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Mardreamies 2022 Award Winner Story: Extending Salesforce

Mardreamies 2022 Award Winner Story: Extending Salesforce

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The MarDreamies awards celebrate solutions marketing and sales professionals built to reach their goals using Salesforce. These solutions are especially impressive because they each rose to solve a specific challenge while utilizing technology to automate their way to greatness. 

Winners of the MarDreamin’ awards get bragging rights for their team and company, a sweet prize pack, and a fancy trophy to remind them how awesome they are every day. And the MarDreamin’ team announced the MarDreamies winners during the After-Party, which took place November 3, 2022. 

Check out this blog post to get details about the full MarDreamin’ conference — including information about watching all session and keynote replay videos.

MarDreamies Award Categories

The MarDreamies awards are divided into five categories to honor the teams behind the magic:

  • Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  • Social Impact: Creating positive change through Pardot
  • Grassroots Innovation: Scaling small business with Pardot
  • Extending Pardot: API-driven solutions
  • Best in Show

You can find all the details about what went into choosing the award winners in this blog post.

2022 MarDreamies Award Extending Salesforce Category Winner: Nebula Consulting

Here’s the solution that won the MarDreamies 2022 award for the Extending Salesforce category, which recognizes teams that build API-driven marketing solutions. The MarDreamies Extending Salesforce award went to Nebula Consulting, which was submitted by Kyle Blacker and Sarah Kelleher.

What does Nebula Consulting do?

Nebula Consulting started out in 2012 as a core Salesforce consultancy practice. Since then, the team has added Pardot, Communities and CPQ to their skillsets. However, Nebula Consulting’s focus then remains the same today — helping companies to grow their revenue. 

To do this effectively, they believe that first and foremost the company’s consultants must truly understand the sales & marketing process.  That drives them to only hire the very best people with relevant real-world experience. That’s why they truly believe that there is no team better to work alongside your own.

Extending Salesforce Award Project Details

The team at Nebula Consulting built Enhanced Engagement History, which is a component that’s available to all Pardot users via their listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The Enhanced Engagement History component allows users to view and inspect Prospect activities, regardless of which Pardot Business Unit (PBU) the user is logged into. It also allows users to interact with the activities, to view the emails sent and engaged with, without ever needing to leave the record page.

The standard Engagement History component displays activities from one Business Unit at a time depending on the BU a User was last logged into. Users are required to switch PBU just to see if there had been any cross-activity or if Users aren’t aware of this then they will see inaccurate data. Users can see an email had been engaged with, but not what the email was.

Why Nebula build the Enhanced Engagement History component

The initial concept of the product came from a problem a customer of Nebula was facing. What initially started out as a single consultant’s task evolved into several members of different teams collaborating. 

After the solution for the customer was deployed, we identified areas where this solution could be improved and developed further in a managed package to distribute via the Appexchange. We became an ISV partner as part of this process which was a complete new way of doing business for us.

Challenges the team overcame

During the initial concept phase, the team at Nebula wasn’t sure whether data from multiple PBUs could be collated into one place. In discovery and testing, they found the API in general to be a challenge; making sure to return correct information, remove unwanted data and optimize accordingly. 

Results of the project

The Enhanced Engagement History app provides time-saving and productivity benefits, not only providing greater visibility for Salesforce users without the need to switch PBU, but also in returning data using the API quicker than the standard component.

The majority of the component uses the Pardot API, however various security features using Apex were implemented. For example, ensuring that if a user doesn’t have access to a Lead, then they still can’t see that Lead. There are security checks in the background. In addition, with the flexibility of Salesforce we developed this as a Lightning Web Component that is customizable.

Finding innovation while meeting client needs

The team at Nebula Consulting found an innovative way to meet their client’s expectations. And they found a way to build on that solution so other Pardot customers can use it. 

Enhanced Engagement History reveals marketing engagement across multiple Pardot Business Units to give users rich insights to make data-driven decisions and drive meaningful customer conversations. It’s a solution that embodies the spirit of extending Salesforce, which is why it was chosen for a 2022 MarDreamies award.

Check out this blog post to learn more about the MarDreamies awards. Or, share a few words to congratulate the winners using the comments section below.

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