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It’s a Blogiversary! A Look at the Top 10 Posts from Year 1

It’s a Blogiversary! A Look at the Top 10 Posts from Year 1

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Today is a momentous day for this little blog.

One year ago today, I wrote and shipped my first post.

Since then, I’ve posted 84 articles about the platform (whew, that’s a lot of opinions), including one guest post from the wonderful & fabulous Brittany Rhyme.

Because I love excuses to celebrate… here’s a look at the top 10 most viewed posts on the site to date:

  1. GDPR Compliance in Pardot: The Freaky Fast & Un-Boring Guide
  2. 9 Things to Remember About Images in Pardot Emails
  3. A surprisingly FAQ: How do you pronounce Pardot?
  4. 10 Engagement Studio “Gotchas” to Watch Out For
  5. The Pardot Eventbrite Connector: What is it Good For?
  6. Things I Hate Thinking About: Pardot Folder Structure & Naming Conventions
  7. Connected Salesforce + Pardot Campaigns [In Beta] and How They’re Going to Rock Our Worlds
  8. Chrome’s New SSL Policy + Pardot iFrames: Are We in Trouble?
  9. The Mascots of Salesforce & Rampant Speculation About Pardot’s
  10. 13 Scantily Documented Pardot Surprises

I’m always up for most guest blogs or collaborative solutioning if you have a story or use case to share!  If something comes to mind, let’s chat — you can find me on Twitter, Linkedin, email, or even IRL at Dreamforce next week.

Thanks for being a loyal reader of this collection of how-tos, random ideas & war stories. I’m glad you’re here. ❤

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  • Thanks for all information, ideas, and fun reads in year 1!

    I always enjoy your posts and have shared many of them with my fellow admins and marketing team members. I’ll be looking forward to more in year 2.

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