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How Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement Works

How Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement Works

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Einstein Assistant is the latest AI functionality for Account Engagement. With the Spring ‘24 release, Account Engagement Advanced and Premium editions can utilize generative AI when creating marketing assets. Let’s deep dive into the features of Einstein Assistant and how to enable it for your Account Engagement Business Units!

Einstein Assistant helps you create landing pages, forms, and list emails. When creating a new asset, or editing an existing one, the Einstein Assistant window appears so you can describe what you are creating. 

Einstein Assistant will then recommend content that you can copy or revise for each of your assets. 

Using Einstein Assistant with List Emails

Einstein Assistant gives you the option to draft an email Headline, Paragraph, and/or Subject Line. Once drafted, you can copy or redraft the content, or edit the prompt provided to Einstein Assistant.

Using Einstein Assistant with Landing Pages

When building Landing Pages, Einstein Assistant can generate the Landing Page’s name, tags, title, and description. Here you have the option to accept, and the copy will automatically be entered into the associated Landing Page field, or redraft the content.

Once you navigate to the Landing Page Content tab, you can then generate a Landing Page Headline and/or paragraph for your page.  

Using Einstein Assistant with Forms

When building Forms, Einstein Assistant will first allow you to generate a name and tags for your new form. You can accept Einstein’s suggestions and the content will auto-fill into the name and tag fields, or select redraft. On the Look and Feel tab, Einstein can generate a Headline or Paragraph to be used above or below the form.

Finally, on the Completion Actions tab, you can again use Einstein Assistant to generate a headline or paragraph for your Thank You Content.

Ready to get started?

Here is how to enable Einstein Assistant

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Einstein Generative AI
  2. Select Einstein Setup then Enable
  1. Still in Setup, navigate to Einstein Account Engagement > Einstein Assistant
  2. Select any Account Engagement Business Units that will be using Einstein Assistant
    • Note: even if you only have one Business Unit, you still need to do this step!
  3. Select Connect

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Tap into Salesforce generative AI functionality

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