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MarDreamin’ 2022: Recap and How to Watch Replays

MarDreamin’ 2022: Recap and How to Watch Replays

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Wondering if we recorded MarDreamin’ 2022 sessions and keynotes? Well look no further. We have all the MarDreamin’ replays you seek.

MarDreamin’ is a Salesforce community conference that unites marketers for four days of virtual learning, networking, and fun. It’s jam-packed with so much content that it’s impossible to watch it all live. 

Luckily for you, all sessions were recorded with the exception of one. We’ll give you an overview of the highlights and top it off with information about watching all the MarDreamin’ replays.

How to watch all MarDreamin’ replays

Eh, we’ll get straight to the best part. Visit this page and complete the form to get access to all MarDreamin’ 2022 sessions and keynote replays. 

Every session and keynote is in there with the exception of one. The Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Roadmap session was not recorded. 

However, Salesforce delivers a few of these Marketing Cloud roadmap sessions each year. Keep an eye out for the next one by clicking here to become a The Spot subscriber. The monthly newsletter includes a calendar of upcoming events like these periodically scheduled Salesforce roadmap sessions.

MarDreamin’ 2022 Overview

The conference took place November 1-4, 2022, inside the Goldcast virtual summit platform. More than 2,500 attendees signed up for the MarDreamin’ event from 65 countries. 

 It included three learning tracks based on which tools attendees use and a fourth that served as a catch-all for strategy and career sessions. 

The tracks were:

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • Salesforce platform & Analytics
  • General/Administrative

Here’s what went down each day of MarDreamin’ 2022.

MarDreamies Award Winners 2022

Marketing teams deserve recognition for the not-always-glossy work they do behind the scenes to build, manage, and report on marketing campaigns. And that’s the goal of the MarDreamies Awards.

Here’s who won the 2022 MarDreamies Awards, which were announced during the MarDreamin’ After-Party on Day 2 of the conference.

  • Honorable Mentions
    • Roycon
    • InterWorks
  • Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
    • Zoopla
  • Social Impact: Creating positive change using Salesforce marketing tools
    • Lexipol
  • Grassroots Innovation: Using Salesforce marketing tools to scale small businesses
    • FTD Disorder Registry
  • Extending Salesforce: API-driven marketing solutions
    • Nebula Consulting
  • Best in Show
    • Insurica

Learn about the 2021 winners in this blog post.

MarDreamin’ Day 0 Overview (Pre-conference Training Workshops)

The unofficial first day of MarDreamin’ was for people who purchased passes to attend the pre-conference training workshops. It included nine course sessions and one panel session from which attendees could choose to watch live. 

MarDreamin’ training workshop courses

These are the courses you may have missed:

  1. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Fundamentals
  2. Marketing Cloud Engagement Fundamentals
  3. Intro to B2B Marketing Analytics
  4. Back to Basics: How To Maximize Your Efforts Through Automation in MCAE (Pardot)
  5. Kick Off Your First Welcome Series with Journey Builder (Marketing Cloud)
  6. Connected Campaign and ROI Reporting Strategies for MCAE (Pardot) and Sales Cloud
  7. Building Dynamic B2B Customer Journeys Within MCAE (Pardot)
  8. Getting Started With Lead Routing in MCAE (Pardot)
  9. Going Beyond B2BMA: Use CRM Analytics to Create Custom Dashboards

Seasons of Change: Trends, Tips and Tricks to Thrive In the Salesforce Ecosystem [PANEL]

The Day 0/Workshop Day panel session included diverse perspectives from people with valuable insights into working in the Salesforce ecosystem. Attendees heard from Vicki Moritz-Henry, Erick Mahle, Renee Davis, Kate Perez, and Joanna Rotter.

mardreamin' replays

Here’s a little gift for you… go watch the replay of this panel session by clicking here to get free access to all MarDreamin’ sessions. Sign up, and then you’ll find it in the list of all session replays.

MarDreamin’ Keynote and Panel Session Highlights

The week of MarDreamin’ balanced inspirational and skill-building content for marketers with a bit of fun mixed in. Because, you know, that’s what MarDreamin’ is all about.

