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How to Force Outlook to Display The Fallback Font Instead of Times New Roman

How to Force Outlook to Display The Fallback Font Instead of Times New Roman

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The issue

Some versions of Outlook are defaulting the font to Times New Roman, even if the font family fallback is defined in the code.


This only happens when using custom, non-websafe fonts.

The fix

Outlook will not render your non-websafe font, but you can force it to use your fallback font. Copy and paste this code into the HEAD section of your email. Update the font-family with whatever your fallback font is.

<!--[if mso]>
    span, td, table, div {
      font-family: Arial, serif !important;

Now your email should display the fallback font in every version of Outlook.

Send me a tweet @jennamolby, or contact the Sercante team for help.

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