ParDreamin’ 2021: The Pardot World’s Big Virtual Gathering

ParDreamin’ 2021 is the only global virtual conference that lasts three days and focuses on all things Pardot and marketing automation.

We’re pulling together marketing minds at all levels to learn together, network, and explore new territories. Pardot experts from around the world are gathering to share information they’ve learned the hard way through determination, and the easy way — from the Pardot community.

So pack your satchel and grab some snacks. Here’s what you can expect as you trek your way through ParDreamin’ 2021.

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Using the Pardot Integration from Zoom App Marketplace

Integrating Pardot with Zoom webinars allows you to not only collect prospect activity in real time, but also track attendance, handle communications, and send sales new leads quickly and easily. Using the Zoom-native Pardot App simplifies sharing data between these two systems by allowing you to capture Zoom webinar registrants, attendees, and absentees within Pardot lists. 

In this post we’ll cover the pros and cons of this integration as well as walk you through the setup process for a webinar. 

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Dreamforce 2021 Hacks for Busy B2B Marketers

You are likely aware Dreamforce 2021 is streaming live on Salesforce+ September 21-23 if your job has anything to do with Salesforce or Pardot. That’s because the good marketers at Salesforce know how to find you and make sure you come to whatever thing they’re promoting.

Well, it’s all with good intentions. That’s because there’s lots of information Salesforce needs to relay to customers, users, consultants and partners as the platform evolves. 

Dreamforce serves as the annual culmination of that information relay. It’s the place to go to learn more about the direction Salesforce is taking with the platform so you can adjust your own technology strategy. But, like most things in 2021, you’re gonna have to watch it virtually unless you have a golden ticket to this invite-only event.

Here’s a guide to Dreamforce 2021 for B2B marketers who have other stuff to do.

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Sercante Receives SI Trailblazer Fund From Salesforce Ventures

Today marks a major milestone for Sercante. We are pleased to announce Sercante is the recipient of the SI Trailblazer fund from Salesforce Ventures, a fund to accelerate the growth of next-generation consulting firms. 

This funding opens new opportunities to amplify our partnership with Pardot and gives us the ability to expand our team across all departments, increase investment in R&D, and continue to grow our international footprint. 

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ParDreamin’ 2021 Recap

Last week was ParDreamin’ 2020, the first Pardot specific conference ever. The event brought together 3600+ members of the Pardot community from 65 countries for 4 days of content. Day 1 hosted five deep dive paid workshops led by Sercante experts. The free portion of the event took place on days 2 – 4 and comprised over 40 different types of sessions, including keynotes, panels, breakouts and (we believe) the first Pardot demo jam ever. 

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ParDreamin’ Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of ParDreamin’ kicked off today as Pardot’s Product Team dived into the exciting product roadmap for 2021 and beyond (complete with a hilarious introduction music video – sorry if you missed it!). Kyle Skibbe and Prasanna Vijayakumar discussed all of the latest enhancements made available in the recent release, and talked about where the future of marketing automation is headed. There were tons of great sessions and we closed out the day with a really interesting Enterprise panel. 

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Announcing ParDreamin’ 2020

A virtual community event focused on all things Pardot

I love the Dreamin’ Events. I’ve met fantastic people, learned a lot, and even have had the honor of presenting at a few. And, like most of you, I am currently distraught at all of the connections and lessons that I’m missing this year. Also like a lot of you, I have been somewhat disappointed at the lack of Pardot content in many of the standard Dreamin’ events.

A few of us at Sercante were wallowing in our self-pity one day when we stopped and thought, “Well, if we can’t meet up face-to-face with people to talk about Pardot, let’s do what the local user groups are doing, but on a bigger scale. Let’s have a worldwide, virtual, Pardot-focused Dreamin’ event!”

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I’m excited to announce the first ever Par-Dreamin’ Virtually-Live Event!

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Learn How Colleges and Universities are Adapting to Digital Change – MarTech for Higher Ed: A Sercante Seminar


The education industry is undergoing one of its most transformational shifts in history, one in which institutions are having to rethink their approach not only to learning (i.e. virtual classrooms and facilitating online education), but also how they navigate recruitment, advancement, and general student affairs. 

Marketing technology is now front and center in higher education as institutions embrace this digital transformation and the opportunities it could bring. In the midst of this monumental shift, we wanted to find a way for higher ed folks to find their people, share ideas, and learn from each other about digital strategies and martech tips & tricks. And so was born the collaborative, virtual event: MarTech for Higher Ed: A Sercante Seminar Continue reading Learn How Colleges and Universities are Adapting to Digital Change – MarTech for Higher Ed: A Sercante Seminar