These are the keynote and panel session highlights. You can watch full replays of all sessions and keynotes (with the exception of the Pardot Roadmap session) for free by completing the form on this webpage.

Keynote – Belonging: How to Build a Support Network & Find Your People

It can be a lonely existence for marketing technologists and changemakers trying to transform their organizations.  If we do our job right in the world of marketing automation, our jobs look easy — and we don’t always get the respect, appreciation, and support we need from others when that happens.

mardreamin' replays

This keynote kicked off MarDreamin’ by talking about the power of networks and community.  We talked about how to give and get support, navigate the various groups in the ecosystem, and how we can all be a part of building community in and outside of our teams.


  • Andrea Tarrell, Sercante
  • Guilda Hilaire, Salesforce
  • Kirsten Schlau, Sercante
  • Najee Bartley, BBVisions Media
  • Tyler McCord, Fusion Alliance
  • Toni V. Martin, Systems To Success

Exploring B2B Marketing Trends and Best Practices With Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Learn how our panelists have built and put into play dynamic processes in their organizations using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) to improve their B2B Marketing. In this session, we will also explore Pardot’s newest features and how to use them within your own organization to maximize your output.


  • Jen Kazin, Greenkey
  • Erin Duncan, Sercante
  • Natalie (McAllister) Jackson, CBIZ
  • Ruth Bolster, Salesforce

Does It Integrate With __? Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Integrations (In Pardot)

Learn from our panelists on how to improve the efficiency of your marstack by leveraging integrations across your marstack and what to do when things “don’t integrate as we expected”. In this session, we will also explore a roadmap of how to tackle a new integration project and how to leverage the Pardot API to access data beyond Salesforce. This will be a good guide of what a marketer needs to know when talking to technical folks. 


The Road To Email Compliance: The Basics, Challenges, and Gotchas

Learn how our panelists implemented marketing compliance solutions in their own organizations. In this session, we will explore the basics of different options you have as an Administrator to capture and process marketing consent and what are some lessons learned from the process by our panelists.

  • Ben Lamothe, BDO Digital
  • Hannah Horning, Archerpoint
  • Krystle Solomon, Sercante
  • Angelica Cabral, Sercante
  • Bonnie Mulholland, CINT

Bring the Magic to B2B Marketing with Genie and Account Engagement

Learn how Salesforce Genie allows marketers to meet customer demands amid privacy changes and asks to do more with less. We will share how Account Engagement’s new API enhancements and extensibility features lay the foundation for bringing the magic to B2B marketing.

Plus an exclusive fireside chat with Jay Wilder, VP, Product Marketing, Marketing Cloud at Salesforce and Eric Zenz, SVP, Product Management, Marketing Applications at Salesforce.


  • Neha Shah, Salesforce
  • Andrea Tarrell, Sercante
  • Nathan Maphet, Salesforce
  • Eric Zenz, Salesforce
  • Jay Wilder, Salesforce

Supercharge Data-Driven Experiences with Customer Data Platform

Top brands are using Customer Data Platform (CDP) to make every customer interaction smarter, easier, and more efficient. Learn how to unify data to build a single source of truth and drive personalization at scale.


  • Jenny Smith, Salesforce
  • Jill Katz, Salesforce
  • Andrew Lee, Salesforce

MarDreamin’ Session Highlights

The MarDreamin’ 2022 conference welcomed over 60 speakers who delivered 55 speaking sessions. The content of the sessions ranged from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement to Analytics, the Salesforce platform and general marketing strategies.

You can find information about each of the session tracks and what they included by following the links below.

Here are a few screenshots and descriptions from key MarDreamin’ sessions. Remember, you can watch all session replays by clicking on this link and completing the form.

7 Tips To Bridge The Gap Between Sales And Marketing

It’s time for sales teams and marketers to realize they’re all working toward common goals — to keep customers happy and smash revenue targets. And we all know that sales and marketing teams that work together do more with less and shine brightly in the customer’s eyes.

In this session, get 7 actionable insights to use when building relationships between sales and marketing teams through shared technology tools. You’ll learn how to make the best decisions for your tech stack and how to encourage open communication between the teams.

This presentation is especially valuable for companies currently implementing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), but it is also relevant for teams with existing implementations.


