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  • Adam Erstelle is the VP of Technology with Sercante. He loves learning about and solving really interesting challenges with Pardot and Salesforce often by building some cool tools.

  • Allie is a marketing operations professional with experience working with a variety of companies and tech stacks. Certified in Salesforce, Pardot, HubSpot, Drift, and Marketo with more on the way. She's an avid learner who enjoys sharing her learnings with others. She brings her experience to her current role where she's focused on educating the team about marketing strategies & operations capabilities.

  • Amanda Rhodes is a Marketing Automation Analyst at Sercante. After earning B.A.s in Journalism and Creative Writing at Southern Methodist University, she spent 10 years working for fast-growing technology companies to develop and fine-tune all elements of their marketing departments. With several certifications including HubSpot Marketing and Pardot Specialist, Amanda helps companies get the most of their marketing data and assets in Pardot. Outside of work, she enjoys filling her house with as many books as she can fit and snuggling with her cats and dog. Amanda specializes in project management and digital media. Her goal every day is to help marketers feel confident about automating their workflows.

  • Ambre Juryea-Amole is the content strategist at Sercante. With over ten years of experience as a writer, editor, and marketer, her eclectic background includes work ranging from journalist to 1820s-garbed historic interpreter. When Ambre's not working, you'll find her jamming out to ska, metal, punk, and classic rock with her two young kiddos and husband, Donnie.

  • Andrea Tarrell is the CEO & Founder of Sercante, as well as a 12X certified Salesforce MVP and Marketing Champion. Andrea caught the Salesforce bug at Dreamforce 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. She’s worked for consultancies, agencies, and client-side marketing teams over her career and is passionate about making marketing and sales teams successful with their tech stacks. Andrea lives in Atlanta with her husband Buck and her daughter, Arla. When she’s not working, she’s most likely playing with her German Shepherd Murphy, starting a new hobby that she will engage in exactly one time, or making homemade gin.

  • Andy is the founder of FeedOtter and enjoys building tech companies, marketing strategies, and anything radio-controlled. Specialties: tech, SEO, SAAS, content marketing, influencer marketing, and marketing automation.

  • Brendan is Sercante's Training & Development Manager. Having worked within Salesforce for five years enabling customers, service, sales and success teams to be wildly successful with Pardot, Brendan took the chance to join Sercante's Talent Development team. Working with Sercante's delivery, marketing and leadership teams, Brendan supports all internal and external training, learning and development initiatives. Outside of work, Brendan is an avid Rugby and F1 supporter and is most proud that he is a favorite uncle to both his nieces. Brendan's ongoing vision is to empower individuals to build confidence in, curiosity about and think creatively with the Salesforce platform.

  • Brittany is a demand gen marketer at heart. Her passion for martech; including marketing automation, lead routing, and Salesfore reporting has led her to a marketing operations focus. Brittany enjoys learning from her fellow Pardashians, riding her Peloton, and trying to keep up with her husband on the golf course.

  • Brooks Wilde is a Marketing Analyst with Sercante. Prior to joining Sercante, Brooks earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia Tech and tallied another 2 years of hands-on marketing experience in various roles. Since joining Sercante, he has earned 2 Pardot certifications and is one of the primary Pardot resources on the Success Team. Brooks’ skills range much wider than just Pardot though, and he is often called upon to help with tasks in design and development, and he is beginning to help with more Salesforce work as well. Despite being fairly new to the Salesforce ecosystem, Brooks is constantly working to learn and level up his skills so he can continue to help marketers be as successful as possible.

  • Cara Weese is an Engagement Manager at Sercante. Cara earned a BA in English from Doane University in Crete, Nebraska. She began her career in editing, but quickly found herself working in digital marketing. She now holds certifications in marketing expertise, Pardot, and Hootsuite. Prior to joining Sercante, she worked in copywriting and social media, then found her niche in email marketing and became a Pardot Admin before moving into the consulting space. At Sercante, she serves as a CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist, helping clients realize their full potential and drive business growth through digital marketing. When she's not working, Cara enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys reading and writing and can often be found in her library nook reading with her kids. She wakes each day with a passion to help others achieve success. With an expertise in marketing automation, she strives to share her talents with her clients and to build long-term relationships that help individuals and businesses grow.

