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  • Christina is the Marketing Strategist at Sercante. As a Certified Pardot Consultant, Salesforce Marketing Champion, Trailblazer Community Leader, and Former Host of the Pardot Life Hacks Podcast, she enjoys sharing valuable content with the rest of the ecosystem to help others advance in their careers and achieve their goals on the Salesforce platform. An experienced marketing leader for Salesforce consultancies, Christina collaborates with the Sercante marketing team to advance the mission of the business and shares her strategic expertise with clients, partnering alongside sales and marketing teams to accomplish their objectives. Driven by her passion for people, Christina takes an empathetic approach to marketing, content, and community. As a former educator, she relishes the opportunity to assist and guide others towards success and loves it when her fellow trailblazers experience a “lightbulb moment.” Christina’s goal is to always put forth content and an overall experience where the audience will gain the most insight, so they can better succeed in their daily roles. When she is not marketing or participating in trailblazer community events, Christina enjoys going out for coffee, hiking, golfing, skiing, reading, eating a delicious plate of nachos, and cheering on the Buffalo Bills.