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ParDreamin' 2021

ParDreamin’ 2021: The Pardot World’s Big Virtual Gathering

ParDreamin’ 2021: The Pardot World’s Big Virtual Gathering

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ParDreamin’ 2021 is the only global virtual conference that lasts three days and focuses on all things Pardot and marketing automation.

We’re pulling together marketing minds at all levels to learn together, network, and explore new territories. Pardot experts from around the world are gathering to share information they’ve learned the hard way through determination, and the easy way — from the Pardot community.

So pack your satchel and grab some snacks. Here’s what you can expect as you trek your way through ParDreamin’ 2021.

How to attend ParDreamin’ 2021

ParDreamin’ is for people who want to immerse themselves in all things Pardot. However, it’s easy to attend if you’re new to Pardot or B2B marketing automation as a whole.

You’ll have access to more than 50 sessions, keynotes, and panel discussions hosted by some of the most recognizable names in B2B marketing and the Salesforce community.

ParDreamin’ 2021 kicks off with some pre-conference fun on October 26, and the main show happens October 27-29. No matter which aspects of the conference you attend, you’ll have to complete the ParDreamin’ registration form

Registering for ParDreamin’

You’ll see Ticket Options after you complete the Personal Information page. Here’s what you get with each of the ticket options.

pardreamin registration form

Conference Ticket: Free Pass

  • Three-day virtual conference access through the ParDreamin’ platform
  • Access to session recordings

Conference Ticket: VIP Package ($75)

  • Standard admission ticket
  • Conference t-shirt 
  • VIP After-Party access

Pre-Conference Workshop Pass ($299)

  • Standard admission ticket
  • Conference t-shirt (if you register by Oct. X)
  • VIP After-Party access

Send an email to [email protected] if you need help with the registration process.

ParDreamin’ Pre-Conference Training Workshops

Choose the Pardot training workshop that best fits where you are in your career so you can get closer to where you want to be. You’ll build strong foundations before moving on to more complex actions and insights. 

Register for ParDreamin’ Pre-Conference Training Workshops

You can secure your spot in a pre-conference Pardot training workshop when you sign up for a ParDreamin’ conference ticket. Choose ‘Pre-conference Workshop Pass’ under Ticket Options when you register for ParDreamin’.

You can select only one training workshop with the exception of  “Pardot Fundamentals,” which runs 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. ET. All other pre-conference Pardot training workshops run simultaneously from 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET. 

The 2021 ParDreamies: A Pardot Award Show

People do really cool stuff in Pardot, and we’re recognizing them for it. Prepare yourself for the first-ever ParDreamies Awards!

The ParDreamies Awards will honor Pardot community members for finding creative and thoughtful methods to reach business goals using the power of the Pardot platform. 

We’ll announce the winners of the ParDreamies Awards during the ParDreamin’ VIP After-Party on October 28 from 4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. ET. And, remember to sign up for a VIP pass to ParDreamin’ 2021 so you can cheer for the winners during the live event. 

How to submit your entry to the ParDreamies

The ParDreamies recognize exemplary work utilizing the power of the Pardot platform. 

You have to submit your entry before the deadline for a chance to win. The deadline for entering is October 15, 2021.

The competition is open to all individuals, companies, and organizations involved in producing any marketing and communication materials utilizing the Pardot platform for external or internal audiences.

To be eligible, an entry must have been produced after January 1, 2020.

Complete the form on this page (scroll down) to submit a ParDreamies award application. You can complete multiple applications for different stories, but you can only win once per year.

Award categories

Each entry can only be submitted to one category. 

  1. Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  2. Social Impact: Creating positive change through Pardot
  3. Grassroots Innovation: Scaling small business with Pardot
  4. Extending Pardot: API-driven solutions
  5. Best in Show: Overall winner

Getting permission to use Pardot stories

You, your employer, and your customer (if you’re a consultant) must be willing to publicly share any stories you submit. Your customer does not have to be present to accept the award, but they have to grant permission to you for the public mention of their company name and story in reference to the award.

We realize that may create some barriers to submitting a Pardot story, so here are some considerations for those situations:

  • Let the company or client know what’s in it for them. Winning a ParDreamies award is a great way to show that a company is innovative and forward thinking. It also provides an easy publicity opportunity and gets the company name in front of thousands of business executives and potential employees.
  • Leave the company name out of the story. Including an impressive enterprise-level company name definitely makes a story stronger, but your story is probably solid without it. You can say something like “an enterprise-level company in the insurance industry” if you cannot get permission to use a company name publicly.

Flex your Pardot knowledge: Pardot Trivia Party

After a day of learning at our pre-conference ParDreamin’ 2021 workshops, join us to show off your brain powers. We’ll gather virtually to play Pardot Trivia and enjoy healthy competition and networking opportunities. 

pardot trivia

The Pardot Trivia party is open to all ParDreamin’ attendees, and it’s taking place during the pre-conference festivities on Tuesday, October 26. We encourage ParDreamin’ Pre-Conference Training Workshop attendees to stick around after the workshops to use their newly gained knowledge and maybe win prizes.