Sharon Taylor, PMMI Media Group

Breaking Borders: Going Global With Marketing Automation

Over the last few years, Salesforce has cemented Pardot / Account Engagement its as a strong competitor in the enterprise B2B Marketing Automation space, moving away from a historically SMB focus. But, when your teams are based across the globe, how can you really build a successful multi-regional marketing strategy?

Join this session to learn how to:

  • Structure and organize a global MA platform
  • Balance global collaboration with regional independence
  • Run a well-organized operation
  • Empower your people
  • Leverage the full suite of tools in MC Account Engagement for a truly global marketing automation strategy


Sarah Kelleher, Nebula Consulting

Reporting Capabilities Differences SFDC vs B2BMA

This presentation will be focused on when to use what tools including use cases and best practices. Determine what each system is best at reporting on (and when you might need to move on) is top of mind for marketers and leadership teams. We’ll dive into de-mystify reporting across platforms.

Featuring: Dominique Beaudin, Sercante

10 Steps To Fully Maximize Your Pardot Investment

So, you’ve signed on to become a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) customer. Now what?

This session covers 10 steps to get you from beginner to where you want to be with Pardot marketing automation.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify where you are in your usage of marketing automation
  • Visualize a clear roadmap to fully maximize the system
  • Understand how to use automation or a faster sales cycle
  • Increase the tool’s return on investment (ROI)


Ryan Cammisa, Cloudtegic

A Beginner’s Guide To Administering Marketing Cloud Engagement

This session is for anyone new to the world of Marketing Cloud administration. You will learn about the foundational components of administering and managing a Marketing Cloud Engagement environment.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Users
  • Business Units
  • Security
  • Process Automations
  • FTP Data

You will walk away with knowledge to effectively manage your Marketing Cloud Engagement org.


7 Tips for Securing Marketing Cloud Engagement in a Hybrid Work Environment

Two big takeaways from the pandemic era are that workers can be productive when working from home and that the vast majority expect to continue to work remotely (at least partially).

While there are plenty of benefits associated with a hybrid work environment, security is not typically thought of as one of them.

In this session we’ll discuss the security capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how they can be used to secure your environment — no matter where your team is working from.


Mike Morris, Sercante

Why Salesforce Admins Should Get To Know Marketing Cloud

Salesforce as a platform continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities. It is made up of a few clouds and the lines between them continue to blur.

Marketing Cloud has traditionally been the furthest removed from its sibling “core” clouds. However, this is changing. Two of the bigger initiatives that are driving Marketing Cloud closer and closer to the other clouds are CDP and Personalization. Both these tools will have large impacts on our CRM data.

Learn about these initiatives and why Salesforce admins should get acquainted with Marketing Cloud.


Chris Zullo, Allcloud

Embrace A First-Party Data Strategy For Sales And Marketing

Third-party cookies are being phased out by most web browsers in the next year, and marketers must adapt to a new environment. In the new normal, using first-party data can become a true competitive advantage.

Natasha and Jaime will show you how to build a first-party tracking cookie strategy across your whole tech stack, relying on Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and MuleSoft as a foundation. We will present engagement strategies for mobile using event data, and show valuable examples of ROI strategies you can take to the boardroom.


  • Jaime Lopez, Aiven
  • Natasha Martin, Love’s Travel Stops

How the Right Message Can Increase Conversions

Discover the strategies and best practices that world-class marketing teams leverage to send the right message and increase conversion. We’ll also reveal how to prepare your team for the future of audience segmentation, and how to build a tech stack that will get the job done.


Jonathan Van Driessen, DESelect

How To Bring Pardot Capabilities Into Salesforce Flow

The Marketing Cloud Account Engagement V5 API allows external systems to work with Pardot data. But, what if that “external system” is actually our Salesforce Sales Cloud instance?

We have the Salesforce Connector to get things done between Pardot and Sales Cloud. And, thanks to the V5 API, we can extend that functionality by treating Sales Cloud as an external system.

This session will walk you through Flow Actions for Pardot, which is an app you can install in your org to get started with Salesforce flows for Pardot activities. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to install the app and use it to bring a range of Account Engagement (Pardot) capabilities into Salesforce Flow designer.


