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3 Soft Skills That Make A Pardot Admin Awesome

3 Soft Skills That Make A Pardot Admin Awesome

3 Soft Skills That Make A Pardot Admin Awesome

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User roles within Pardot are often discussed from the perspective of capabilities rather than core competencies. A quick google search for “Pardot Admin” will tell you what an admin has access to. Still, little guidance is given around the skills, perspectives and competencies that Pardot Admins need to be wildly successful. 

In our guide to being an exceptional Pardot admin, we talked about perspective, how adjusting how we think, talk, and tackle Pardot can help unlock its full potential. This post will focus on competencies, notably how awesome Pardot Admins can simplify complexity and make Pardot accessible to everyone.   

Remove the jargon

The Pardot Glossary contains 30+ terms; some are familiar, others are intuitive, and some are simply specific to Pardot. Talking about Pardot’s in terms your audience will understand will go a long way in making Pardot more accessible. A simple tip is to create an internal glossary that aligns Pardot terms with your internal verbiage and language. 

  • To help get you started, we have created a Glossary Template with the most common Pardot Terms. Begin working with your colleagues to develop internal translations for each. 

Become comfortable giving live demos

Demoing Pardot live can be a daunting task for even the most experienced Pardot Admin. Still, it’s a competency that every Pardot admin needs. Showcasing features like progressive profiling, scoring & grading, and even reporting removes ambiguity, builds familiarity and paints a clear picture of how those features operate. Here are a few quick tips that have worked for me to build your confidence. 

  • Create a Quick Recording – Tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Google meet or Loom all give you the capability to create a quick recording. Doing so gives you a chance to practice and gives you resources you can use again and again. 
  • Build a Resource – Why not create an internal landing page & form for your colleagues to play with? Doing so can help build excitement, familiarity and engagement with the features. 

Use analogies that work for you

Creating analogies forces us to think of features and functions differently. If you can think of relatable and easy to understand analogies, it means you know that feature back to front. 

Metaphors also make things a little more fun and less technical. One of my favorites is that grading is like Tinder; it gives you the ability to swipe left or right. Want to see a real-life example? Check out Lucy Mazalon’s ParDreamin session from last year.

Pardot Admin Mini-Series Workshops

Nurture your Pardot admin skills

Simplifying complexity is a core competency and responsibility for any Pardot admin. Without it, we run the risk of lower adoption, utilization, and overall ROI of the tool. 

Are you looking to enhance your skills? Our Mini Series workshops are consultant-led, short-form, outcome-based session’s designed to empower you to be wildly successful. Whether you’re looking to enhance your reporting, nurture or strategy skills, we provide all of the essential tips, tricks, advice, best practices, guidance and, most importantly, confidence to take your skills to the next level.

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