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4 Tips for Avoiding Email Fatigue in Pardot

4 Tips for Avoiding Email Fatigue in Pardot

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Congratulations! Your email campaigns are rocking — engagement and revenue are up. Your boss has also noticed your handiwork and, in the spirit of “no good deed goes unpunished,” has asked you to increase the number of email being sent.

Here are 4 tips that will help you honor her request while smartly protecting against email fatigue.

1. Proper audience segmentation

Making sure that you are sending the right email to the right prospects is the first step in ensuring a happy database. Proper segmentation is not just a good idea — it’s critical.

One of the easiest ways to segment your data in Pardot is through completion actions. Available on forms, form handlers, files, custom redirects, emails and page actions, completion actions allow you to directly add prospects to lists, apply tags and update field values (among many other capabilities) based on their actions.

My personal favorite is using the Add to list action in conjunction with page actions to turn identified website visitors into actionable segments. Here’s an example:

In this example, a page action was created on the Green Bay team page. The completion action adds prospects to a targeted list named Packers Fans. This list can now be used for promoting merchandise, tickets or anything related to the Packers. The same methodology can also be applied to your products, services or any page on your website. 

2. Give ‘em a break!

Managing how many emails a prospect gets over a set period of time can be a real challenge. Actually, it’s quite easy if you build out frequency based suppression lists.

Simply determine the max number of emails that you would a prospect to be sent over a designated time period, build a dynamic list using the criteria and then apply to all your email sends.

In this example, a dynamic list that selects prospects emailed at least 3 times in the last 7 days was created. When applied as a suppression list to email sends, it will allow you to manage the number of communications being sent and ensure that you are not bombarding your prospects. Since the list is dynamic, prospects will be continually added and removed from the list as they meet (or don’t meet) the criteria.

3. Keep it relevant

Nothing bores prospects more than irrelevant content. Keep your subscribers engaged by incorporating content and images that are related to them and their interests with dynamic content.

The more data you have the better, but you can get started with something as simple as state or country. Remember that segmentation data that we spoke about earlier? That information can also be used to power your dynamic content.

In this example, dynamic content has been used to customize the text related to local weather forecasts based on city name. Remember, dynamic content can also be used to customize images and entire blocks of HTML based on Pardot default fields, custom fields, scores and grades. Don’t overlook this powerful feature.

4. Make it personal

Personalization has really become an expectation as the amount of data available to marketers has continued to increase. However, you don’t need a ton of data to get started.

Simply inserting a first name into the body of your message or subject line using a variable tag is a start. If your data is sparse, using progressive profiling is an excellent way to build more complete profiles – without creating obnoxiously long forms.

When using variable tags, don’t forget to set default mail merge values in the field properties – nothing is more embarrassing than a failed attempt at personalization.

Handlebars Merge Language (HML) is a simple upgrade to your Pardot account and provides even more flexibility when it comes to personalization. HML gives you the ability to check whether a field is populated (using #if statement) and allows you to provide the best content based on the result. Learn more about HML in this post from Skyler Nakashima – How Pardot’s New Handlebars Merge Language Improves Personalization.

Share your tips & learn more

These are just a few of the ways that Pardot can help you combat email fatigue. Share your favorites in the comments section.

Learn more about the topics addressed in this post in our Pardot Admin Bootcamp Course. This interactive online course will teach you everything needed to become a Pardot Pro.

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