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5 Pardot Influencers I Can’t Get Enough Of

5 Pardot Influencers I Can’t Get Enough Of

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One of the things I love about the broader Salesforce community (our #Ohana) is the generous knowledge sharing that goes on.  It’s incredible – in addition to their “day jobs,” there are countless Salesforce ninjas who take time to speak at user groups, plan regional conferences, and write blogs about what they’ve built and learned on the platform.

We’re not quite there on the Pardot side of the cloud in terms of volume of content generated and general proclivity for paying it forward.  I’d love to see more from fellow marketing automation enthusiasts (read: those of us in the trenches, not “thought leaders”) so that we can all level up and built smarter, leaner, better marketing programs.

There are a few Pardot rockstars leading the way on this that I get a little “fan girly” over. Be sure to follow them and check out what they’re doing!

1) Jenna Molby

Jenna Molby is one of the most technically savvy Pardot admins I’ve come across. She’s based in Vancouver, and puts the rock in rockstar.  Some of my favorite content that she’s shared includes way to trick out native Pardot forms — especially:

Seriously, how awesome are those tutorials?

Want to follow her?  She’s most active on her blog.

2) Lara Black

Lara Black is the knight in shining armor of the Pardot B2B Marketing group in the Success Community.  She’s lightning fast with answering even the most head-scratching user questions — Pardot support should seriously pay this woman or at least send her a thank you basket full of Pawdot puppies for her contributions.  

I had the pleasure of seeing her speak at Texas Dreamin’, and she’s as genius in person as she comes off online.  

Want to follow her?  Check her out on the Success Community.

3) The Toms

This one is really a combined shout out to two people — Tom Ryan and Tom Hayward from Macram. Together, they run a Pardot agency based in the UK. (How cool is it that they have a company staffed entirely by Toms?  That tickles me.)

The Toms are really supportive and helpful on the Success Community, and they also have a pretty badass blog.

Want to follow them?  Take a gander at their blog.

4) Sara McNamara

Sara is like the Lara Black of Twitter, and comes to the rescue whenever anyone has a support question.  Even the troll-ish ones.

When it comes to detailed knowledge of the Pardot product, Sara reigns supreme — she notices the tiniest changes to the platform instantly and has a really good pulse on what what’s coming down the pipeline.

Also, her GIF game is spot on.

Want to follow her?  The spot to find her is on Twitter.

5) Becka Miller

Becka is a multi-channel Pardot wizard.   She’s active on the Success Community, she’s on Twitter, she runs a User Group, she’s spoken at Dreamforce — can I just say that DANG, this girl can hustle.

Also, she has a German Shepherd, which instantly earns 100 points for Gryffindor in my book:
german shepherds of salesforce
Want to follow her?  Check her out on Twitter

Bonus: Pardot Team Members & Consultants

This is a blog about awesome users championing Pardot.  If I expanded it to include detailed explanations of Pardot employees and consultants that are contributing to making this a richer and more vibrant community, this list would get really long.

But really quick… a few Pardot employees that are absolutely worth a follow:

And, there are a few Pardot consultancies/agencies who I really admire and who share great content (technically the competition I guess, but they’re still pretty cool):  

Share the Love: Who’s On Your List?

What Pardot peeps are on your must-follow list?  Who’s helped you succeed on the Salesforce platform?

Give ’em a shoutout in the comments!

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