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Calling all content creators. Here’s how you can contribute to The Spot.

Expand your audience and content skills as a blog contributor

We’re looking for passionate marketing technology bloggers to share their knowledge and experiences with others in the community. This gig is perfect for people with advanced skills using Salesforce & marketing technology tools who can benefit from having a creative outlet and side hustle.

Everyone who writes for The Spot gets:

  • An author spotlight page
  • Backlinks to their personal website(s)
  • Shout-outs from us on social media
  • Professional editing so their content shines

There are two ways to contribute blog posts

Guest Blogger

Send us a blog post on any marketing + Salesforce topic you choose. Guest bloggers write on a voluntary basis and can contribute blog content as often as they want.

Becoming a voluntary guest blogger is the perfect avenue for marketing pros who want to build their audience and are on the hunt for bylines and backlinks.

Email your guest blog post submissions to [email protected]. Your articles must be unique to our site.

Paid Contributor

If creating content is your thing, then let’s seal the deal on a long-term basis.

As a paid contributor, you’ll take 1-2 blog topic assignments from us per month. You can expect to write about advanced marketing technology topics while keeping it colorful and conversational.

Complete the paid contributor application to raise your hand and apply. Once approved, we’ll send topic assignments to you based on your skills and experience.

Paid Contributor Application

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