  • Catherine Williams is located in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida. She attended the University of South Florida (USF) and earned her BA in English with a specialization in Business and Technical Writing. She has worked in digital marketing for over 12 years spanning the online retail, higher education, and direct mail industries. In 2021, she was selected as a Marketing Champion, and she holds the Pardot Consultant certification. At Sercante, she brings her passion and enthusiasm for marketing automation to each of her client meetings. Outside of work you can find Catherine playing with her dog named Skittles, shopping at vintage markets, or relaxing on the beach.

  • Celine Newsome is a 2x Salesforce certified CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist at Sercante. With 8 years of marketing automation experience, she has a passion for strategy, reporting and navigating complex integration challenges. When she's not working she enjoys playing tennis, snuggling up with her new baby boy + two x-large lap dogs, and planning her next vacation. Big travel fan!

  • Chloe is a 2x Salesforce-certified Pardot pro with a varied background in product marketing, operations, and enterprise consulting. Her passions lie in building best-in-class cultures in the Salesforce ecosystem and finding any excuse to talk about GDPR and compliance. In her free time she reads obsessively, plays video games competitively, and enjoys hiking in the Malvern Hills where she lives.

  • Christina Magoulis is on the marketing team at Sercante. After earning an MA in English Language and Literature from NYU, she worked in the educational publishing industry for 10 years where she held positions in sales, product marketing, and market research. After realizing that Pardot could radically transform how her team worked, she wanted to know everything there was to learn about marketing automation. In 2021, she joined the Sercante team and has learned something new every day. She currently holds two Salesforce certifications and tries to not have imposter syndrome while playing Pardot admin for a team of Pardot consultants. Outside of work, Christina is usually training for another half marathon, opining about ‘90s romcoms, or attempting to read all the books she collected but never read while working in publishing.

  • Courtney Cerniglia is a CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist at Sercante. With a background in marketing operations with manufacturers and having earned a BA in Business Administration from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, she focuses her career on empowering clients to embrace technology to scale their businesses and delight their customers. Courtney’s experience spans across the Salesforce platform, having earned four certifications including Sales Cloud Consultant and Pardot Consultant. Her expertise and joy lies in helping clients cultivate effective lead generation and pipeline management strategies that unite sales and marketing teams. Her mission is to help businesses alleviate the stress of implementing software solutions so they can become more informed and tactical in engaging their clients. Her side mission is exploring the great outdoors by trail shoe, bike, or ski.

  • As the Analytics and IT Lead at Sercante, Dominique Beaudin brings her years of experience finding solutions to complex technology and analytics questions to the job every day. Every dataset is like a snowflake, and developing creative dashboards and clever solutions that solve client problems is her passion. In her free time, you can find Dominique playing word games, going out for a run, or hanging out with her three kids and her husband of several decades.

  • Erin Duncan is the Pardot Product Director at Sercante. Erin is 3x Salesforce certified and has 10+ years of experience as a Salesforce and Pardot Admin. She is the leader of the Atlanta B2B Marketers User Group, the leader of the Pardashian Pardot Slack group, and a Salesforce Marketing Champion.

  • Gary Brown is the designer at Sercante. With over ten years of experience as a designer and developer across a variety of agency and inhouse roles and having earned a BSc in New Media Technology, Gary sought a new challenge in the world of marketing automation. Now, with thousands of marketing campaigns under his belt, he delights Sercante clients by adding an eye for detail, design magic, and accessibility best practices to every campaign. When Gary is not working, he can be found enjoying physical activities or hanging out with his dogs, who are always perfectly placed in the background when the Sercante team meets with cameras on.

