Watch the Data Flow into Pardot with Zapier

If you’re like me, then you often work with marketing tools that do not integrate nicely with Pardot forms.

Maybe they claim to have a ‘direct’ integration with the tool. However, we all know it’s nothing more than a Salesforce integration.


Don’t give up! There is a way around this common frustration. 

Enter Zapier webhooks, which you can use to bring data into Pardot.

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One Form, Two Pardot Orgs – Part 2

Collecting accurate data is essential to your marketing strategy so you can continually optimize it to fit your goals. In most cases, companies capture data through form submissions and keep this data in-house. But what if the data collected needs to be shared?

Marketing is ever-growing, so it isn’t uncommon for two companies to collaborate on a campaign or event. But when these companies work together, sharing data can get messy. 

Traditionally, most marketing teams use spreadsheets to pass data back and forth between partners. This begs the question: is it possible to automate the transferring of data when users submit forms? Well, with Pardot, it’s not only possible, it’s simple— and with no spreadsheets necessary.

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One Form, Two Pardot Orgs – Part 1

Capturing data is a key piece of any marketing strategy. It’s imperative that you capture the right data so you can continue improving your marketing efforts. Pardot is the vehicle we see many companies use to capture form submission data, but what if that data needs to be shared?

As marketing grows, it’s become more of a common place for two companies to work together on a campaign or an event. The tricky thing is sharing data. Traditionally, marketing teams use the spreadsheets – oh, the dreaded spreadsheets – to pass over data to their co-marketing partner.

Is it possible to automate the distribution of data when a user submits a form? With Pardot, it’s surprisingly easy to do away with spreadsheets and move to a completely automated system.

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