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ParDreamin 2021 Demo Jam

ParDreamin’ Day 3 Recap

ParDreamin’ Day 3 Recap

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Day 3 of ParDreamin’ kicked off today as Pardot’s Product Team dived into the exciting product roadmap for 2021 and beyond (complete with a hilarious introduction music video – sorry if you missed it!).

Kyle Skibbe and Prasanna Vijayakumar discussed all of the latest enhancements made available in the recent release, and talked about where the future of marketing automation is headed.

There were tons of great sessions and we closed out the day with a really interesting Enterprise panel. 

Session Highlights

How to Show Marketing’s Influence on Pipeline with Salesforce Campaigns

This session highlighted marketing’s influence on the pipeline with Salesforce Campaigns. Ben took time to review campaign naming conventions in Salesforce. He gave an overview of campaign member status values and talked about the importance of them. He showed us how you can view this information on the record and if this person becomes part of an opportunity, how you can see the specific action that helped push them to the opportunity. His advice was to be consistent with status member values. Ben recommends AAkonsult Campaign Status to help standardize campaign status member values. It’s available in the appexchange. We also dove into the differences between the campaign influence models. Listen to the recording for a great Q&A session. 

Key Insights from this session:

  • The importance of campaign naming conventions and member status values and why they matter
  • Campaign planning in Pardot and Salesforce with influence reporting in mind
  • Campaign influence models in Salesforce: What they are, how they work
  • Demonstrate the Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities report type in Salesforce
  • Demonstrate how the data can be used in a Salesforce dashboard to illustrate influence on open and closed opportunities.

View Session Recording

The Recipe for Successful Lead Management

Jay Vira of LeanData discussed the importance of lead management, from the business costs of poor management to how marketing and leads benefit from a proper lead management strategy. Jay walked attendees through the recipe to successfully manage leads by leveraging the right data, technology, and processes across the revenue engine. Attendees were able to get an inside look of how Pardot and LeanData can power a successful lead management strategy. 

Leads are the lifeblood of every revenue operations team, and they require a purposeful and well-thought out data management strategy to ensure they’re adequately nurtured and proactively engaged to facilitate timely conversion. A holistic B2B lead management strategy involves end-to-end processes across all revenue teams – marketing, sales and customer success – and includes consistent cleansing and unifying data, executing on effective programs, appropriate data routing, accessing actionable insights and analyzing campaign effectiveness. 

Go-to-Market (GTM) motions are deceptively complex, and with most organizations deploying hybrid models that include inbound, outbound and account-based marketing strategies. Supporting this GTM complexity, consistent and actionable data, unified across multiple functions, empowers all stakeholders with comprehensive views of accounts and all their potentially hidden connections. Marketers then tailor programs and campaigns against that data to progressively move leads down the funnel, monitoring engagement activities to fuel relevant follow-up and alignment with selling teams. And, finally, real-time data on the effectiveness of engagement activities drive continuous improvement and increase both speed-to-lead and time-to-revenue. 

View Session Recording

Level Up Challenge: The One with Landing Pages! 

Marcos Duran and Russell Thomas covered some tools and simple lines of code you can apply to your landing pages to help them stand out. Most of these tips require minimal to intermediate HTML/CSS experience and you should be able to apply some of these changes immediately! They cover the basics of a landing page and it’s technical anatomy. They go over cool tools like adding favicons, icons, fonts, and more. Some tools they recommend are: 

  1. Favicons! 
  2. Fonts! and 
  3. Add to Calendar!
  4. Add custom asterix to required form fields with CodePen! 
  5. Use Javascript to add section titles to a form field with CodePen!

View Session Recording.

From Marketing to Support, Take Your Customers on a Journey Down the Appinium River

This session taught us the REAL way to get and use video data in your Pardot campaigns.

It’s not just about if they watched your content, it’s having the right data to help inform you what journey they should be on. You should be asking yourself why they watched, why they didn’t take action or what type of content they want next.

View Session Recording.

Supercharge Pardot Insights with Datorama

In this session, Ryan DeShazer talked through how Datarama allows data-driven organizations to bring disparate marketing performance data together. Attendees were able to explore an overview of the Datorama platform, its feature set, and how to glean deeper insights from campaign data through cross-channel integration and analysis. From conceptual to practical, attendees got a hands-on review of how to supercharge Pardot efforts with Datorama!

View Session Recording.

Enterprise Panel: 

The Enterprise Panel was hosted by Celine Newsome from Sercante and featured Luke Wotten from Vonage, Lindzee Barrera from Simplot, and Rebecca White from Zoopla. Panelists discussed how they are using tech stack in collaboration with Pardot and Salesforce, their strategies for keeping data clean, using data and the features of Pardot to create meaningful conversations, and how they report on the success of marketing initiatives.

Key Takeaways: 

  • No fluff content – there should always be a WHY behind your marketing.
  • Keep your data clean – lean on your Sales team to help you clean up data that you know is bad, have a standard of how you upload data into a system and enforce things like naming conventions.
  • For meaningful conversations, everything starts with data – it’s so helpful to have segmented data to pull through personalized information to make tailored messages for different audiences.
  • Translate for your audience when reporting on success – if you aren’t talking with other marketing people, make sure you are thoroughly explaining what you are sharing and of course, make sure the ROI is very clear.

View Session Recording.

We are back tomorrow with another full day of sessions! We’re kicking off with an exciting demo jam featuring some of our sponsors, and closing out ParDreamin’ with Adam Blitzer and a fireside chat. If you have not yet registered, don’t worry, we saved you a seat. You can head over to Pardreamin’ website to register and join in on the upcoming sessions as well as access recordings to the past sessions. Don’t miss the final day of ParDreamin’ 2020! 

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