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Account Engagement Spring ’24 Release Features

Account Engagement Spring ’24 Release Features

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Salesforce Spring ‘24 release notes are out! Here are the most important features coming to Account Engagement that marketers should know about.

Einstein Assistant

More AI functionality is coming to Account Engagement! With the Spring ‘24 release, Account Engagement Advanced and Premium editions can now utilize generative AI to create Landing Pages, Forms, and List Emails. When creating or editing assets, Einstein Assistant will prompt you to describe what you’re building to auto-generate copy or details for each asset type.

  • Landing Pages: Einstein Assistant will suggest a name, tags, title, and description.
  • Forms: Einstein Assistant will suggest a name, tags, “look and feel” tab description, headlines, and paragraphs. 
  • List Emails: Einstein Assistant will suggest subject line, header, and body copy content.

Once this feature is available, Einstein Assistant will need to be enabled per Account Engagement Business Unit

Interested in what else Einstein for Account Engagement can do? Check out our previous blog posts!

Updated Lightning Email Builder

The Lightning Email Builder is getting an update! Details are sparse on what additional features this new builder will bring to the table, but I am excited to see the Lightning Builders continue to grow. What we know for now is that users will be able to choose between the new builder and the existing builder when creating or editing Email Content. This feature won’t be out until after the Spring ‘24 release, so keep an eye out for more info once the updated builder is released. 

Check out our blog post, Everything to Know About the Pardot Lightning Email Builder, for more on the existing features and functionality.

Account Engagement + Data Cloud

The connection between Account Engagement and Data Cloud continues to grow stronger, allowing you to better personalize your marketing efforts. With the Spring ‘24 release, you can import your email engagement data into Data Cloud and create an email engagement data stream. Ensure you’ve connected your Account Engagement Business Units to Data Cloud with the new connector that was released as part of Summer ‘23.

2024 Email Platform Changes

Gmail and Yahoo recently announced changes to their spam prevention methods that create new requirements for bulk senders. These changes have three main impacts for Account Engagement users:

  1. Ensure your Account Engagement sending domain is verified with DKIM.
  2. Provide a one-click unsubscribe that is processed within a two-day timeframe.
    • Account Engagement users are already covered with native functionality. All Account Engagement emails automatically contain a list-unsubscribe header and an email preference center and/or unsubscribe link is required on all emails. Account Engagement processes unsubscribes immediately, so no need to worry about the two-day window. 
  3. Keep Spam Rates below 0.3%
    • Account Engagement requires users to keep Spam Rates below 0.1%, so users are again covered with native functionality. 

Other Updates

The Twitter Connector is officially retired as of October 31st, 2023

Last August, Twitter, or “X”, changed its API terms, which in turn broke the Account Engagement to Twitter connector. Without this connector, users will no longer be able to use Social Posting for Twitter and can no longer ingest engagement statistics for existing Twitter posts. 

API Updates

Version 5 of the Account Engagement API now supports creating and managing forms and returns start and stop fields for Engagement Studio Programs. Version 5 has also been updated to provide better error reporting when using the Bulk Asset Copy Flow.

Get Help Understanding Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Enhancements

Contact the team at Sercante to get help implementing these enhancements in your Salesforce org. And leave us a comment below to let us know what you think about the Spring ’24 Release.

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