All I Want for Christmas… Is These 12 Pardot IdeaExchange Requests

If you’re a long time reader, you know that I geek out about innovative ideas for Pardot, and from time to time advocate for an enhancement or two.

This holiday season, while sipping egg nog and catching up release notes, I revisited my wish list.  There have been lots of great features tucked into recent releases… and my short list of items for the next round include:

    1. Add “Completion Actions” ability to Email Templates
    2. Variable Date Function
    3. Allow Customization of Notification Emails (LeanData is a great 3rd party option to solve for this… but it would still be great to have this built into the product.)
    4. Parameter in Automation Rules for “is changed”
    5. Audit Trail on Pardot Emails, Forms, etc.
    6. Email Report Breakdown by List
    7. Record the number of direct replies from a Pardot sent email
    8. Create Pardot Blackout Dates that Suppress Engagement Studio Sends (particularly relevant for the holidays!)
    9. Allow for Operational Email sending out of Engagement Programs
    10. An option to export a PDF version of an email report (And emails! And Engagement Studio programs! Export all of the things to PDF!)
    11. Self-Service Link Correction After Email is Sent (Support has always been able to wield this superpower… can we get in on the action too?)
    12. Dynamic Content on Multiple Values

What items are on your wish list?  Let’s hear ’em in the comments!

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Andrea is a 12X certified Salesforce MVP and the founder of Sercante. When she's not Pardot-ing, she can be found playing with her German Shepherd Murphy, making homemade gin, or traveling with her hubby Buck.

4 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas… Is These 12 Pardot IdeaExchange Requests”

  1. Great content here, also on the other posts.

    Would be great if you could “store” or “bring along” initially entered field values in an Engagement Studio.

    Use case would be when one fills in a form, and gets a request for feedback email a week after containing a summary of the initially filled out data in the form.

    When using merge fields for the summary, you display the data that is in the fields after 7 days (this could have been overwritten by other/additional form submissions)

    1. You can capture and hold data in Pardot custom fields specific for an Engagement Studio Program. I generally try to shy away from lots of custom fields in Pardot, but if you have a well-written, evergreen Engagement Studio program, that is a good use for a custom field or two. When the Program is turned off, you can delete the respective custom fields.

      1. Thanks for the reply Mike! Would you happen to know a smart trick that would write newly submitted values to new fields if the initially field already has a value?

      2. Do you mean create new custom fields to hold additional data if the existing fields are ‘occupied’? I’d turn to the API first to solve for that.

        I wonder if we could get clever with tagging? Have a set of tags with a prefix standard, and you can just start using them? You can apply as many arbitrary tags as you wish at that point.

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