Single Pardot Form, Multiple Completion Actions

Have you ever wished you could have multiple conditional form completion actions in a single Pardot form?

If you answered “OF FREAKIN’ COURSE I HAVE”, you’re in luck because I am going to teach you how in just 5 easy steps.

As you know it is super easy to add a single completion action to a Pardot form. But what would you do if you wanted to add multiple completion actions to a form and tie those actions to specific form elements. 

I know, it’s a head scratcher right (and you’ve probably heard: “Nope, can’t do it”)? Never fear I’ll guide you through the dragon’s den.

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ParDreamin’ 2021 Recap

Last week was ParDreamin’ 2020, the first Pardot specific conference ever. The event brought together 3600+ members of the Pardot community from 65 countries for 4 days of content. Day 1 hosted five deep dive paid workshops led by Sercante experts. The free portion of the event took place on days 2 – 4 and comprised over 40 different types of sessions, including keynotes, panels, breakouts and (we believe) the first Pardot demo jam ever. 

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ParDreamin’ Day 4 Recap

Day 4 of ParDreamin’ kicked off today with a Demo Jam! Sercante’s own Celine Newsome and Mike Creuzer helped to lead us through 3-minute demos from our sponsors. The demo jam was, to our knowledge, the first ever Pardot focused demo jam. The chat was rowdy and fast and everyone loved the “golden hook” for sponsors who went over! That’s right, we cut off those who went over! Sercante was crowned winner by the attendees and we handed out Dragons to participants who chatted it up at the demo jam! It was a great, high energy session to start the 4th and final day of ParDreamin’!

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ParDreamin’ Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of ParDreamin’ kicked off today as Pardot’s Product Team dived into the exciting product roadmap for 2021 and beyond (complete with a hilarious introduction music video – sorry if you missed it!). Kyle Skibbe and Prasanna Vijayakumar discussed all of the latest enhancements made available in the recent release, and talked about where the future of marketing automation is headed. There were tons of great sessions and we closed out the day with a really interesting Enterprise panel. 

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Announcing ParDreamin’ 2020

A virtual community event focused on all things Pardot

I love the Dreamin’ Events. I’ve met fantastic people, learned a lot, and even have had the honor of presenting at a few. And, like most of you, I am currently distraught at all of the connections and lessons that I’m missing this year. Also like a lot of you, I have been somewhat disappointed at the lack of Pardot content in many of the standard Dreamin’ events.

A few of us at Sercante were wallowing in our self-pity one day when we stopped and thought, “Well, if we can’t meet up face-to-face with people to talk about Pardot, let’s do what the local user groups are doing, but on a bigger scale. Let’s have a worldwide, virtual, Pardot-focused Dreamin’ event!”

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I’m excited to announce the first ever Par-Dreamin’ Virtually-Live Event!

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Campaign Influence Starter Pack: The Easy Button to Prove Results from Pardot


A common theme that I’m hearing from clients is the need to show demonstrated ROI related to their marketing initiatives. Sound like anybody you know?

I recently posted about the importance of auto-association and the role that it plays in properly attributing opportunities to the campaigns (What Successful Marketers Know About Salesforce Auto-Association). While this is a critical element in the accuracy of your reports, it does not magically solve all your reporting needs.

That’s where the Wizards at Secante Labs come in.

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First-Party Cookies in Pardot: FAQs About the New Beta


As part of the Summer ’20 release, Pardot announced support for first-party cookies in an open beta.

Some Pardot users’ reaction to this:


The rest of Pardot users’ reaction to this:

Wait, what is this and do I care?

If you’re among the latter group… read on to learn what this is, why it matters, and how to enable it if you’re interested in joining the beta.

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A Pardot Admin FAQ: “Why do my emails break when forwarded?”


I once forwarded an anonymous email to five friends. It proclaimed:

“We’ve been discovered, flee immediately!”

I have not seen two of them since. I learned my lesson about forwarding emails that day, but for the wrong reasons.

Whether pretending your friends’ nefarious activities are about to be uncovered… or just trying to share a beautiful sales email… forwarding is problematic.  

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What the New Terminus + Pardot Integration Means for Your ABM Strategy


Whether you’re new to account based marketing or your strategy centers on ABM, you’re going to want to check out the Terminus + Pardot integration that was announced yesterday.

Terminus’ recent blog post outlines some of the new tools, which promise to help marketers drive an account-centric strategy with the benefit of shared data, improved analytics, advanced reporting, and lead-to-account mapping capabilities. 

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