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ParDreamin’ Day 4 Recap

ParDreamin’ Day 4 Recap

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Day 4 of ParDreamin’ kicked off today with a Demo Jam. Sercante’s own Celine Newsome and Mike Creuzer helped to lead us through 3-minute demos from our sponsors.

The demo jam was, to our knowledge, the first ever Pardot focused demo jam. The chat was rowdy and fast and everyone loved the “golden hook” for sponsors who went over! That’s right, we cut off those who went over!

Sercante was crowned winner by the attendees and we handed out Dragons to participants who chatted it up at the demo jam! It was a great, high energy session to start the 4th and final day of ParDreamin’!

Session Highlights

Demo Jam

Check out awesome demos from our sponsors including: 

Form Assembly: They took us through the power of Form Assembly with a great demo of the tool! 

Sercante Labs: Adam Erstelle from Sercante showed off 4 apps created and built by Sercante. Adam did it with just 2 seconds to go! He showed us the power of Automated Opportunity Contact Roles, Campaign Influence Starter Pack, Creuz Your Data, and Email to PDF for Pardot. 

Lean Data: Jay Vira took us through the Salesforce native tool that helps to route incoming leads and capitalize on fuzzy matching to get them to the right account and the best sales rep to support them and getting them enrolled in nurture programs to keep them engaged. Hot tip: it even integrates with Slack allowing you to Slack your reps and be sure your SLAs are met. Reporting eliminates the black box for admins! Jay made it through thanks to some forgiving judges, he went 1 second over! 

Speed to Lead from Workato: Integrate anything, automate everything! David Kreitter aspires to automate his job but took us through speed to lead. This allows us to route to sales rep, check to see if prospects exist in Salesforce, and alert the SDR through Slack notifications. The Slack bot is built on Workato. The tool integrates with Clearbit, Zoominfo and others. It also allows you to add leads to nurture programs. David finished up in 3 minutes flat! 

Qualified: Let’s you know when a decision maker is on your site through a conversational marketing platform. Sean Whitely takes us through the situation room in Qualified, shows us how to message our target account. He starts selling right on the website, switches to the phone, and sets a meeting with the AEs, and updates the Salesforce record RIGHT in Qualified! Sean got cut off because Demo Jams keep moving! 

Appinium: Steven Jacobson, CEO, of Appinium took over and talked us through how video data can flow into Salesforce to help us see not only how leads are converting but how they are learning and moving down the funnel. Steven shouted out Mike Creuzer for his help. Appinium has given away 6 months of Appinium FREE! Zero cost for Pardot, Sales Enablement, Implementation, and unlimited storage! 

And The 2020 ParDreamin’ Demo Jam Winners Are……

  • Third Place: Form Assembly
  • Second Place: Sean Whitely from Qualified
  • First Place and Demo Jam Winner: Sercante

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Bad Data is the Plastic of the Marketing Ecosystem: How much should we pay to clean it up? 

Skip discussed the hidden cost of bad data and gave the attendees some simple techniques for identifying bad data, cleaning their database and keeping the bad data out in the first place. Interesting fact, 40% of session attendees said they had bad data in the session poll! 

The key takeaways were:

  • Cost of bad data increases the cost of your sales team by 131%.
  • Bad new lead data impacts sales trust in marketing.
  • How to fix:
    • Completeness – does the field have the correct “parts” (ex. “@“ in email field)
    • Accuracy – is the data correct?
    • Consistency – is the data the same in every system?
    • Conformity – is tall of the data in standard and understandable formats?
    • Uniqueness – no duplicates in database
    • Integrity – is your data valid across all relationships? Is data mapped properly between Salesforce and Pardot?
    • Intention – will you ever sell to this record?
    • Timeliness – is the data available when you need it?
    •  Freshness – has the data gone by its sell by date? How are you keeping it update to date?

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Pardot Automation Rules to the Rescue

In this session, Thimuth Amarakoon, covered the need for Pardot Automation Rules and how Admins and Marketers can build customized processes using it. Thimuth had attendees take a step back and revisited the basics of automation to demonstrate the power of Pardot Automation Rules. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Use automation rules to custom score when dealing with large batches of third-party and imported prospects, both increase and decrease scores
  • Use automation rules to bulk update prospect field values ie grouping country fields to populate region value 
  • Use automation rules to clean up your data. Remember you can add actions like ‘do not sync with CRM’ to reduce bad data from going to sales. 
  • Reminder to clean up your unused automation rules. You can set-up ‘inactive automation notifications’ to monitor running automation rules that have not matched any prospects within the past 30 days. 

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Snippets: Connected Campaigns Power Tool

Snippets are one of the best tools you can have in your Pardot/Salesforce org. With minimal planning and few prerequisites you can drive engagement with specific details that are maintained by stakeholders within your organization. Snippets can set your Pardot free from verifying details managed by others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Snippets are an undiscovered gem when it comes to tools for your Pardot/Salesforce org
  • Snippets provide visibility, accessibility, versatility and availability

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Deliver richer personalization leveraging Pardot and Interaction Studio

This session was a deep dive into how you can bring together Pardot and Interaction Studio to supercharge ABM experiences. Interaction studio helps you build anonymous and account based website personalization, provides the optimal next step to engage prospects and changes content dynamically to help you personalize your marketing content. The session includes a full demo of the solution.