  • Heather started her career in technology, then grew into roles leading digital marketing and marketing & sales operations. Today, she holds 8x Salesforce and Pardot certifications. Before joining Sercante, Heather wore many hats, including project manager, technical writer, technical support, as well as digital marketing, marketing and sales operations. At Sercante, Heather keeps Sercante on top of Salesforce platform updates and best practices, to help clients achieve the maximum value from their technology investment. When she’s not working, you’ll find her cuddling with branch managers, on a yoga mat or ramping up her pottery skills. Her motivation is to deliver kick-ass solutions for clients and to support her team learn and grow at Sercante and in the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Jacqueline moved to Portland, OR in 2014; the rainy weather suits her. Her passion for helping nonprofits began in college. After graduating with a Marketing/Advertising/Design degree from Texas State, she worked in the for-profit marketing world but continued to volunteer her time. In 2016, she made the jump to work with nonprofits & Pardot full time and hasn’t looked back. In her free time she volunteers (surprise, surprise) with the Junior League of Portland, runs several Salesforce-related user groups, and gets outside to enjoy the cold, wet PNW.

  • Jason Ventura is a Salesforce Solutions Engineer at Sercante. He is an experienced technical project manager with a BS in Nuclear Engineering who decided to pivot into the Salesforce ecosystem after leaving the US Navy after 20 years of service. With his Salesforce Administrator Certification, AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, and Project Management Professional Certification, he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to clients through the Sercante Success Team. When he’s not working, you'll find Jason chasing after his branch managers, shuttling around his teenagers, earning a new badge on Trailhead, working with Veteran Transition programs, or spending time with his wife. Jason is driven to bring the best technical expertise to each and every client project he works on each and every day. His primary motivation is the feeling of helping clients really maximize Salesforce to its fullest potential (and build cool stuff too).

  • Joanna started her marketing career doing content and product marketing for tech startups. She's a marketing automation and lead gen pro who loves working with teams to build creative campaigns that achieve ambitious goals. She joined Sercante in 2019 and is 3x Salesforce certified. Joanna has a master's degree in English literature and loves writing, editing, and nerding out about novels.

  • Jordyn Jaffer (she/her) is currently a Marketing Automation Strategist at Sercante, specializing in Pardot and Salesforce support. After graduating from Northeastern University with a BS in Mathematics, she began her Salesforce/Pardot career as the accidental admin for the Atlanta Braves and became the expert for all things Salesforce and Pardot for the organization. Upon leaving the Braves at the end of 2019, she moved back up to the northeast and started working in the Student Financial Services department at her alma mater. She helped implement FinancialForce and Northeastern’s first community portal as one of the Salesforce Administrators for the university. Now at Sercante, Jordyn works with clients to implement Pardot and Salesforce and provides additional support and training when needed. Her motivation to continue learning the Salesforce platform and bringing that knowledge to others has helped her thrive in her role thus far. Outside of work, she enjoys drinking beer, hanging with her pets, attempting to read a book, and thoroughly enjoying all sorts of television shows.

  • Growing up in a small city called Iloilo in the Philippines, Joshua migrated to the United States when he was 19 years old. He earned his degree in Business Entrepreneurship at California State University Sacramento. Before joining Sercante, he was a Growth Advisor at a consulting startup where he was working with a team that builds a growth engine for SMEs with digital marketing, lead generation, data analytics, and content marketing. He is currently part of the marketing team at Sercante tackling areas within digital marketing and data analytics. Joshua loves to sing very very loudly in the shower, is fond of laughing his heart out with loved ones, and enjoys a lot of jazzy music!

  • Katy Hege is a dynamic and performance-driven front-end developer with 11+ years experience in designing and coding emails, landing pages, and websites to achieve branding, lead generation, and sales goals. Now having joined the Sercante team, Katy has already achieved one Pardot certification and another is just a few days away. When she isn't scratching her head trying to figure out a new script, you can find Katy tooling around her garden, playing with her adorable pugs, or going on family adventures. Katy wakes up everyday with a mission to anticipate and address the ever-changing MarTech needs of her clients. Whether through high-engaging emails, impactful landing pages, data-driven forms, or backend code, Katy is driven to over-deliver and drive marketing success.

  • Kelley Nunn is a CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist based in Wilmington, Delaware with 6+ years of digital marketing experience. She is a Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist & Pardot Consultant. At Sercante, Kelley partners with Marketing & Sales leaders to translate their business objectives into technology results that drive revenue. Kelley is most in her element when she's using her scientific background to solve complex problems, analyze and interpret data, and design effective processes. Outside of work, Kelley is an avid naturalist who spends most of her time traveling, kayaking, and gardening.

