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7 Gifts to Win the Eternal Affection of a Pardot Admin

7 Gifts to Win the Eternal Affection of a Pardot Admin

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Wondering what to get that marketing automation guru in your life?  Well, unless you can bundle up some inbound leads… here are some gifts that are sure to please:

1. A Fidget Spinner

The perfect distraction when you’re staring at the screen waiting for automation rules and dynamic lists to refresh.

Fidget Spinner

Price: $3.99 on Amazon  

2. A Case of Red Bull

There’s not enough caffeine in the world for this line of work…

Red Bull.PNG

Price: $33.99 on Amazon

3. Wine of the Month Club

For when the Red Bull just isn’t doing the trick… Winc’s gotcha covered.  Let there be wine INDEED.


Price: Starts at $13 per bottle from Winc 

4. A Pearl Necklace

To clutch fervently during those white knuckle ohgodohgodohgod moments when you press “Send Now” on a particularly large list email.


Price: $1.200 from Tiffany’s.

5. Starbucks Gift Card

So they can get their Salesforce Saturday on, obviously.


Price: You name it, dude.

6. Udemy Dance Classes

For spontaneous happy dances as they watch their holiday email metrics roll in.  YUP, Udemy dance lessons are a real thing. 


Price: $12 and up on Udemy

7. THIS Holiday Sweater

I’m not calling this an ugly Christmas sweater because it is a beautiful masterpiece….


Price: PRICELESS. Where can we get these?! 

More holiday cheer from the Ohana

On that note… I’d like to resurface this gem that some #SalesforceOhana put together last year to share their holiday spirit.  I’ve watched it a million times, and it still cracks me up. 

It doesn’t mention Pardot… so challenge accepted for next year. 

Happy Holidays, all ye Pardot lovers!

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