Turn Marketing Into a Recession-Proof Competitive Advantage

Get five marketing strategies to work smarter and rise above your competitors, even during economic downturns. We’ll equip you to execute ABM, nail nurture campaigns and prove your worth.


Rich Feist, Sercante

Angelica Cabral, Sercante

MarDreamin’ Day 2 Session Highlights

Here are a few screenshots from sessions that took place on MarDreamin’ Day 2.

Building Connected Pardot Campaigns: 6 Steps For Success

When a new marketing campaign is about to drop, marketers are usually rushing to get things set up in Pardot and live asap. However, this usually results in key elements being missed and ultimately impacts reporting for connected Salesforce campaigns.

In this session, Triana will talk you through a campaign setup checklist that will help ensure your data aligns correctly in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce and you don’t miss a thing!

Steps include:

  • Salesforce Campaign setup
  • Mapping out the campaign journey
  • Aligning marketing assets to your campaign
  • Considerations for offline activity
  • UTM tracking Testing that your setup is tracking correctly

Featuring: Triana Jarman, MarCloud Consulting

Building An ABM Strategy With What You Have

There are a lot of tools that promise account-based marketing (ABM) success. But you can implement an effective ABM strategy with the tech stack (and team!) you have.

In this session, we will review how to build out an ABM strategy with Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). We’ll uncover ways to get sales and marketing aligned so you can deliver the right-channel messaging to the right-person at the right-time.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating your target account list and key buyer groups with sales using account persona insights, scoring, and grading.
  • Determining the best mix of channels, engagement points, and building personalized assets with HML and dynamic content.
  • Measuring the success of your strategy with engagement history and campaign influence.

Featuring: Kelly Ryan, Sercante

Using Account Engagement (Pardot) Engagement Studio For Complex Lead Routing

Engagement Studio, which lives within Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), is a powerful tool with seemingly endless use cases and customization possibilities. Did you know that you can even use Engagement Studio to create complex lead routing processes?

We’ll walk you through a real-life example of an automation setup using Engagement Studio that takes the guesswork out of sorting through marketing leads. Learn how you can achieve a similar setup in your own Pardot instance that automatically sorts leads and identifies the hottest ones for sales to contact.

We’ll show you how to handle complex lead routing in Engagement Studio including assigning ownership based on:

  • Customer data points
  • Customer engagement activity
  • Business criteria
  • And more


Sarah Empson, ADT Commercial

All About the External Actions

External Actions is a new, exciting Account Engagement feature that will supercharge your automations by enabling custom actions that make an external callout from within Engagement Studio as part of the prospect journey, opening up possibilities like sending an SMS text.

Come join my session to learn all about External Actions and walkthrough a few advanced External Action scenarios:

  • Leveraging External Services to create an Integration to Twilio SMS.
  • Execute sub-flows as part of your marketing journey.
  • Create a prospect webhook to trigger a Zapier Zap.


Christopher Cornett, Salesforce

Salesforce Flows 101 For Marketers

Have you heard of Salesforce flows? Have you seen what they can do? If not, you are not alone. Flows have taken the Salesforce ecosystem by storm.

Join us as we walk you through an introduction to Salesforce Flow 101 that is tailored to the needs of marketers. We’ll cover terminology and show you quick wins to implement in your org (with the support of your Salesforce admin) to reduce friction between sales and marketing teams. You can also supplement your marketing automation with the flow ideas we will showcase during the session.

Key areas we will cover include:

  • Setting up qualification questions using on-screen flows
  • Transferring data from one field to another on the same/different object(s)
  • Triggering field updates based on specific actions


Heather Rinke, Sercante

The Age of RevOps: Reinventing Lead Lifecycle Management

The modern B2B buyer is growing frustrated with your sales cycle. Your prospects expect a truly frictionless, B2C-like buying experience in every SaaS evaluation. If your SaaS company isn’t engaging with leads in a timely, personalized way, you risk losing 20-30% of your revenue. 

In the emerging world of RevOps, current lead management approaches fail to meet your buyer’s expectations. Only with a cloud-first approach to automation can you better capture and engage prospects in real-time and deliver the experience they crave. 

