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How to Become an Exceptional Pardot Admin

How to Become an Exceptional Pardot Admin

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In 2004, I received a prestigious award  “Outstanding Achievement in The Field of Excellence.” If I’m honest, it was printed by my best friend — he’s much smarter than I, so I didn’t challenge it. You can win the award as a Pardot Admin using this template… that was an easy guide to write! ????

While I genuinely believe each of you deserve the above award, I must admit that being an exceptional Pardot Admin requires a bit more work. It’s not a destination or an end state; it’s about enhancing and changing how we think, talk and tackle Pardot as power users. So let’s start with changing how we think about Pardot. 

How we think about Pardot

Exceptional Pardot admins think of Pardot as a finite resource. It sounds odd to say. But when we don’t take this perspective, we run the risk of filling Pardot with ineffective, inactive, and wasteful resources. The great news is we can use Pardot to help manage Pardot, below are some of my favorite tools and resources to use

The Prospect Database Cleaning Guide – Let dynamic lists do the work for you and find disengaged or no longer relevant prospects in your database.

13 Spring Cleaning Tips – Game-changing quick tips that will help to keep Pardot moving smoothly!

• Set specific time aside to review your Pardot account, put it in your calendar now..I’ll wait.

Taking these steps helps to ensure we stay within our limitations, utilize features to the best of our ability, and work within Pardot as efficiently as possible.

How exceptional Pardot admins talk about Pardot

Exceptional Pardot admins advocate for Pardot as much more than an automation tool. They talk about it as a communication engine. Changing how we talk about Pardot within the business helps us identify new use cases and areas where Pardot can add value.

Changing the narrative means Pardot can become an integral part of important conversations like renewals, enablement & education, compliance, recruitment, and referrals. Starting those conversations can sometimes be daunting so here are some tips that have worked for me.

  1. Keep your message simple: At its core, Pardot does four main things – measures engagement, models behaviour in terms of segmentation and targeting, moves individuals with automated and personalized journeys and improves marketing with actionable insight and reporting. Use this as a conversation starter with other leaders in the business as to how Pardot might benefit them.
  2. Focus on alignment: Salesforce provides a lot of alignment guidance. This is one of my favorites as it talks about how Salesforce itself works to drive cross-team alignment.
  3. Let Salesforce do the selling for you: Share webinars and Pardot demo sessions like the Pardot daily demo as a way to introduce colleagues to the wonderful world of Pardot.

How Exceptional Pardot Admins Approach Pardot

Exceptional Pardot Admins approach Pardot with a sense of curiosity, a willingness to learn, and a willingness to share. They appreciate that Pardot is continually evolving, innovating and changing. They are excited about the new opportunities those innovations bring and are willing to share their own thoughts, perspectives, and insights with the broader community. Taking on Pardot with any other mindset is an uphill and tiresome battle.

  1. Get Connected : Pardot’s Trailblazer community is a collaborative space where you can ask questions, share insights and get the latest news on webinars and new resources.
  2. Get Involved : Pardot user groups are customer organised groups that meet in person ( when allowed) and virtually to network, share ideas, tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most out of Salesforce

Exceptional Pardot admins can think about, talk about and approach Pardot in highly valuable ways. If the possibilities of being exceptional at Pardot excite you, why not join us for a Pardot Admin Bootcamp? Our 6-week, consult-led virtual course will give you all the practical learning as well as tips, tricks, advice and, most importantly, confidence to become an exceptional Pardot admin.

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