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ParDreamin' for Nonprofit and Higher Ed

The Official ParDreamin’ Guide For Nonprofit & Higher Ed Organizations

The Official ParDreamin’ Guide For Nonprofit & Higher Ed Organizations

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ParDreamin’ is less than a week away. Has your marketing team at your nonprofit organization or higher education institution signed up yet?

Giving Tuesday has just passed and many nonprofit teams are feeling the burn as they sprint through the remainder of the year with one last campaign push to entice their audiences to donate to their specific causes. On the other hand, educational institutions have had to pivot to online marketing tactics as in-person recruiting events have become practically non-existent due to COVID-19. The pandemic has forced many to reimagine the way they approach their online audience.

Join us Dec 8 – 11, 2020 as we come together and share how different organizations have pivoted and leaned on the power of marketing automation to continue to push their marketing forward, while creating engaging experiences for their audiences with email and beyond. Register for ParDreamin’ here.

Below is the official MUST SEE Non-Profit & Higher Ed agenda for ParDreamin’ 2020.

Note: Sessions are listed in chronological order. For more details on the session visit or click on the session leader’s name in the descriptions.


DEC 9, 2020


In this session, we will review how Pardot and the Salesforce Data Architecture can work together to bridge the gap between marketing and admissions teams. We will review strategies for solutioning EDA with Pardot to ensure that segmentation goals can be achieved to establish just-in-time nurturing programs, and how native Pardot tools such as lead scoring and grading can set your recruiting and admissions teams up for greater success and increased yield.

This session is hosted by Michelle Littlefield. Why join? This is a great session to learn more about how you can segment and qualify your prospective students. However, this session could be applied to segmenting current students, volunteers, donors, and so much more. Bonus, these tactics can be applied to any industry.


In this session, we will review the new Pardot email builder. What is the new Pardot Email Builder? How does it work? Learn powerful and interesting tips that will give users a better experience!

Excited about the new Pardot email builder (isn’t everyone?)? Review the basics and then get key insights on how to get more out of this impressive, new functionality. What’s special about Salesforce CMS? If you can’t edit drafts, is there a workaround? What’s the trick with merge fields? Learn the answers and more at this session.

This session is hosted by Jen Kazin. Why join? The new Email Builder is a feature that most Pardot customers have not enabled or taken advantage of yet. If you are part of a small (but mighty) team, this session will include some great tips to help you maximize this new tool.


This session will cover Handlebars Merge Language. Pardot HML Isn’t just for “Hi Bill / Hi Friend” subject lines. There are all kinds of applications when we use it as a form of yes/no logic. With HML, even the lowest levels of Pardot accounts have access to this limited form of dynamic content.

This session will present the HML if/else format with several suggested applications that go beyond the subject line, including:

  • Combining HML merge tags with URL parameters to create dynamic URLS that can lead to customized content
  • Combining HML merge tags with URLs to pre-fill third-party forms
  • Using HML to present alternative custom redirects to achieve different completion actions from the same email.

This session will be hosted by Bill Fetter. Why join? For nonprofits and educational institutions  personalization can be crucial to creating engaging content that drives donations and enrollment. These tips will help you stand out from the competition.

DEC 10, 2020


This session will give an in-depth look at campaign naming conventions, member status values, influence reporting in Pardot and Salesforce campaigns, campaign influence models in Salesforce, a demonstration of the Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities report type in Salesforce, and a demonstration of how data can be used in a Salesforce dashboard effectively.

This session will be hosted by Ben LaMothe. Why Join? Communicating Pardot’s impact on your organization’s impact will be what takes an average marketer to a world-class marketer. Understanding how to appropriately set up Pardot and Salesforce to capture campaign attribution will be your golden ticket to getting there. If you’re looking to wow your Executive Director or Marketing Director, don’t miss this session.


This session will cover testing tactics for landing pages. Many people A/B test their email campaigns using Pardot. However, many people are not aware that you can also A/B test your landing pages. In addition to this, you can also use Google analytics and a HotJar to collect information on not only how long visitors are on your landing page but also where they are spending the most time. This session will cover at a high level some of the different types of testing you can do with assets across pardon including some additional tools that can make it easier to identify if your landing pages are converting.

This session will be hosted by Kirsten Kippen & Sheridan Marfil. Why join? Just as personalization is crucial to your marketing success, so is testing. Testing our content helps us avoid the trap of thinking marketing automation is “set it and forget it”. This session will show you how to keep growing (your donor list, your enrollment, and your marketing chops).


This session will cover Engagement Studio Programs. We all know the power of a Pardot drip campaign to personalize B2B Customer Experiences, but have you thought about using Pardot to customize the new hire onboarding experience for your Internal Customers? Join Kate Lessard (Sales Operations Senior Manager) and Heidi Hodges (Senior Marketing & Communications Manager) from Woodruff Sawyer to explore the use case of an internal drip campaign to:

  • Create a personalized and professional New Hire experience
  • Centralize training collateral
  • Place scheduling power with the users (while they juggle other training & onboarding expectations)
  • Gather and act on feedback

This session will be hosted by Kate Lessard & Heidi Hodges. Why join? Pardot isn’t just for external marketing- think about internal efficiencies as well. Become more efficient and automate these touchpoints with new volunteers or employees or potential students so your team can be freed up and focus on more important tasks.

DEC 11, 2020


This session will cover compliance. Getting Pardot set up for all the different legal jurisdictions you may operate in can be a daunting task. Recognizing the common goals between these different laws allows us to find common patterns and we can greatly simplify the implementation in Pardot by building to just a few patterns.

This is a broad survey of the various aspects you may or may not have thought about. And some practical ways to build Pardot towards a good user experience and keeping your legal team… not unhappy….

This session is hosted by Chloe Wilde. Why join? Compliance is no joke and the faster you develop a plan on how to manage marketing consent the better. Join this session and get exposure to different data privacy laws that you should be taking into consideration as you market to your audience across the globe.


This session will be going over the value of bringing together Pardot and Interaction Studio to provide:

  • Anonymous and Account based website personalization
  • Engagement Scoring to determine next best offer that compliments Pardot’s scoring
  • Next best offers within marketing content and surfaced to account executives
  • Real time decision making of content and personalization based on time of email open.
  • This session will include overview of positioning, the integration and a live demo of the solution.

This session will be hosted by Michael Roberts & Grace Izard. Why join? Personalization can make or break interactions between you and your constituents. Leverage the power of your data and provide your constituents with the right content at the right time using Interaction Studio and Pardot.


This session will cover dynamic content. This presentation will cover the following key insights:

  • Overview of different ways to use Dynamic Content at different levels (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • How to use Dynamic Content in Email
  • How to use Dynamic Content in Landing Pages
  • How to use Dynamic Content with Forms
  • Interactive workshop with live content (in a training environment) Where users can fill out a form – and see the changes live

This session will be hosted by Stephen Stouffer. Why join? Whether you are marketing multiple academic programs or nonprofit programs, it’s a pain to create separate emails for each. Dynamic content can save you precious time and keep your communications hyper-personal.

There is still time to register! head on over to to save your spot for these and the rest of the sessions!

Do you need support in creating better segments for any end of the year email campaigns? Sign up for our Scoring and Grading workshop at ParDreamin’!

Is your team looking for a health check for your instance to help outline priorities for the new year? Give us the Sercante a shout > >

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