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The 8 Best Ways to Support Women-Owned Salesforce Businesses

The 8 Best Ways to Support Women-Owned Salesforce Businesses

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Inspired by the upcoming WITness Success conference, I recently posted a list of Women-Owned Salesforce Partners & ISVs.

Spoiler alert: this list isn’t super long, and I’d love to change that.

Why women-owned businesses need your help

Starting a business is hard. (Understatement of the century.)

And data shows that it’s often even harder for women.  Women-owned companies make up 38% of all businesses in the United States, but the what happens next is a little less rosy:

If you are an advocate for women in tech and you’d like to see women-owned businesses thrive in the Salesforce ecosystem, here are some of the best ways you can help:

1. Buy from them

This one is so obvious that it almost goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway:

…one of the best ways to promote the success of women-owned Salesforce business is to spend your precious budget dollars with them.

2. Refer them to others

Not looking to buy anything right now, but still want to be an ally and help the cause?   Consider who in your network might be looking for a Salesforce consultant or solution.  

My company, Sercante, has gotten some of our best customers from referrals that wouldn’t have learned about us if our friends and network hadn’t pointed them in our direction. I’m eternally grateful for this.

3. Share their content on social

The Salesforce ecosystem is crowded, and it’s hard for companies – let alone companies on tight budgets – to stand apart.  Is there content or a well-placed shout out you could offer on Twitter and Linkedin?

4. Help them get a seat at the table

If you’re involved in a user group, community organization, or plan events — can you get women-owned businesses some “airtime” in front of your audience?  Do you host…. or know of… a blog or podcast in a niche where their message might resonate? 

Getting access to the right people and circles is one of the hardest things for female entrepreneurs to do on their own.

5. Leave a review for women-owned Salesforce businesses

Reviews are so, so incredibly helpful — and they’re not always the easiest or most comfortable thing for founders to ask for. 

And even if you haven’t been a paying customer of the business, you can still speak to your experience with the team, product, and vision.   

I’d recommend prioritizing the AppExchange if you’re looking for a spot to say a lil something.  This is the prime spot for buyers researching Salesforce partners and products to hear what the community thinks of a company and their offerings.  G2Crowd and Google Reviews are also great places to spread positive vibes.

6. Contribute to upskilling & expanding access

There are some amazing programs in the Salesforce community that are aimed at getting more women and underrepresented groups into the ecosystem, including:

Consider giving your time and talent to help these groups expand their impact.

7. Encourage solopreneurs

It’s a huge step to hang your own shingle and start freelancing.  And for many services businesses, it’s the first step to building a company.

If you’re looking for part time or flexible help, consider bringing on a one-woman show and helping her start to build her practice and take the leap to building out a team.

8. Start a business of your own!

Are you a woman reading this looking for ways to support other women-led businesses? Here’s a seed I’d love to plant, if it’s not already subconsciously planted: START ONE OF YOUR OWN.

If you’ve felt the tug of entrepreneurship or you think you have a unique take on the market, please seriously consider scratching that itch. And reach out and let me know how I can help. ????

How else can we support women-owned Salesforce businesses?

These were the top 8 things that came to mind for me, but I’m sure there are many other ways.

Business owners — what kind of help and support are you looking for?  Allies — any other ideas to share on how we can help move the needle on the number of successful women-owned Salesforce businesses? 

Let’s hear it in the comments!

And also… if you know of a woman-owned Salesforce business that I left off of this list, please let me know.

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