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“Will It Blend?”: the Pardot Edition

“Will It Blend?”: the Pardot Edition

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One of my favorite marketing campaigns of all time is the “Will It Blend?” series on YouTube.

In case you missed it — in 2010, this company called BlendTec created a YouTube series putting ridiculous things into their blenders to prove how strong and awesome their product was.  Ridiculous things as in iPads, silly putty, skeletons, a Ford Fiesta, and more.

Here’s a taste:

I can’t even with that intro music and that deadpan opening line. They get me every time.

What oddball use cases do you want to put to the test in Pardot?

Are you trying to use Pardot in a really outside-the-box way?  Do you have an off-the-wall edge case that you want to see if Pardot can accommodate?

Kevin from the Pardot product marketing team threw one out there on Gamifying Subscriber Referrals with Pardot that was really fun to whiteboard.

Share your “what if Pardot could _____” scenario, and let’s see if we can break it down!  I’ll even send you some Spot for Pardot / Sercante swag as a thank you for sharing your experiment… 🙂

Give me a shout out in the comments below!

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