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Tell Me What You Want, Whatcha Really, Really Want

Tell Me What You Want, Whatcha Really, Really Want

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Is it stuck in your head now?  Good.

I’m building a content calendar for 2018 and I want to hear YOUR burning Pardot, Salesforce, and marketing automation questions.

What have you always wondered?  What problem are you trying to crack?  What do you want to hear stories about? Let me know in the comments.

As a Thank You

Did you submit an idea?  If so, here’s your reward:

Goodness, the 90s were a magical time…

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  • Andrea Tarrell is the CEO & Founder of Sercante, as well as a 12X certified Salesforce MVP and Marketing Champion. Andrea caught the Salesforce bug at Dreamforce 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. She’s worked for consultancies, agencies, and client-side marketing teams over her career and is passionate about making marketing and sales teams successful with their tech stacks. Andrea lives in Atlanta with her husband Buck and her daughter, Arla. When she’s not working, she’s most likely playing with her German Shepherd Murphy, starting a new hobby that she will engage in exactly one time, or making homemade gin.

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