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Why Marketing Automation Experts Drink: An Adult Coloring Book

Why Marketing Automation Experts Drink: An Adult Coloring Book

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In the category of super random side projects, I made a coloring book.

Nope, not the kind for the little humans in your life.  It’s called “Why Marketing Automation Experts Drink.”

It’s a stress-relieving, fun, and slightly snarky adult coloring book for marketing automation professionals.  If you (or someone you love) works with Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, or email marketing — this book is for you.

Marketing automation pros need a break

I wrote this because gosh darn it, sometimes it’s hard to be a martech pro.

We have to carry the torch for change and relentlessly advocate for a new way forward in our organizations.

Technology advancements move a mile a minute.

Our jobs look easy to people who know nothing about it.

And wow, is it emotionally exhausting to arm wrestle sales & finance every day.

Gift it to your martech & email friends

This little book is dedicated to the marketing technologists who are fighting the good fight, building stunning strategic campaigns, and moving the needle on results.

So when the going gets tough, pull out the sharpies and highlighters. I highly recommend this book for the moments when you need to blow off steam, reduce stress, or pretend like you’re listening during your 8th straight conference call of the day. (Not that you multitask during those or anything.)

Check it out on Amazon here.

Hope you enjoy it, and happy coloring!

(PS — Interested in a bulk order?  I can hook you up with a deal.  Ping me at [email protected])

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