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MarDreamin’ 2022 Demo Jam Recap: Products to Extend Salesforce

MarDreamin’ 2022 Demo Jam Recap: Products to Extend Salesforce

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The final day of MarDreamin’ 2022 kicked off with the third-annual Demo Jam, which is like speed dating for SaaS/technology product solutions. Each participant shows the audience what there is to love about the products they’re selling, and then the audience votes to select a winner.

MarDreamin’ is a Salesforce community conference for the marketer. So, this Demo Jam’s focus was on products that play nice with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement (Pardot).

Each participant had three minutes to present their product demo. Then, demo jam attendees weighed in with their votes after all company representatives finished their presentations. We crowned the MarDreamin’ Demo Jam Champion at the end thanks to everyone’s votes.

2022 MarDreamin’ Demo Jam Winners

This year, we had a tie and named two MarDreamin’ Demo Jam winners. The two winners are Stensul and Sercante Labs. 

Both Sercante Labs and Stensul were neck-and-neck in the end, and the hosts had to call it a tie when a few last-minute votes left both companies with the same number of votes at the end.

MarDreamin’ Demo Jam rules

Each participant had 3 minutes to demo their product and wow the audience. Then at the end of the Demo Jam, the audience voted for their favorite product through an online poll.

2022 MarDreamin’ Demo Jam participants

Richard Feist and Angelica Cabral from Sercante shared Demo Jam hosting duties and provided welcome comic relief while giving away swag to attendees throughout the competition. 

Here’s who presented their products to compete for the best Salesforce Marketing Cloud-integrated  solution:

How the products from the Demo Jam can make your life easier

Each of the presentations at the MarDreamin’ Demo Jam included demonstrations of products that ease pain points for people who work in marketing roles and use Salesforce. 

Here’s a summary of each one and a replay of each demo:


Standing at the center of Salesforce CRM, LeanData’s family of solutions orchestrate and automate the go-to-market process to help revenue teams close more deals and drive more revenue, faster.

Click here to request a demo from LeanData’s suite of products.

Sercante Labs

Sercante has grown and built a reputation for helping marketers succeed on the Salesforce platform. We do that through our consulting services, topical training, and by sharing thought leadership content. With Sercante Labs, we take that one step further and aim to build products, wizards, and tools that help marketing & sales pros kick ass.

Sercante Labs products are born out of challenges we see our customers routinely facing and usually start with an idea submission from our team or someone in the community. If you have a request or a “wouldn’t it be nice if…” idea, let’s chat!

Click here to chat with a Sercante Labs expert.


The Stensul™ email creation platform dramatically reduces email creation time — by up to 90% — so teams can better focus on improving email performance. Stensul streamlines collaboration and simplifies the creation process for all marketers, so they can create emails that drive stronger results. 

Stensul integrates with all leading ESPs/MAPs as well as workflow platforms, image libraries, live content, link tracking, and messaging platforms. Top brands that trust Stensul to solve their most demanding email problems include Accolade, BMW, Cisco, Codecademy, Electric, Equifax, Lucidworks, MURAL, and Yahoo.

Click here to get an email efficiency analysis from Stensul.

Stack Moxie

Anyone who has managed a complex tech stack has experienced how minor inconsistencies can wreak havoc across integrated systems.

Typos, spelling errors, permission sets, and other simple problems can break systems sync, preventing proper lead routing, which stops the sales team from knowing when great leads are interested in your company.

Stack Moxie’s army of robots work on your behalf to make sure each lead promptly reaches its destination as expected. If errors arise, the robots proactively notify you so problems can be mitigated quickly.

Click here to request a personalized demo.


DESelect helps marketers unlock the full power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud without needing to write SQL. Using DESelect’s simple drag-and-drop solutions, users can create complex audience segments quickly, easily integrate new data sources, accelerate campaign execution, and reduce costs by ending technical dependencies. 

Since launching in 2019, DESelect has raised $5.5+ million, built an international team, and helped customers like T-Mobile, Volvo, Cazoo, Emerald, and Merlin.

Click here to book a demo. is a low-code automation platform that can easily turn unique business processes into repeatable and scalable workflows that evolve whenever business needs change. Powering RevOps at Mixpanel, AdRoll and other industry leading enterprises, Tray helps you accelerate revenue and win more deals.

Click here to start your trial.

Why were these companies’ products featured?

The companies featured in the MarDreamin’ Demo Jam are all essential to the success of this conference each year. That’s because they are companies that sponsor the conference. 

The MarDreamin’ team can’t bring all this free content to you without the help of these sponsors. So, be sure to check them out using the links above as a ‘thank you’ to them for their sponsorship.

How to join next year’s Demo Jam

Hey, product marketing friends — you’re probably  kicking yourself and wishing you could have had your company’s tools featured in the Demo Jam. 

It’s all good. You can get ahead and reach out to the MarDreamin’ team now by clicking on this link. Complete the form on that page so you can lock in your sponsorship for 2023.

Learn more about extending Salesforce

We hope you’ve found something helpful through the demos or have sparked ideas to implement integrations in your tech stack. Remember to watch the 2021 Demo Jam Replay and read the 2021 Demo Jam Recap to see the demos from last year and keep it going. The 2020 Demo Jam Replay is also available here.

Have something in mind that you wish Salesforce could do but you haven’t found the solution yet? Tell us about it in the comments below or reach out to Sercante Labs to see if we can help. And remember to check out each of the Demo Jam participating companies!

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