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Ever wish you had someone with specialized experience who can teach you how to do all the things you want to do with marketing automation? There’s so much to learn, and so few human-led ways to learn it all.

Get the explanations you seek through Pardot training courses from Sercante. Course instructors are Salesforce-certified Pardot consultants who have seen it all. They’ll lead you down the right path and equip you with everything you need for ongoing success.

Pardot Admin Bootcamp

Go from Pardot beginner to pro in six weeks through a series of  interactive courses. You’ll get to know your instructors and other budding Pardot admins as you work to build a solid Pardot foundation.

Salesforce Basics For Pardot Admins

Be the linchpin who unites sales and marketing teams for your organization. You’ll learn the essential capabilities, features and functions of Salesforce that Pardot admins should know about.

Code School for Pardot Admins

Tired of bugging someone every time you break the coding in your emails? You can add HTML & CSS fundamentals to your toolbox of Pardot skills and take your emails, forms, and landing pages further.

Mini-Series Pardot Workshops

Take a four-hour deep dive into a specific area of Pardot through an interactive workshop training course. Workshop topics include Scoring & Grading, Campaign Influence, B2B Marketing Analytics, and more.

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