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The Mascots of Salesforce & Rampant Speculation About Pardot’s

The Mascots of Salesforce & Rampant Speculation About Pardot’s

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Dreamforce has all kinds of surprises, but there is one thing that is consistent year after year: mascots.  Lots of mascots.

With the debut of Trailhead, the number of mascots in the Salesforce ecosystem has exploded.  So here’s a guide to the furry, squishy things you might see walking around the Expo floor:

1) SaaSy

SaaSy is the ORIGINAL Salesforce mascot.  Born in 2008, back in the days when cloud and SaaS in general were still relatively new, SaaSy was a symbol for liberation from the traditional client server model.


2) Chatty

The introduction of Chatty in 2010 heralded the debut of Chatter and the social enterprise.  Chatty made the perfect companion for SaaSy, truly a match born cloud.


3) Astro

ASTRO!  Now we’re getting to the fun stuff.  Here’s what Salesforce has to say about Astro:

“As a true outdoors mascot, Astro can usually be found running around on Trailhead, helping everyone learn Salesforce.”

It’s very unclear to me what animal Astro really is.  A raccoon?  An ewok?  A bear?

What is clear though, is that Astro is adorable.  Fun fact: Astro is also non-binary and goes by they/them.


4) Einstein

I have mixed feelings about Einstein as a mascot.  He represents all things artificial intelligence, which is great and all that.  He’s adorable in illustration form…but if we’re being honest, he’s sort of terrifying in real life.


5) Codey Bear

Codey.  Code-y.  Get it?  Codey is the guy for makers and builders, tackling projects and getting his paws dirty.

He likes to chill in the developer forest, if you’re looking for him at Dreamforce.  My dog Murphy has also adopted him as one of her own.

6) Cloudy

Cloudy’s purpose is a little foggy to me (yep, lame pun intended).  Here’s the party line on her deal:

“Tech-savvy and smart, Cloudy builds innovative apps with the cloud. True to her name, she is always at the center of the action. Her confidence and steadfastness are second only to her in-depth knowledge of everything cloud-related. Cloudy brings out the best in everyone and encourages you to tap into your own unlimited potential.”

Um, sure.  Here’s Cloudy, ya’ll:


7) Appy

Appy is one of the youngest mascots, and was just born back in March.  She champions apps built on the platform and promoted via the AppExchange.  This girl is all about partnership.

I haven’t seen Appy out and about in “real life” form… so am very curious to see if she makes a debut at Dreamforce.


8) Blaze

Blaze is a bona fide newborn!  She just debuted back in September.

Blaze is the pack leader of Cloud Services, and here’s what Salesforce has to say about her role:

“Blaze will help you access our adoption services. She’ll show you what you need with Accelerators, proactive engagement, interactive webinars, and events. And if you want a constant companion with you every step of the way, Blaze will be there with advisory services like architects, customer-centric design, innovation, and transformation.”

Blaze was last sighted on Adam Waid’s Twitter (@adamwaid), inciting rampant FOMO in everyone who can’t be at Dreamforce this year.


Okay, but what about Pardot?

So… yeah.  This is a Pardot blog, about Salesforce mascots.  If you’re wondering:

“What member of the animal kingdom will come to represent our beloved platform?”


I have seen no official guidance on this.  So this is rampant speculation.  Safe harbor, in case you base your buying decisions on mascots.

But these are contestants I would suggest:

a. Parrot

A Parrot is only one letter away from being Pardot.  And a parrot has bright and vibrant colors, promoting its brand, doin’ its thing, and soaring high.

b. Parbot

Pardot could very well be represented by a Robot — for all of the marketing and sales tasks we’re able to automate on the platform.

3. Pawdot

A PUPPY!  Like the ones Pardot is bringing to Dreamforce.  By far, the cutest available option I can think of.

What do you think?

What mascot can carry the torch on behalf of B2B Marketing Automation?  Who can represent Pardot in the sea of squishy, adorable things to take a selfie with at Dreamforce?

And did I miss any mascots?  It’s a lot to keep up with.

Let me know in the comments!

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