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A Marketer’s Guide to Dreamforce 2022

A Marketer’s Guide to Dreamforce 2022

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We’re getting ready for a special edition of Dreamforce. That’s because it’s the 20th year for the largest software conference in the world. Dreamforce ‘22 is jam-packed with all the Salesforce things you can imagine and more parties and activities than any human can possibly wrap their heads around. 

But we don’t mean to freak you out about it. We have the knowledge and experience and we’re going to do our best to help you reel it in and build your ultimate Dreamforce 2022 schedule as a badass marketer.

Step 1

Turn on our Spotify Playlist to start channeling your inner Flea: Dreamforce Bands of the Past

Step 2 

Remind yourself that you’re human and this is just a guide. Make sure you leave room in your schedule for last-minute session changes, new friends and networking, vendor hall and swag, snacks and naps.

Step 3

Take a deep breath and get excited for Dreamforce 2022!

Dreamforce 2022 has everything — from small breakout sessions to inspirational keynotes from world leaders and celebrities. Just check out the number of different roles, industries, and topics Trail Maps Salesforce provided! 

The main aspects of the conference are streaming on Salesforce+ so virtual attendees can take part in the action. (Don’t forget to join the conversations and fun on Twitter #DF22.)

Here are our top marketing sessions, meetups, parties, and events to consider as you build your ultimate Dreamforce schedule. 

Day 0: Monday, September 19th

Marketers Welcome Bash

Start your week on a good note at an epic bash designed to bring marketers together in style. Joins us at the Marketers Welcome Bash to meet marketers, make friends to enjoy the week with, and say ‘cheers’ to a fun-filled Dreamforce.

Monday, Sep 19 | 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT

Register here

Day 1: Tuesday, September 20th

Dreamforce Main Keynote

Join Co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor along with special guests!

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT | Keynote Room, Moscone North

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Tap the Full Potential of Your Martech Ecosystem

Marketers are using more applications than ever before. Learn how Account Engagement’s extensibility features help you keep all your webinar and survey data in one place, and use it in automations.

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 12:30 PM – 12:50 PM PDT | Marketing Theater, Moscone West

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Create Efficiency and Focus on ROI with Intelligence

Learn how to drive marketing efficiency and maximize ROI with a centralized view of performance, automated cross-channel data connections, and actionable insights to optimize campaigns and investments

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 1:00 PM – 1:40 PM PDT | Room 3014, Moscone West

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Build a Data-First Strategy for Personalization with CDP

Understanding every customer is essential to providing personalization. Learn how to build a data-first strategy to make every engagement contextual and personalized across every touchpoint.

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 1:30 PM – 2:10 PM PDT | Room 3014, Moscone West

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The Art of Communications: Strategy to Execution

Discover how CreditAssociates & other businesses utilize Vonage & Salesforce to deploy intelligent contact centers, omni-channel strategies & deliver upgraded experiences for employees & customers.

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 1:30 PM – 2:10 PM PDT | Camp Three, Moscone South

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Ethical Real-Time Personalization: The What and the How

In this session, learn how Salesforce’s marketing personalization tools are designed with ethics from the ground up and how to drive cost savings from personalization while realizing its full promise.

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 1:30 PM – 2:10 PM PDT | Commerce Theater, Moscone West

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Discover How CDP Unifies All Customer Data in One Place

Building a single-source-of-truth customer profile that unifies data wasn’t easy — until now. Learn how Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a game changer for marketers who use the Salesforce Platform.

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 2:30 PM – 2:50 PM PDT | Trailhead Theater, Trailblazer Forest

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Automated Real-Time Personalization

94% of marketers say customers expect personalized experiences. See how Marketing Cloud Personalization uses its own technology to create 1:1 customer experiences that drive efficiency and conversions.

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 3:00 PM – 3:40 PM PDT | Room 3014, Moscone West

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Day 2: Wednesday, September 21st

Winter ’23 Release Readiness Live: Sales Cloud

Release Readiness Live is here at Dreamforce. Join our Sales Cloud product management team to learn what’s new in the Winter ’23 release for core sales, sales engagement, and rep productivity.