  • Kelly is marketer by day and investor by night. Certified Pardot Specialist and Salesforce Admin.

  • Kelly Ryan is based out of Denver, Colorado and is 3x Salesforce Pardot certified. She has been using marketing automation technology since 2012 and is excited to help clients develop strong marketing and sales strategies while connecting the dots to make the magic happen behind the scenes. She has a passion for multi-channel campaign strategies, digital marketing tactics, account-based marketing, analytics and data understanding, website development, ad and landing page design, and any cool new tools as they appear. With a background in advertising, anthropology, and film, she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, so she can be found reading and watching documentaries to learn even more while eating sourdough and drinking red wine.

  • Kimberly Connell is a designer who has a background in customer service, having worked in various customer service roles before starting a career in email design.

  • Kirsten leads the Sercante Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement practice. With over 15+ years of experience working in the digital marketing industry, she's passionate about helping organizations (both B2B and B2C, alike) go from good to great, including Fortune 500 brands such as CVS Pharmacy and Delta Airlines. When she’s not working, you’ll find her supporting Atlanta local sports teams, Atlanta United and Hawks, or on the soccer pitch playing the best game in the world!

  • Krystle Solomon is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and she began her Salesforce/Pardot career while attending a Salesforce conference in 2019. She began learning Pardot on Trailhead and nabbed a junior consultant role several months later. She quickly skilled up her ecosystem acumen earning four certifications and becoming a lead implementation consultant. She then switched gears and took on contract work at two organizations gaining on-the-ground experience working with enterprise level data in both Pardot and Marketing Cloud before joining Sercante. Outside of work, she enjoys working on her travel bucket list, exploring nature/trails, and spending time in her church community.

  • Laura Curtis never saw her career going in the direction of marketing, let alone marketing automation, until she became a Pardot admin in 2019. Falling in love with Pardot and with a thirst for knowledge, Laura earned her Pardot Specialist and Pardot Consultant certifications in 2021. She has furiously Googled her way through the depths of Pardot and enjoys helping others with Pardot. She is driven by seeing others succeed and realizing how awesome marketing automation is! Now at Sercante, she looks forward to expanding her knowledge and becoming a fully-fledged “Pargoddess.” When she's not working, Laura likes to go walking with her husband and their rescue dog, Eddie. She also volunteers with the local RSPCA, helping to raise money for the animal charity.

  • Marcos Duran earned a BBA in Marketing from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. Currently, Marcos holds four Salesforce certifications and several industry certifications from Drift, Google, Hubspot, and Microsoft. He loves supporting forward-thinking customers who are looking to benefit from their marketing tech stack and that have a clear idea of where they want to go, or at the very least, are open to hearing other ways of doing things in order to improve their processes. In his free time, Marcos loves to share his knowledge with his community, online, and IRL. Marcos co-manages the Austin Pardot User Group where the team hosts informative monthly sessions for Pardot enthusiasts about all things Pardot. Marcos is an active community speaker on topics around Salesforce, Pardot, and professional development. Additionally, Marcos has a passion for service and makes time to volunteer with different organizations to mentor and career coach college students in the greater Austin and Houston areas.

  • Throughout her career, Maura (she/her) has worked at the most innovative marketing machines in the world, including Salesforce, scaled an early-growth company to expand internationally, led product marketing at a startup through its acquisition, and now serves as a CMO at a company that's creating a new category in the sales and marketing industry. Maura has blazed trails for leaders in the marketing space, and as a mom of two young boys, Maura leads with her values of empathy and trust. Maura was also the first employee to take parental leave at Qualified, inspiring her to design an inclusive parental leave policy that’s competitive and flexible, making Qualified a place where parents want to work.

  • Mike Creuzer is one of the Pardot marketing experts at Sercante, focusing on the 'hard' bits of Pardot and Salesforce. He bends Pardot to his will and integrates it with other tools, and he connects the massive marcom stack together in useful ways. Cruezer is a chronic tinkerer and fixer and blends all the hobbies together.