We have limited spots available, and registration is almost full at the time of this blog. So, get there quickly if you want to join.

Choose your team. You can choose to register as a team (6-8 players) or sign up as a free agent and we’ll add you to a team. 

Prizes. We’ll award cash prizes to the first, second and third place teams. You can also win a special prize for the best team name, so get your creative juices flowing. Pardot puns are welcome.  

Get instant answers: Genius Bar

Open October 27-29 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. ET

You can spend hours scouring the interwebz for the answer to your pressing Pardot question. Or, you can visit the ParDreamin’ 2021 Genius Bar to book a one-on-one session with an expert to get the info you need.

Choose the Genius Bar topic that’s related to your question to book an appointment.

Genius Bar Topics

Pardreamin genius bar

Our genius bar is organized by topics to ensure the right expert is available to discuss your individual questions. Register for the topic related to your questions to get the most out of your 1:1 session.

  • Automations – Talk with our automation experts to discover the best route to take. Bring us anything — from Engagement Studio Programs to dynamic lists and page actions.
  • Analytics – This is the place for questions about analytics topics like B2BMA or campaigns & ROI reporting. Meet 1:1 without analytics experts to talk about your specific tracking needs.
  • Tech/Dev – Working with integrations or the Pardot API can be a challenge. Talk with our developers to discuss your more complex technical questions.
  • Scoring & Grading – If you’re not fully utilizing Pardot scoring or grading rules, then you’re missing out. Our geniuses are here to talk through or take a peek at your current setup.
  • General/Misc. – Have a question not related to any of the topics above? Sign up for one of our general sessions.

Reserve a Genius Bar time slot

Space is limited in the ParDreamin’ Genius Bar. Please claim your spot by making a reservation. 

You can make a reservation inside the ParDreamin’ conference platform. Navigate to the Genius Bar page and scroll down to the Reserve My Spot link.

genius bar reserve my spot

Birds of a Feather roundtable discussions

birds of a feather roundtable discussion

Birds of a Feather roundtable discussions are a great way to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. In these informal sessions, the moderator will present five discussion questions before sending everyone to smaller breakout groups.

We’re limiting the size of these sessions so everyone has a chance to share. That means you have to grab a spot at the table to join the fun.

Reserve a Birds of a Feather time slot

Space is limited in the ParDreamin’ Birds of a Feather sessions. Please claim your spot by making a reservation. 

You can make a reservation inside the ParDreamin’ conference platform. Navigate to the Birds of a Feather page and click the graphic for the topic that resonates with you.

Explore Pardot career opportunities

Hey, we’re all here for one reason, right? Learning more about Pardot and B2B marketing automation is going to boost your career potential and open a world of opportunities. 

Here’s how you can focus on landing your dream job while you’re navigating through ParDreamin’.

Your Pardot Career Path: Panel Discussion

October 29, 2021 | 12 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

Digital transformation entered the fast track last year. Companies are creating marketing operations roles for the first time while organizations are doubling down on new functionality and integrations. The job market for marketing operations professionals (MOPs) is exploding as a result. 

your pardot career path

At the same time, Pardot is leading the charge as one of the fastest growing products in the B2B marketing space. We’ve experienced more product innovations for Pardot in the last year than in the 5 years before it combined. 

In this panel discussion session, we’ll talk to people from the Pardot community who work in various industries and roles. They’ll share stories of their successes and failures, talk about the future of the job market and provide advice for advancing MOPs careers.

We invite attendees to come equipped with excellent questions for a Q&A session with our panelists.

The Spot for Pardot Jobs: Job Board

Find the marketing job you’ve been dreaming about. Inside the ParDreamin’ platform, you’ll see a Pardot Jobs Feed that’s filled with open MOPs opportunities.

Each listing includes a link you can use to apply for a job that interests you. Or, you can visit The Spot for Pardot Jobs to  browse other jobs.

The Spot for Pardot Jobs is a one-stop-shop for finding marketing-related jobs working with Pardot and Salesforce. You can also post jobs and connect with the perfect people for your team.

the spot for pardot jobs

Witness Pardot in Action: Industry Days

Pardot can look different for you depending on your industry. Learn about the differences and immerse yourself in real-life Pardot use cases that are specific to certain industries. 

Each conference day includes content to highlight diverse industry solutions.

Par-take in the Pardot Event of the Year

ParDreamin’ 2021 will be here before you know it. If you’ve already registered for ParDreamin’, then watch for an email that will give you early access to enter the ParDreamin’ platform. Get in there early so you can preview the schedule, register for special sessions, and build your perfect agenda.

If you haven’t registered, then get on it now! Remember, you can complete the form again if you got a free ticket but decided you’d like to add VIP access or a pre-conference training workshop.Click here to complete the registration form and get your ticket to ParDreamin’.

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