Pardot Account Audit: Benchmark Your Performance & Get Ready for 2018!

Are you making the most of your Pardot and Salesforce investment?  Is your system aligned with best practices?  Are there new product features you might not be aware of, or things you could be doing better?

These are questions to be asking on an ongoing basis — and I want to help you get the answers!

From now until November 30, 2017, I’m offering free account audit sessions. This includes a 30-60 minute review of your current efforts and a “real talk” report summarizing:

  • Peer benchmarking data & how you stack up
  • Process gaps & areas to improve efficiency
  • Salesforce settings and steps critical to achieve closed loop ROI reporting (this is a big one that a lot of people miss!)
  • An impact roadmap with prioritized recommendations for taking advantage of new features & capabilities

Whether you’re new to Pardot or a seasoned marketing automation guru, it can be hugely beneficial to get an outside pair of eyes on your org.

Ready to go?  Request your Pardot account audit!