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Everything Sales Users Should Know About Salesforce Engage

Everything Sales Users Should Know About Salesforce Engage

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So, your marketing team has you all set up and ready to access a fancy tool called Salesforce Engage. Now what? 

Salesforce Engage is a super powerful way for marketing teams to share marketing-approved templates  with sales teams. You can use those email templates to contact prospects at the right moment and track the effectiveness of the messages in Salesforce.

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams

In a nutshell, Salesforce Engage allows marketing teams to keep things consistent across divisions. And your team can deliver powerful content while gaining insights into your hottest prospects. Then, you can magically reach out at the perfect time.

Salesforce engage bridges the gap between pardot and sales cloud

It’s the ultimate tool to unite sales and marketing teams by bridging the gap between Pardot and Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud). 

In this blog post, we’ll show you all the things sales users will want to know about Salesforce Engage as they get started.

Want to know more about Salesforce Engage from a Pardot admin perspective? Check out this blog post.

How does Salesforce Engage work?

Send fully written email templates to your leads and contacts, AND see how they perform. We can send emails to a single record or to multiple recipients at one time. 

Let’s break it down.

Sending emails to one Lead or Contact

You’ve just finished a call with Sam at Gidgets & Gadgets Co. They are a high-profile, target account that we are speaking to for the first time. Sam also wants more information on our service offering. 

How can we get this information to him? 

You guessed it! Using Salesforce Engage.

Navigate to Sam’s record and click Send Engage Email.

Send engage email

From here, we can send him the template that covers the initial follow-up banter and the content he’s looking for. Any link click, file access, and action taken from the email will be tracked and contribute to Sam’s marketing prospect score. 

Sending emails to multiple Leads or Contacts

It’s event season, and your marketing department is putting on a huge virtual event to launch a new product offering. It’s bound to bring in mega upsell revenue from accounts eligible for the new product. We can invite all contacts related to those accounts in one Salesforce Engage Campaign. 

Select the contacts you would like to invite from the List View table. Click Send Engage Email, and find the invite template that marketing created.

recently viewed contacts

Review the content, and make sure everything looks great. Click Send, and your invites are complete.

Salesforce Engage Reporting 

Salesforce Engage also allows you to report on email templates sent. To view these metrics, navigate Engage Reports in the App Launcher or from the Salesforce Engage app. 

Salesforce engage app launcher

These reports will show you the email templates sent, how many opens, and how many clicks each template received. We can customize the date range to view the data.

Engage reporting

Image Source: Salesforce

Tips & Tricks for Salesforce Engage

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s cover some best practice steps to get the most out of Engage.

Use List Views

List Views can be created on all Salesforce objects. They are a great way to filter records for Engage Campaigns. Any time you want to email a list of records with specific criteria, create a List View.

Preview Emails

Before you click Send, always preview your email content. In Engage, you have the option to preview the email as the recipient. This will minimize any awkward chats around missing information, oddly placed characters, incorrect contact information, etc.

Don’t Be Creepy

Engage has a feature named Engage Alerts. Engage Alerts is a real-time service that informs you about the prospect activity you might be interested in. It matches prospects based on filter criteria and displays them in a card-based filter view. This is a great way to know what is relevant and interesting to prospects as well as who is engaged. 

Image Source: Salesforce

Use this information wisely! It is against best practice advice to open any conversation (verbal and written) with “I see you were looking at several of our white papers.” 

Find additional tips for sales users in Engage in this article.

Sales & Marketing Teams are Stronger Together

We tend to think of Salesforce Engage as a sales tool. While that is true, it is also an opportunity for marketing and sales teams to collaborate. The marketing team is able to get a glimpse into the sales day-to-day, and the sales team gets the chance to participate in the marketing nurture cycle. 

Salesforce Engage is best used to templatize emails we would typically type over and over, day after day. By using Engage, you’ll be able to reduce your follow-up times and close more deals.

Need help getting started with Salesforce Engage? Drop us a line so we can chat about it.

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