementing Pardot

I love surprises – surprise parties, surprise presents, surprise announcements.

But this blog isn’t about THOSE kind of surprises. It’s about those “well shit, I didn’t see that coming” things that can rear their heads in a technology implementation project.

Having helped several dozen companies ramp up on Pardot, there are a few recurring things that I see come up that weren’t clearly communicated in the sales process: Continue reading Real Talk: 5 Surprises When Implementing Pardot

Hello, world!

Hi, internet!  This is my first post over here at  So far I have a loyal following of three: me, my husband Buck, and my out-of-control energetic German Shepherd Murphy.  (Hey, it’s a better 3 than me, myself, and I.)

This site is a future hub for all things Pardot – blogs, stories of people rocking the platform, and maybe even a training course or two someday (safe harbor.)  My current form of gainful employment is managing a global Pardot rollout for the B2B division of a Fortune 500 firm.  In the past, I’ve worked with agencies, consulting firms, and corporations on Pardot implementations and optimization projects. Continue reading Hello, world!