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Pardot Slack Integration Winter 22

Get On Board with the New Pardot and Slack Integration (Beta)

Get On Board with the New Pardot and Slack Integration (Beta)

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Included in the Salesforce Winter ‘22 release is a beta feature that highlights the beginning of an integration between Pardot and Slack.

Salesforce officially acquired Slack on July 21, 2021, and the company is already looking to push out new features to integrate Slack with your Salesforce instance. The newest announcement regarding the integration between the two systems went into detail about how every company should have a digital headquarters and what features will soon be available.

Here is what you need to know so you can understand how Slack will work with Pardot.

Connecting Pardot with your company Slack workspace

What does the beta service include?

This beta feature allows your marketing and sales teams to receive updates in their Slack workspace when a prospect engages with your marketing assets. Through a completion action on your marketing asset, a new post will be shared within your Slack workspace informing your team of what asset the prospect interacted with and their basic contact information. When setting up the completion action, you are able to select which Slack channel you want your team to receive the notification.

Push notifications from Pardot to Slack via Pardot completion action

How do I enable the Pardot and Slack integration?

Before enabling the Pardot Slack connector, you will need to create a Slack app that will be installed in your Slack workspace so you can connect Slack to Pardot. If you are like me and have never heard of a Slack app, that’s fine! A Slack app should be created when you need to use Slack APIs to connect your workspace with a third-party service through an integration.

It’s recommended to create an app from an app manifest when setting up the basic Slack app, but it is possible to create your own. The Salesforce documentation for this integration includes JSON code for you to use in the manifest file. 

Slack provides an easy-to-navigate article that helps you create your Slack app for whichever Slack workspace you want to integrate with Pardot. By following the steps shown through the “Create a new Slack app” button, you will be able to create your own app within a couple of minutes.

Once your app is created, you will have to install it in your Slack workspace. This is so the Pardot and Slack integration is connected and ready to be used. Finally, you will have to generate a token and scope through your Slack app to add your workspace to the Slack connector in Pardot.

Enable the Pardot Slack Connector

Now that we have everything set up on the Slack side of the integration, you should navigate to your Pardot settings through the Pardot Lightning App to enable the Pardot Slack connector. Once you have enabled this setting, Slack will be available as a Connector through your connector settings through the Pardot Settings tab.

Enable the Pardot Slack Connector
Pardot Slack Integration create connector

When you choose the Slack connector, you will be prompted to add a Slack workspace to integrate with Pardot. To connect to your workspace, you will have to use the bot token provided when you generated the token and scopes for your Slack app. Once your workspace is added to the Slack connector, you can then choose up to 10 channels from that workspace to connect to Pardot. 

You will need to copy the channel links in order to set them up through the connector. You can find these by right clicking on the designated channel within your Slack workspace.

Configure Slack Notification Completion Actions in Pardot

Now that you have your Slack workspace and channel(s) set up through the Slack connector in Pardot, you can use the “notify Slack channel” Completion Action on your marketing assets. When setting up your completion action, you are able to select which channel you want to post to as well as customize the message that is posted in the Slack channel. With each post, Pardot will also include the following fields for the prospect so your teams can easily identify them in Pardot:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Email
  • Phone

These fields will show as blank values if they are not populated for the prospect who has completed the particular action you have set up.

Pardot Slack Integration sample message

Upcoming features

Salesforce announced Slack-First Marketing in mid-September and emphasized how the initiative will enable marketing teams to be able to collaborate through a shared digital workspace in Slack. 

Pardot Automation for Slack is the newest feature available for Pardot users to integrate with Slack. Although there is not much information on this new feature yet, we know it is expected to be available with the Spring ‘22 release and provides a shared view of your customer in Slack while streamlining notifications for the sales department.

Important things to know

Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when you enable the Slack integration in Pardot.

  • You will need to work with your Slack workspace admin to create an app for the workspace you want to integrate with Pardot.
  • The Pardot Slack Connector is a beta feature and is only available in English.
  • The Pardot Slack Connector is not available through Pardot Classic, so you will need to install the Pardot Lighting App to use this feature.
  • You can only create the completion action to notify a Slack channel through a Pardot form, form handler, file download, custom redirect, page action, and Pardot Classic emails.
  • At this time, you are only able to connect one Slack workspace to Pardot and add up to 10 Slack channels for the integration.

Learn more about the Slack integration with Pardot

Remember to reach out to Sercante if you want to know more about setting up these features in your Pardot org. Or, comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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