Single Pardot Form, Multiple Completion Actions

Have you ever wished you could have multiple conditional form completion actions in a single Pardot form?

If you answered “OF FREAKIN’ COURSE I HAVE”, you’re in luck because I am going to teach you how in just 5 easy steps.

As you know it is super easy to add a single completion action to a Pardot form. But what would you do if you wanted to add multiple completion actions to a form and tie those actions to specific form elements. 

I know, it’s a head scratcher right (and you’ve probably heard: “Nope, can’t do it”)? Never fear I’ll guide you through the dragon’s den.

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Pardot API and Getting Ready with Salesforce SSO Users Part 2 – WordPress Pardot Plugin Edition

In only a few weeks, Salesforce is moving all Pardot users to single sign-on (SSO) and all API integrations must use Salesforce OAuth.

If you’re adjusting the Pardot plugin on your WordPress website to get ready for these changes and, despite following the steps in our first blog, are hitting authentication errors, this blog may help.

In this post, we’re going to cover how to resolve common errors that may come up as you authenticate the Pardot Plugin in WordPress and the final step to authenticate user account settings for SSO.

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Pardot Goodies from the Salesforce IdealExchange

This past year has been a great year for Pardot Admins everywhere. With each new release, Pardot has grown in functionality and has also become more integrated with Salesforce. This is fantastic as it allows for tighter data control, better personalization when communicating with prospects, improved user management processes. and an overall better user experience. In the wake of the new year, check out the newest Pardot features and updates on the Salesforce Spring 21 release notes to gain insights into what is coming in 2021.

As Pardot Admins, we often run into corners of the platform that require a little more creativity in order to solve a specific business need. Oftentimes, you can just “Google it” and voilà! Many in the Pardot community have the exact same question or problem you do, and although you find the answer (which is a huge relief), wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way for Pardot simply to add a fix for everyone?

Well my friend, grab a seat and let’s head over to the IdeaExchange!

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Common Pardot Salesforce Connector Errors & How to Fix Them

It’s a sad fact in life that sometimes you can do everything right and still encounter issues. This is also true for the Pardot/Salesforce connector.

The three most common Pardot Salesforce Connector errors we see marketing automation admins continuously face are:

  1. “Your Salesforce Connector User does not have all of the permissions Pardot expects”
  2. “Prospect and custom object sync has been paused since [a certain date/time]. If sync is paused for more than 30 days, you’ll need to do a full sync to get all updates.”
  3. The connector is stuck on “Verification in Progress

Here is how to solve these common Pardot Salesforce Connector Errors.

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Considerations for Integrating Pardot + Sitecore

Pardot and Sitecore

Sitecore is a powerful Website Content Management System. We can use Sitecore and Pardot together to great effect. There are a few Sitecore capabilities which we will want to use to compliment Pardot, and a few features we want to use in conjunction with Pardot.

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ParDreamin’ 2021 Recap

Last week was ParDreamin’ 2020, the first Pardot specific conference ever. The event brought together 3600+ members of the Pardot community from 65 countries for 4 days of content. Day 1 hosted five deep dive paid workshops led by Sercante experts. The free portion of the event took place on days 2 – 4 and comprised over 40 different types of sessions, including keynotes, panels, breakouts and (we believe) the first Pardot demo jam ever. 

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ParDreamin’ Day 4 Recap

Day 4 of ParDreamin’ kicked off today with a Demo Jam! Sercante’s own Celine Newsome and Mike Creuzer helped to lead us through 3-minute demos from our sponsors. The demo jam was, to our knowledge, the first ever Pardot focused demo jam. The chat was rowdy and fast and everyone loved the “golden hook” for sponsors who went over! That’s right, we cut off those who went over! Sercante was crowned winner by the attendees and we handed out Dragons to participants who chatted it up at the demo jam! It was a great, high energy session to start the 4th and final day of ParDreamin’!

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ParDreamin’ Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of ParDreamin’ kicked off today as Pardot’s Product Team dived into the exciting product roadmap for 2021 and beyond (complete with a hilarious introduction music video – sorry if you missed it!). Kyle Skibbe and Prasanna Vijayakumar discussed all of the latest enhancements made available in the recent release, and talked about where the future of marketing automation is headed. There were tons of great sessions and we closed out the day with a really interesting Enterprise panel. 

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The Official ParDreamin’ Guide For IT, Developers and Salesforce Admins


We know you are busy with a mountain of JIRA support tickets to go over before the end of the year so let me keep this brief.

Supporting a marketing team of 1 or of 15+ people that often come to you when they are “stuck”? If so, this guide is for you! Learn how to tackle your team’s questions around lead routing, campaign influence, general configuration, and more.

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