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About The Spot

The Spot for marketers on Salesforce

A home for marketers to shape the future together

The Spot is more than a blog. It’s a community to collaborate with and learn from marketers and Salesforce pros who have been there, seen it, and fixed it.

You’ll find resources for all the martech challenges — whether you’re getting started or need expert advice for advanced integrations. 

Browse The Spot for blog posts, user guides, how-to videos, and stories of #whyadminsdrink. Share your own experiences and knowledge. And join our global community shaping the future of marketing automation.

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What is The Spot?

A place for marketers who use Salesforce tools

The Spot is where you can go to get everything you need to build next-level marketing operations solutions that feed into the Salesforce platform while equipping others to do the same.

We hope this resource saves you from headaches. All we ask is you pay it forward when you can by claiming your own spot. The Salesforce community accomplishes more by sharing what we know and sticking together.

Our origin story

It started as a personal blog sharing quick tips and solutions from one marketer. 

Then others joined to share their knowledge. And more readers followed. 

Now it’s a community hub for marketing pros who use the Salesforce platform and other technology tools to reach their goals. 

Top Spots

Meet the people whose creativity and curiosity form The Spot.

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Andrea Tarrell

Founder and CEO

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Erin Duncan

Pardot Product Director

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Ambre Juryea-Amole

Content Strategist

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Marcos Duran

Marketing Manager

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Mike Morris

Senior CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist

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Dominique Beaudin

IT and Analytics Lead

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Cara Weese

Engagement Manager

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Kirsten Schlau

Director, Marketing Cloud Practice

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Jordyn Jaffer

Senior Solution Engineer

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