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Pardot WYSIWYG Editor Icon Glossary

Pardot WYSIWYG Editor Icon Glossary

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The Pardot WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor Icon Glossary saved me SO much time and energy when I was first learning how to build email in Pardot. Recently, I noticed this page had been archived and no good replacement could be found, so I thought I’d recreate this asset so new and experienced users can still reference it as much as needed. 

The Icon Glossary

These buttons and icons are universal across Pardot, wherever you may add content (classic email builder, forms, landing pages, etc.). These buttons and icons are available to help you style your copy.

Bold text.
Italicize text.
Underline text.
Strikethrough text.
Additional formatting options such as font size and line height.
Remove existing formatting.
Insert a link.
Remove a link. This icon is grayed out unless an existing link is selected. 
Insert an Anchor. This is a hyperlink that will take you to another section of the email.
View the source code. This button is helpful when manually entering or editing HTML. 
Insert an image.
Insert a merge field to personalize the content for the recipient.
Set your text color.
Set your background color. 
Insert a numbered list.
Insert a bulleted list.
Left align content.
Center align content.
Right align content.
Justify content. 
Paste as plain text. This strips all formatting from the text.
Paste from Word. This retains some formatting from Microsoft Word, but strips out superfluous code. See Copying Content from Word for more info.
Insert an HTML table.
Insert a horizontal line. 
Insert a special character.
Insert Dynamic Content to personalize the content for the recipient.
Insert emojis.
Change or set your font name.
Change or set your font size.

I hope this makes building emails go a little more smoothly for you! If I missed any icons or if you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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