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ParDreamin’ Day 2 Recap

ParDreamin’ Day 2 Recap

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ParDreamin’ sessions kicked off today bringing in over 3,400 people represented across 65 countries. Over the course of the week, we will hear from 58 speakers as they share their Pardot knowledge, telling stories how they utilize the tool to grow their business and keep up with the changes.

Session Highlights

Opening Keynote: Marketers Leading Through Change

Our keynote presenter, Michael Kostow, SVP and general manager of Salesforce Pardot, kicked things off to share how Salesforce is helping customers lead through change by leaning on Salesforce’s core values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, and Equality. Carrie Pena, BuildOn, and Gail Moody-Byrd,, joined Michael Kostow to talk about their journey with Pardot and how it helped lead them through change.

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Pardot & EDA: Solutioning for Higher Ed

In this session, Michelle Littlefield, 8x Salesforce Certified & Solution Architect, reviewed how Pardot and the Salesforce Data Architecture can work together to bridge the gap between marketing and admissions teams. She discussed strategies for solutioning EDA with Pardot to ensure that segmentation goals can be achieved to establish just-in-time nurturing programs, and how native Pardot tools such as lead scoring and grading can set your recruiting and admissions teams up for greater success and increased yield.

  • Lead Strategy: How to decide which architecture model is right for your institution. When thinking about to using leads & contacts or just contacts only, you need to think about what your volume looks like and what your process looks like.
  • The Opportunity Object, USE IT! Using Opportunity, Application, and Affiliation Objects cohesively can be extremely effective. Why? You can then use this data for segmentation and automation inside of Pardot.
  • Customer Object Integration, consider it. Why? Some of the most valuable information in the recruiting and admissions process lives on the Application object. This data can be used in segmentation, lead scoring & grading, and is likely desired as dynamic content. Pardot cannot see this data without Custom Object Integration.
  • Cohesive Solutioning, Gotta have it. Given the challenges in segmentation, and because we know that Pardot can’t see some valuable information on EDA child object, implement automation around your student lifecycle to ensure your records are always aligned at the Contact level for access in Pardot.
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More than Martech: Wall-to-Wall Automation

Sara McNamara, David Kreitter, and Mike Creuzer took us on a technical journey as they explored how integrating teams & tools can increase the impact your team is making and the visibility you are earning across your business.

  • Account Based Marketing. How can we enable easy-to-maintain target account identification in Pardot without a major ABM platform? You might have tools that have native connections that aren’t giving you everything you want, there are ways to dig deeper into the code to connect what you need to give you more powerful ABM data in your platform.
  • “Increase speed to lead” by utilizing tools, like Slack, to send out alerts on contact forms or other activities with all the information from Salesforce. Bonus points, you can accept or deny leads, assign leads, and more in Slack directly by integrating Salesforce directly.
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Syncing Salesforce Custom Objects with Pardot

In this session, Dan Umbro, 3x Salesforce Certified & Co-leader of NH Pardot User Group, took a dive into syncing salesforce custom objects with Pardot.

  • Standard Salesforce objects still count as Pardot custom objects.
  • So, Pardot Custom objects are any Salesforce standard object that doesn’t natively connect. Pardot natively connects with Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, Campaign Members, Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks, and Users. Worth mentioning again, not all of those are bi-directional syncs as we discussed previously.
  • Pardot Custom Objects would be considered any true Salesforce Custom Object or any Salesforce Standard Object that isn’t native to Pardot. So, any standard object not listed to the left.
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11 Key Insights About the New Pardot Email Builder

Everyone was excited, as Jen Kazin gave attendees an interactive demo of the new Email Builder. Jen reviewed the basics of the builder as well as gave attendees key insights on how to get more out of this impressive, new functionality.

  • Pardot users have been clamoring for a more flexible, drop-and-drag, email editor and Salesforce has responded.
  • The new Lightning email builder rolled out in October and is now available in all Pardot versions. However, you must have Pardot Lightning, Connected Campaigns, and HML enabled to use it.
  • This is the first release of the email builder and it only supports list emails at the moment. It is not available for Engagement Studio, automation rules or Salesforce Engage at the moment. It also does not support snippets, A/B tests, dynamic content, Litmus, or brand styling – yet. It includes some new features like an “Undo” button, sharing across multiple business units, the ability to send the same email multiple times, and a Content Delivery network to efficiently deliver emails at scale.
  • You can use the new Email Builder and traditional builder simultaneously, so it’s definitely worth setting up to get a look at current capabilities and get a look into this new experience.
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Full Funnel Marketing

In this session, Auseh Britt, VP of Growth Marketing at Terminus, talked about the importance of focusing on the entire funnel and shared tips and tactics to help create more opportunities, accelerate deal cycles, and maintaining and growing customers.

Closing Keynote: Marketing’s Role in Digital Transformation Panel

Andrea Tarrell was joined by panelists Natasha Wetten, Liam Taylor and Jill Carpenter to discuss the unique environment marketing teams are living in due to the current climate. Panelists discussed how digital transformation offers new opportunities for marketers to expand the definition and role of marketing across the entire customer lifecycle, offered tips for articulating the importance of marketing’s role, and shouted out some of their favorite tools. It’s important to really understand the role of marketing in your business and in the client’s journey, to ensure you are leveraging your tools to their full capacity and getting the most out of your data.

  • Break out of the mold – it’s very easy to rinse and repeat marketing cycles, but you have to roll up your sleeves, try new things and not be afraid to fail.
  • Do your homework – when trying to get higher-ups to support your marketing initiatives, make sure you’ve done some research and can outline all the potential benefits of the changes you are suggesting.
  • Ownership. Ownership. Ownership.
  • Look at the big picture – As Jill so eloquently said, “Marketing is empathy for the consumer’s situation matched with whatever your company is offering” so remember to look at how marketing touches every part of the customer journey. If it’s not clear to you how marketing touches an area of the customer journey then that’s an area you should be focusing on to figure out how marketing can be infused.
  • When it comes to tools, it’s quality not quantity.
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There are still two days jam-packed full of amazing sessions. If you have not yet registered, don’t worry, we saved you a seat. You can head over to Pardreamin’ website to register and join in on the upcoming sessions as well as access recordings to the past sessions.

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