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Cool Product Alert: SalesTing Automagically Gets the Sales Data Marketers Need to Attribute Revenue

Cool Product Alert: SalesTing Automagically Gets the Sales Data Marketers Need to Attribute Revenue

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I met someone at a Pardot event a few weeks ago who told me about a fascinating start-up.

It’s called SalesTing (Sales + Marketing, get it?) and their mission is to generate more “growth moments” in your pipeline.

The familiar question SalesTing seeks to answer

All of the effort marketers put into analytics, reporting, and attribution are aimed at understanding one thing:

What’s working?

This may seem like a simple question, but answering it is made incredibly difficult by sales reps who refuse to enter their calls and meetings into Salesforce, or who balk at the idea of the couple of extra clicks needed to add contact roles to opportunities.

I’m sure some of you can relate.

When you’re trying to ramp up lead generation and track conversions, this is extremely frustrating.

How do you strategically invest your marketing time and dollars without perspective on what’s actually leading to sales?

How do you fight for more budget if you can’t prove contribution to revenue?

Addressing the gaps in sales & marketing data

So what’s a marketer to do?

Many of us have patiently walked the path of training and re-training sales reps, trying to get leadership buy-in, working out service level agreements, and using all of the persuasion tools at our disposal to get sales reps to change their behavior.

But SalesTing takes a different tack.

How SalesTing solves for this… without manual data input

SalesTing is a 100% native Salesforce app that connects to the tools your reps use most — GoToMeeting, their email, and their calendars.  With no manual effort required from your sales reps, it fills in the missing gaps needed to construct a clearer picture of what activities led to deal closure:


This show a true journey of a how an opportunity progressed to a win or loss, and overlays all marketing and sales touchpoints on a single picture. This visualization has the power to highlight major “growth moments” or turning points in a deal — which you can then use to improve your marketing campaigns or inform sales coaching.

Salesting shows you what personas are being engaged in the buying process across the entire account, by both sales and marketing:


What I love about this as a marketer is that it illuminates some of the “behind the scenes” nurturing that we do that often is overlooked.

For example, if your rep sells to one contact, but you’ve been engaging 10 others in the company for a year… that’s a valuable data point to consider, and SalesTing helps bring that to light.

And last but not least, the app takes all this data and uses it to predict likelihood of future opportunities to close.  Marketers can then use this data to improve things like how they target campaigns, when they assign leads, how they score and grade prospects, and more.


Products & tools to improve your lead-to-revenue processes

This is not a paid promo, for the record.  I just think the product is cool.

If SalesTing sounds like a fit for you, you can request a demo on their website.  Let me know what you think if you do check it out!

What cool products have you found to elevate your sales and marketing results?  Any AppExchange tools you couldn’t live without?

Let readers know in the comments!

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