Wednesday, Sep 21 | 8:30 AM – 9:10 AM PDT |  Room 2018, Moscone West

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Turn Marketing into a Recession-Proof Competitive Advantage

Get five marketing strategies to work smarter and rise above your competitors — even during economic downturns. We’ll equip you to execute ABM, nail nurture campaigns, and prove your worth.

Wednesday, Sep 21 | 10:30 AM – 11:10 AM PDT | Moscone South, Level 3, Room 306

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Blog About Salesforce 

Propel your career and build your network by learning six strategies non-writers can use to start blogging about Salesforce. Blaze a trail from zero to content rockstar.

Wednesday, Sep 21 | 12:30 PM – 12:50 PM PDT | Einstein Community Campfire, Trailblazer Forest

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Marketing Keynote: Deliver Moments That Count

Cookieless future. Tighter budgets. Marketers, we got this — thanks to CDP and Marketing Cloud. See how real-time engagement makes every moment count, so you can build trusted relationships at scale.

Wednesday, Sep 21 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM PDT | Keynote Room, Moscone North

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Fusion Teams Part I: Finally Uniting IT & Business Teams?

Companies are struggling to adopt new technologies across business and technical teams. Rising fusion teams present a fresh way to deliver value — learn their benefits and how they’re structured.

Wednesday, Sep 21 | 1:00 PM – 1:20 PM PDT | Platform Theater, Moscone West

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Day 3: Thursday, September 22nd

Salesforce for Admins Keynote: Deliver Success

Get an inside look at how Salesforce Admins build solutions and deliver success at their organizations. See technology in action with live demos, and learn about the skills admins need to succeed.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 9:00 AM – 9:40 AM PDT | Keynote Room, Moscone North

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Tech & Media Keynote: The Future of Growth & Efficiency

Learn from visionary leaders and brands how products that enable personalization, automation, and the unlocking of data lead to increased CLTV, deeper audience engagement, and sustained revenue.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 9:00 AM – 9:40 AM PDT | Keynote Room, Moscone West

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Better Lead Attribution with UTM Capture Across Time & Space

Learn a native Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce workflow combined with a simple website plug-in to capture first and last UTMs for visitors across site pages and landing pages.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 9:30 AM – 9:50 AM PDT | Magic Falls Theater East, Moscone West

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Innovation Keynote: Discover The New Customer Data Platform

Next-gen CDP will change how you do business. Unlock your data’s full value with integrated marketing, sales, service, and analytics. Personalize in real time and earn trust — no cookies needed.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 10:30 AM – 11:10 AM PDT | Keynote Room, Moscone North

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How Adecco Turned Its Website into a Pipe Gen Machine

Learn how Adecco used Pipeline Cloud to engage qualified buyers in real time conversations, right on the website. The result: $37M in sourced pipeline in just two months.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 11:00 AM – 11:20 AM PDT | Theater Two, Moscone South

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Drive Efficiency by Aligning Sales and Marketing

Disconnected tools make it impossible to align marketing and sales. Learn how Marketing Cloud Account Engagement can help you drive leads to sales, close deals, and showcase marketing impact.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 1:00 PM – 1:40 PM PDT | Room 2008, Moscone West

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How to Increase Efficiency and Revenue with Automation Apps

Learn how customers are using apps to automate workflows, campaigns, and revenue intelligence. See how you can accelerate automation with AppExchange and increase productivity.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 2:00 PM – 2:20 PM PDT | AppExchange Campfire, Trailblazer Forest

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Admin Preview: Winter ’23 Release Readiness Live

Release Readiness Live is here at Dreamforce. Learn the top features for admins from the Winter ’23 release. Watch live demos and ask your Flow, Permissions, and DevOps Center questions in a live Q&A.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT | Keynote Room, Moscone West

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Our Favorite Events, Meetups, Parties, & Places

Home for Marketers Lounge

The Home for Marketers is where marketers on the Salesforce platform can go to find their people. It’s the perfect spot to take a break, network, refuel with amazing food and drinks, and get resources to level-up their MOPs.

