4 Ways to Encourage & Automate Adding Contact Roles in Salesforce (New Post on The Drip!)

Campaign Influence reporting is a gamechanger, and arguably one of the most underutilized parts of Salesforce.

When leveraged effectively, it helps marketing prove the ROI of their efforts and show exactly which campaigns are influencing pipeline.

But often when marketers and Admins go through the process of enabling this, they find that they don’t have the data they need to fuel these reports. And usually the culprint is missing Contact Roles.

In a recent post for the Drip, I shared:

  • Why Campaign Influence reporting is a godsend
  • Common places where Campaign Influence reporting breaks down
  • Why Contact Roles are needed in this kind of reporting
  • 4 ways to populate Contact Roles (including one automated one!)

Read the full post on The Drip!

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