  • Mike is an 8X certified, long-time member of the Ohana. When he's not trying to break something in his dev org, you can find him playing with his kids or messing with his fish tank.

  • Mike Morris is a 8x Salesforce-certified consultant who joined Sercante in 2019. He has over 20 years marketing experience from previous roles leading internal marketing departments and collaborating with large sales organizations. His strong interest in marketing operations and technology led him to the Salesforce platform and to his current role at Sercante. When not working, he enjoys staying active by running, biking, and getting outside as much as possible.

  • Natasha is a Pardot-certified marketing pro with over ten years of experience in various B2B industries (currently focused on technology within clinical research). She lives in Philadelphia, working remotely, and loves hanging out with her pup (Nori!), playing volleyball, and trying out new recipes.

  • Pam Carey brings 15+ years of marketing experience to Sercante. With 5+ years of Pardot experience and the Salesforce Pardot Specialist and Consultant certifications under her belt, Pam is excited to be part of the Sercante team helping customers be successful in their chosen tools, especially Pardot. In her previous roles, Pam's marketing system repertoire led to Marketo and after 7 years, she was tasked with the changeover to Pardot. Starting with some formal basic training, Pam then took on self-learning, dubbed herself as the account admin, and became the go-to resource to train colleagues, handle lead management, create automations to solve business needs, and more. Outside of work, she enjoys the corniest of "Dad jokes," fancy cocktails, gardening, reading, hiking (while watching out for bears!), and more with hubby, Kevin, and her favorite fuzzies, Maddie and Finnegan. Every day, Pam strives to learn from her incredibly talented team members and the greater Salesforce community. But most importantly, her goal is to help others move forward quickly with the right answers and strategic solutions.

  • Richard Feist is a CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist at Sercante. With 8 years of experience in digital marketing and over 4 years experience in Pardot and Salesforce, he thought it was about time to take his skills on the road for a new challenge and to help other businesses succeed, so he joined Sercante. Now with 2 Salesforce certifications, Pardot Specialist and Pardot Consultant, he delights in helping clients reach their full potential with Pardot and Salesforce. When Rich is not working, you’ll find him working his way through all the best restaurants in his area, playing roller hockey, or trying to do DIY work on his new home. He aims to provide clients and colleagues alike with a calm and happy demeanor, supporting them in achieving their goals with the best solution possible.

  • Rob Walter is a 2021 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Champion who is 7x SFDC certified. He is currently Director of Marketing Operations at SaaSOptics + Chargify.

  • Sarah is in charge of leading Sercante's marketing department to ensure strategic marketing initiatives are aligned with company growth plans across all brands. Sarah’s time in the Salesforce and Pardot world has been at an agency level working with a breadth of industries but focused in industrial/ manufacturing to help clients attribute digital marketing efforts back to real ROI. Today, Sarah continues to develop a method for connecting the right businesses with the right customers through strategy, technology and execution. In her free time you will find her reading a book, playing video games, or singing some “MMMBop” karaoke…. Yes, as in the boy-band Hanson.

  • Skyler lives in a small suburb north of Seattle, Washington with his wife Lindsey, two daughters, and puppy. He spent time as a recruiter before becoming a client-facing consultant. More recently, he’s focused on Marketing Technology internally at a full-service consulting firm, Slalom, where he managed their Pardot instance and delved deeper into the marketing automation and operations space. Outside of work, you can find him cheering on his favorite Seattle sports teams as well as his beloved college football team - Go Cougs! He’s also honing his skills in woodworking and all things DIY.

  • Whitney has a BS in Chemistry, but started a healthy living blog that propelled her into a marketing career. She holds two Pardot certifications, along with certifications in Hubspot and other tools. Whitney has spent the last 10 years on the client-side working at institutions like The Museum of Science, Boston, and various tech and biotech startups to develop and execute marketing programs and strategies. She’s been working with Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, and Marketo since 2014 and loves building innovative omni-channel marketing programs that get results. She's now Director of Delivery at Sercante, successfully leading a team of consultants and clients and serving as an active leadership team member helping to propel Secante. Beyond work, she starts her day at 5am with a run or yoga and from there her and her husband never stop chasing their two little boys.