Register here

Dreamforce ’22 Admin Meadow

The Admin Meadow is a place you’ll definitely want to stop when you arrive. Full of resources, support, and information for our #AwesomeAdmins.

Learn more 

Home for Marketers Genius Bar

Troubleshoot your marketing woes with one of our experts. Sign up to secure a time slot or drop by at a time that works for you.

Save your spot

Night of Enchantment Party

Everyone’s going to be talking about this enchanted Dreamforce party, so register and get it in your calendar now.

The epic bash is taking place at Temple Nightclub. It includes a live DJ, mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres, memorable activities and prizes, and exclusive VIP experiences. 

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 7:00 PM PDT | Temple Nightclub

Register here

The Engagement Party

Idealist Consulting’s Engagement Party is Back! For over 15 years, their Engagement Party has been the go to event at Dreamforce. 

Wednesday, Sep 21 | 7:30 PM PDT | The Pawn Shop

Register here

Pardot Users / Pardashians Meetup

Join the largest gathering of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) users at Dreamforce! This is a great networking opportunity to meet your fellow Pardashians and share your tips and tricks for the Account Engagement platform.

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 8:00 AM PDT | Pink Elephant Alibi

Learn more

HowToSFMC Meetup

MHowToSFMC is a helpful community for Salesforce Marketing Cloud users. This is a great networking opportunity to meet your fellow practitioners and talk tips and tricks for the SFMC platform. 

Tuesday, Sep 20 | 11:30 AM PDT | Pink Elephant Alibi

Learn more

Financial Services Marketers Meetup

Meet up with your fellow Financial Service Industry Marketers to network, connect and grab some fuel (coffee, refreshments & snacks) before walking on over to grab a front-row seat at Salesforce’s Financial Services Keynote at 11:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Sep 21 | 10:00 AM PDT | Pink Elephant Alibi

Learn more

Merivis Meetup

Merivis supports veterans preparing for their next mission through training, mentorship and job placement for Salesforce cloud technology careers. Join us to connect with military veterans and milspouses who are at all stages of their journeys into the Salesforce ecosystem. Learn from others and share your story so we can all grow together. 

Thursday, Sep 22 | 11:30 AM PDT | Pink Elephant Alibi

Learn more

Diverse Salesforce Business Founders & Allies Meet Up

Close out the week of Dreamforce by networking with fellow diverse partners and founders in the ecosystem. This happy hour is open to founders and CEOs of businesses that identify as Black, Latinx, AAPI, LGBTQ+, veteran-owned, persons with disabilities, or women owned / led / founded — along with the allies who support them.

Thursday, Sep 22 | 4:00 PM PDT | Pink Elephant Alibi

Learn more

Circle of Success: Various Topics

Join these small group discussions on various topics related to the Salesforce ecosystem to learn best practices, brainstorm, and network. 

Tuesday, Sep 20 & Thursday, Sep 22 | Multiple Times | Marriott Marquis

Learn more

Salesforce Ben’s Ultimate List of Dreamforce 2022 Parties & Events

Salesforce Ben has been putting together this list since 2016, and after a two-year hiatus, they’re proud to bring you the best parties and events Dreamforce has to offer.

See the list here

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See You There!

Dreamforce 2022 is a massive event and you will feel overwhelmed at times. But remember, you are not alone. 

This is an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who will be just as lost as you, even if they are a seasoned Dreamforce professional. (Keep an eye on #SalesforceOhana to see what others are up to.)

Plus, Team Sercante will be there passing out pink dragons (trust us, you want one), sharing Pardot Marketing Cloud Account Engagement secrets, and absorbing as much knowledge as we can. 

Stop by and say hi!

Dreamforce Home for Marketers Lounge

Streaming keynotes, 1:1 meeting space, open all week.

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