Let’s Meet Up at May & June Salesforce/Pardot Events!

I love going to Salesforce events — both the ones put on by the mothership and the ones organized by the community.

It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day execution of marketing and sales ops. But every time I step away from the glowing computer monitor and out into the live action Salesforce community — it is beyond worth it.

Engaging in the community is an opportunity to step back, think a bit more strategically, and learn from what others are doing. I seriously can’t say enough good things about them.

The Sercante Team is going to be out in full force at Salesforce events this summer, and we’d love to book a time to meet with any blog readers in person!

You can find us at the following happenings in the ecosystem through the end of June:

London World Tour – May 23rd

After thoroughly searching the expo hall for stickers of Codey in that adorable Paddington-esque outfit, I’ll be speaking with Nate Skinner at this session:

TrailheaDX – May 29-30

Russell and Adam will be repping Team Sercante at TrailheaDX, the must-attend event for developers and adminelopers. If you’re going to be there, let me know and I’ll send ’em with some dragons for you. 🙂

Texas Dreamin’ – June 13 & 14

Yee haw! This is one of my favorite community lead events. I’ll be delivering this session:

I’m pretty sure it won’t really be at 12:00 AM… still would do it though. #graveyardshift

Yeur Dreamin’ – June 14

Yeur Dreamin’ is a new community led conference, and the first-ever in Benelux! If you’re making the journey to Amsterdam, Keisha Sethi will be presenting on:

It’s also the first Salesforce conference that is actually run by a cat. True story.

Connections – June 17-19

I don’t actually know what our team is going to do for Connections yet, but I do know one thing: WE’LL BE THERE.

Fun fact: over 25% of our team we met at Connections 2018 or 2016. Several folks pictured here:

All I’m saying is the event lives up to its name.

NorCal Dreamin’ – June 27-28

The last of the June events… but certainly not the least… is Norcal Dreamin’. Team Sercante will be staffing an “ask the experts” booth for Pardot and delivering a few quick sessions on Thursday afternoon.

Let’s Meet Up!

Connecting on the interwebs is great and all, but I’d love to meet more blog subscribers in protein form.

Are you planning to attend any of the above? Are you local to one of those geos? Ping me at [email protected] or book a time on my Calendly and let’s chat!

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Andrea is a 12X certified Salesforce MVP and the founder of Sercante. When she's not Pardot-ing, she can be found playing with her German Shepherd Murphy, making homemade gin, or traveling with her hubby Buck.

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