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6 Memorable Marketing Moments from Dreamforce 2022

6 Memorable Marketing Moments from Dreamforce 2022

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Salesforce gave lots of love to marketers at Dreamforce 2022. From the unveiling of a real-life Brandy to the massive Marketing Lodge with daily events, marketers had lots to do at the conference.

There was so much going on at Dreamforce, in fact, that you may feel like you missed something important. And that’s totally okay. We’ve got you covered.

Six memorable Dreamforce 2022 moments for marketers

Here’s your snapshot of all the important marketing things that happened at Dreamforce 2022. This is what you REALLY need to know about Dreamforce as a marketer so you can put the FOMO to rest.

Moment 1. Salesforce Genie Announcement

Genie is a powerful tool that takes all your data from multiple sources and allows you to organize it and leverage it real time across multiple clouds, apps, and automations in Salesforce. 

This product announcement is essentially a Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) rebrand with added functionality.

Learn more about the announcement here.

Image credit: Salesforce

Moment 2. Salesforce and WhatsApp Integration

Marketers will be able to leverage the power of WhatsApp to create and send customized messaging and offers with their brand customers through customized experiences. 

This integration is compatible with Journey Builder within Marketing Cloud and slated to be available by the end of the year.

Get all the partnership details here.

Image Credit: Salesforce

Moment 3. Marketing Keynote: Deliver Moments That Count

This marketing keynote session took us through many of the changes that are happening on the marketing front for Salesforce users. It served as a deep-dive into the Salesforce Genie and WhatsApp partnership announcements. 

Two special moments the team at Sercante had a close eye on include:

  • Our client, Grammarly, shared how they use the power of the Salesforce platform to hyper-personalize their customer journey (Start at 27 minutes).
  • Our friend, Shibu Abraham, Marketing Cloud User Group Leader in Malaysia, received the famous Salesforce Golden Hoodie during the Marketing Keynote for his contributions to the greater Salesforce community (Start at 39 minutes).

Watch the full marketing keynote replay here.

Moment 4. Slack Canvas For Marketing Announcement 

Teams across your organization can take advantage of Slack Canvas to create “canvases” where you can share assets, access important information and collaborate real time via video. From there, you can integrate with other apps found in the Slack marketplace to create automations to increase productivity and trigger additional actions. 

Your team can leverage your Salesforce data in multiple ways as you discuss your next campaign straight from Slack.

Get all the details about the Slack Canvas announcement here.

Moment 5. Marketing Cloud Innovation and Roadmap: Wow Every Customer

This keynote continues to hammer away at how Genie can supercharge your Marketing Strategy regardless of what Salesforce Marketing solution you prefer: Marketing Cloud Engagement or Account Engagement (Pardot). 

One of the key things around these workshops is the different applications of Genie and how it can collaborate with Einstein to help specific teams using the Salesforce platform get the most from their data. Additionally, several of the Einstein use cases traditionally used within Marketing Cloud Engagement have begun to make their way into Account Engagement.

Watch the full roadmap replay here.

Moment 6. Creating a Home for Marketers at Dreamforce

You probably saw us at Dreamforce (or at the Home for Marketers) and wondered what is Sercante?

Or maybe you saw pink elephant footprints on the sidewalks and wondered what that was all about.

Well, that was us! 

Elephant footprints led marketers to their home for the week

What was the Home for Marketers at Dreamforce?

Team Sercante hosted a space for marketers (and allies) to hang out, grab a drink, and escape the hecticness of Dreamforce. And our friends from DESelect, Stensul, and Appinium came along for the ride!

The Home for Marketers took place at The Pink Elephant Alibi on Minna Street. We had many repeat visitors and many one-time friends stop by, effectively connecting with over 2,000 marketers and Salesforce Users! 

View the photo gallery and look for your friends here

Night of Enchantment: A Dreamforce Party for the Ages

Thank you to everyone who partied with us at the Night of Enchantment party at Dreamforce!

You experienced limitless magical elixirs from the enchanted champagne wall pushed. And you danced with enchanted forest fairies over 15 feet tall. With Dreamforce now behind us, we hope you walked away with fond memories and new friends that evening.

While the escape transported you into a living forest only found in fairy tales, fear not. You didn’t dream all of it. The energy you brought to the dance floor was magical. And thankfully unlike Cinderella’s slippers, the magic of this party didn’t end at midnight. 

The enchanted forest included 3 dance floors across the building, and over 1,000 people tore it up throughout the night. As we all go back to our IRL tasks, we invite you to check out the party photo gallery

What else were the Sercante dragons up to at Dreamforce?

Sercante accepts two awards at DF22

Salesforce Partner Innovation Award: Retail

Sercante received a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for our work in the retail space and for creating positive impacts in our customers organizations. We are fortunate to have tons of awesome customers and humbled to receive this award. Read about the winners here.

Merivis Partner of the Year Award

Merivis Executive Director Kate Perez took the IRL opportunity at Dreamforce to present Sercante Founder and CEO Andrea Tarrell with the 2022 Merivis Partner of the Year Award. The honor was given to the team for providing technical support to Merivis to help them reach their mission and goals as an organization. Merivis supports #veterans and #milspouses preparing for new careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Dragons lead three Dreamforce speaker sessions

Sercante had the opportunity to run 3 sessions at Dreamforce this year. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Blog About Salesforce – Our content manager, Ambre Juryea-Amole, led a session describing how we tackle our content strategy for The Spot (for Pardot). She provided a series of helpful tips on how to make the most out of your content when targeting the Salesforce ecosystem. Get the blog version of her presentation here
  • Turn Marketing into a Recession-Proof Competitive Advantage – Three of our CRM and Marketing Automation Strategists (Angelica Cabral, Marcos Duran, and Richard Feist) provided the audience with pillar tactics and strategies to ensure that Marketers are prepared for any changes in their organizations.
Angelica, Marcos, and Rich dropping knowledge to a packed audience
  • Discover How CDP Unifies All Customer Data in One Place – Sercante Founder and CEO Andrea Tarell, and Director, Marketing Cloud Practice, Kirsten Schlau, tackled how CDP can help you create a true profile of your customers and unify your data across multiple datasets.
Andrea Tarrell and Kirsten Schlau explaining the power of CDP

See you at the next Salesforce event

We hope you had a great time with us during Dreamforce. We’ll catch you at the next Salesforce community event.

If you are looking for support on your next Salesforce project or just want to brainstorm with one of us, feel free to reach out!

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