Join this session to learn more about a modern approach to lead lifecycle management that results in higher conversion, a seamless buying experience, and a faster path to revenue.


Chris Ferraro,

Houston, We Have A Problem: Avoiding Pardot Personalization SOS Scenarios

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) is full of features that can help you personalize different types of experiences within the tool. From Dynamic Content to Handlebars Merge Language to Snippets — these features lean on the strong connection between Salesforce and Pardot (data) to power these functions. What happens when the data fails you or these features don’t play along with one another?

Join us for this discussion and show and tell about personalization in Pardot. We will focus on key use cases where these features could fail AND how to prevent this from happening in the first case.


Marcos Duran, Sercante

MarDreamin’ Day 3 Overview 

And here are a few session highlights from the third and final day of MarDreamin’ 2022.

How To Deploy Data For Success, Scale And Customer Experience

Learn the tools, techniques and strategies to make your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data more effective, efficient and easy to use. At the same time, you’ll maximize your efforts, make the most of your data, and delight customers.


Jason Cort,

Pardot Business Units: Pros, Cons, And Gotchas

We are all now getting used to working with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) business units, but most of the implementations we’re seeing are still one business unit. However, many companies are now looking at this as a “what if?” They’re asking questions like “shall we?” or “should we be looking at more than one business unit?”

There are many pros and cons to making this decision, and we will walk through them and discuss. We also have a couple of shiny gotchas to look at and consider before making the leap to multiple Pardot business units.


Tracy Keeling, Capgemini

The Trifecta of Website Event Management

Your website is your digital front store. The experiences your prospects have and how your team interacts with their engagement is crucial in setting yourself apart from your competition. With form completion at an all time less than 1% events are getting harder to gather engagement on, especially via the traditional method of email, landing page and form. 

What if you could engage with your prospects on your website, in real time? Get registration from an interaction without having to pull out the dusty traditional email? 

In this session, you will learn how to deliver fresh event options to your audience on your site via chat. See how conversion rates excel and also allow for new fresh bespoke experiences so that return visitors always have something new to engage with.


Jennifer Lynn Schneider, Qualified

Using Einstein AI Within Account Engagement

It’s time to put Einstein to the test to feel the benefits of using data-driven insights to power your sales and marketing efforts. This session will help you understand how artificial intelligence (AI) tools can show you which prospects are most engaged and the campaigns that were most successful.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • How the different Einstein features work within Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • The value of using these features
  • Best practices from Salesforce customers


Jeffrey Stollenwerk, Salesforce

How To Audit Subscriber Activity For Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder’s reporting interface gives users the ability to view high-level statistics on journey performance and the overall volume of subscribers to reach each activity. However, the ability to gain a granular view of the specific step that subscribers are currently at within each journey is limited from the Journey Builder interface. This lack of visibility poses issues from both a reporting and auditing/troubleshooting standpoint.

In this session, we will show you a method of setting up journeys and querying data views that allows marketers to keep track of the steps that subscribers have completed within a Journey, all within a single Data Extension.


  • Austin Kirby, Media.Monks
  • Claudia Hoops, Media.Monks

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Web Tracking Cookies

There’s been a lot of talk about the death of web tracking cookies. Some even suggest it will end marketing as we know it. We’re here to assure that it’s just another evolution in how we make the magic of marketing work.

In this session, we’ll talk about what’s changing, what isn’t, and how marketers on the Salesforce platform can navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

Topics covered:

  • The differences between third- and first-party web cookies
  • The driving force behind these changes and why it’s a win for user privacy
  • Impact on key stakeholders
  • New technologies and how they fill this gap
  • What marketers can do today to take charge


Krystle Solomon, Sercante

Watch MarDreamin’ replays and get ready for the next one

So, there you have it. MarDreamin’ 2022 is in the books. And thank goodness we recorded the whole thing. 

Until next year, you can consume all MarDreamin’ replays from previous years to get caught up. Visit this webpage and complete the form to get access to all the videos.

And make sure you get on the mailing list so you’re the first to know when we announce the call for speakers, sponsors, and MarDreamies Award submissions for 2023.

Let us know what you liked or want to see more of next year in the comments section.

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