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Salesforce Summer ‘24 Highlights: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Salesforce Summer ‘24 Highlights: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

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Salesforce Summer ‘24 release notes are out! Let’s dive into the latest features Account Engagement marketers need to know about. 

Send Operational Emails with Engagement Studio

Marketers can now send Operational (aka Transactional) emails via Engagement Studio Programs! This is a game changer for any orgs that need to send renewal reminders, shipping notices, invoices etc. through Account Engagement. To use this new feature, ensure Operational emails are enabled in your Account Engagement Business Unit and make sure you’re familiar with what does, and does not, count as Operational. 

Copy Images from Account Engagement to CMS

Salesforce CMS workspaces rolled out for Account Engagement users with the Lightning Builders. However, if you are using both the Classic and Lightning builders, you’ve likely struggled with your content being in two places. With this new feature, you can easily copy images from your Account Engagement Business Unit over to CMS to help ensure everything is in one easily accessible place. 

View in Account Engagement Optimizer

If you’re not yet using the Account Engagement Optimizer, I highly recommend checking it out. This feature provides critical insights into the performance of your Account Engagement Business Unit and highlights actionable measures to keep your org running smoothly. With the Summer ‘24 release, a new messaging section is being added to Optimizer to make it even easier to view alerts and feature recommendations.

Misc Updates

Which Salesforce Summer ‘24 update are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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