View Session Recording

Key Takeaway: 

Interaction Studio and Engagement Studio work in parallel together to meet customer expectations (Interaction is more focused on customer and Engagement is focused more on brand).

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Pardot Sync Errors: Diagnosing, Solving, and Preventing them

When Pardot syncs with Salesforce life is good. When it doesn’t sync with Salesforce, life is bad. In this session, Lara Black showed attendees how to diagnose, treat, cure, and even prevent Pardot/Salesforce sync errors. She discussed common problems, solutions, and some fun Pardot tricks on how to make sure the records that are syncing with Salesforce are actually valuable, not just junk. 

Key Takeaway: 

Instead of spending hours manually cleaning records, automatically detect bad prospects and mark them as junk by using automation rules to run in realtime.  

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Content that Converts

Ashley talked about content that converts and how to build a nurture program. She covered the importance of personas, the three phases of the nurture funnel, what to do with personas once you have them, and she gives participants a handy checklist to use! 100% of emails need content created for them. That’s a lot of new copy! She discussed how to create content specific to KPIs and the funnels starting with the awareness phase and following best practices, like ensuring your CTA is above the fold. Using the buyer persona Ashley talked about using profiles, scoring categories, and segmenting. The session is wrapped with an engagement program build checklist. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Importance of persona development (keeping in mind they are still people)
  • Three phases of the nurture funnel (awareness, consideration, decision) and how the emails correlate with each other, but keeping it at a basic level for those who may not be as familiar with engagement programs
  • How to develop content for each phase and things to consider
  • Possibility of tying profiles and personas together in Pardot
  • A few key email takeaways and checks before you start your program/send your email

View Session Recording

The Future of Marketing is Conversational: Using Pardot + Conversational Marketing to Engage with Buyers in Real Time

During this session, Sean Whiteley highlighted how B2B companies are using Conversational Marketing technologies to convert leads at unprecedented rates by delivering highly-personalized experiences at scale. The old process of form fills and follow-up emails is now an obsolete way of connecting with buyers. By combining Conversational Marketing with other martech tools like Salesforce and Pardot, you can identify and engage high-intent visitors with real-time conversations directly on your website. You can even set up alerts so you never miss when a target account is browsing! Watch the on-demand session to get an inside look at the power of Conversational Marketing and why this movement is taking the B2B market by storm.

View Session Recording

Transform ABM with the Power of the Platform + Fireside Chat with Adam Blitzer

We wrapped up a fantastic 4-days of ParDreamin’ with our closing keynote. Neha Shah, Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce, talked about the power of the platform for ABM and how marketing transformation is not an option. We’ll see marketers double down on ABM because it’s successful. 80% of marketers say it improves customer lifetime value and 86% say it improves win rates. Customer 360 helps to connect sales, service, and commerce to help keep everything centered around your customer needs. 

Meredith Brown, VP Product Management at Salesforce Pardot talks about how Salesforce and Pardot helps you meet your customers where they are. Advertising Studio delivers relevant ads at the right time. Salesforce CMS serves as a way to provide dynamic content based on buyers needs. Interaction Studio serves up personalized web content, and Pardot delivers relevant and timely emails. Combining all of these tools helps align teams with the ABM strategy, and KPI tracking to give ROI. 

History of Pardot

Michael Kostow, SVP & GM, Salesforce Pardot, and Adam Blitzer, EVP & GM, Salesforce Digital, sat down for a fireside chat and talked about the origins of Pardot.

Pardot started in March 2007, and then went through multiple acquisitions. Pardot was built organically with about 150 employees when it was sold to Exact Target, which was then acquired by Salesforce in 2013.

Exact Target became the underpinning of Marketing Cloud, and Pardot became part of Sales Cloud. Now they are working together. Adam has worked on a variety of products including Marketing, Service, and Sales Cloud. Now he’s leading digital where he can talk about the digital journey and digital transformation as it sits just above the Cloud products.

Thriving from home

Adam talks about how we’ve continued to thrive as marketers while working from home and growing businesses online. Asked what’s next Adam suggested that marketers need to dive into the data and create the “golden record” for their customers. He also thinks omni-channel personalization is next so that you are always seeing the right thing no matter where you are.

Looking toward the future

To close out their chat, Michael asked Adam about Pardot and what he’s most excited about. Adam talked a lot about the community and how he’s most excited about the push into enterprise space with deep cloning of assets and campaigns as well as sandboxes to create a more sustainable environment.

He’s also excited about integrations and the work that has gone on to bring marketing into the platform including the new email editor. Adam also shared his love of the Peloton and the Pardot group, #KeepPardotWeird and join Adam at #judojew for your next ride! 


Thank you to everyone who joined ParDreamin’! Join us for encore sessions of our pre-conference workshops. We’ve included some time-zone friendly options and PARDRAGON will give 20% off. Register now at

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