The 10 Best Pardot Ideas On the IdeaExchange

…in my humble opinion 


Have you visited the IdeaExchange before? In a nutshell, it’s a place where you can submit product enhancement ideas and vote on existing ideas with simple thumbs up or thumbs down. Kinda like Tinder for Pardot. The Pardot development team then picks the top ideas and builds them into their product roadmap. It’s an awesome way for users to have a say in the future of the platform.

And, right now, there are so many great ideas! Here are my 10 favorites for Pardot.

If any of these get you excited, click on the link to the IdeaExchange and give them a thumbs up! 

1. Email Templates With Completion Actions

Right now, you can add Completion Actions to List Emails when someone opens, clicks, or unsubscribes, but when it comes to Email Templates, you have to do it elsewhere in Pardot, adding another step to your setup.  This feature would mean you could simply set up those Completion Actions right from the Email Template without adding so many action steps in your Engagement Studio or building yet another Automation Rule. I’m a fan of less is more when building out processes in Pardot, so this gets a thumbs up from me.

2. Display Unique Engagement Metrics on the Email Template Report

Right now, the only way to get detailed engagement data for an Email Template is by clicking into each individual template in Pardot. It would be great to be able to get data like unique HTML Opens and % opened for sent emails in overview reports that are able to be exported. List emails currently have this data aggregated in a pretty report, but we need it for Email Templates too! If your head is nodding – give this one a vote. 

3. Add 1 Hour Increments to Engagement Studio Wait Times

Currently, the shortest wait time you can set between steps in Engagement Studio is 1 day. I would LOVE the ability to be more granular and adjust wait steps by hours. Sometimes you gotta move fast and 1 day is too slow.

4. Syncing Tags to Salesforce

Imagine launching a mass free trial during COVID. You know the quality of folks signing up is not ideal and you want to track them separately. So you tag them in Pardot – great! But when you go to view that Account in Salesforce, there’s no tag to be found. Sure you could create another custom field, but come onnnnn, don’t we have enough fields already?! Wouldn’t it be awesome if those Pardot tags could carry over into Salesforce?

5. WYSIWYG Editor for Landing Pages:

For your typical Pardot admin, the fewer  HTML edits required, the better. I’m great with a WYSIWYG editor, which is standard for Pardot emails, but when it comes to HTML design edits, not so much. So getting a simple WYSIWYG editor for Landing Pages is at the top of my enhancement list!

6. Export PDF of Emails Created

I don’t know about you but I am tired of shrinking my browser size trying to get an accurate screenshot of what my emails look like in Pardot. When internal stakeholders want to see emails without sending a test to everyone, it would be AMAZING if we could quickly and easily export a PDF of the creative.

7. Zoom Webinar Connector

Everyone and their mom (and even their grandma) is using Zoom these days. With so many events and marketing efforts shifting to virtual, it would be fantastic to integrate Zoom with Pardot so we can create sign-up forms and completion actions for our campaigns.

8. Report on Hard Bounces with Reason Codes

Data on hard bounce reasons exists in Pardot but you have to pull it by going into each individual email. If you’re like me and would love the ability to run a mass report on all emails and easily export hard bounce data, give this one an upvote. 

9. Record Direct Replies from a Pardot Email

You spend hours putting together a great campaign. You send an email with a clear CTA but the prospect hits reply instead of clicking the button. Technically, your campaign should get credit for that interaction!  But you have no way to track this scenario. I’m willing to bet that every marketing team wants this data. If you agree, give this idea a thumbs up. 

10. Ability to Change Date Format

A lot of global companies want to be able to update how dates appear because their prospects are used to seeing dates in a different format than the default in Pardot (YYYY/MM/DD). Another reason you may want this enhancement is to be able to send date data to another platform. If the other system has a different date format (DD/MM/YYYY), that makes syncing the data messy and complicated. 

Weigh In on Your Favorite Ideas

So do you agree, wouldn’t these be awesome enhancements to Pardot? Which ones are you going to vote for? Or did you find inspiration for a new idea? Let us know and we’ll give it an upvote!

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CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist. Celine is a 2x Salesforce certified consultant who also spent nearly 4 years working with Eloqua. She has 6+ years experience working with marketing automation in a variety of industries such as finance, software, homebuilding, and e-commerce. Her free time is usually spent playing tennis.

4 thoughts on “The 10 Best Pardot Ideas On the IdeaExchange”

  1. It would have been better if your links opened in new tabs so when I click to upvote as I was reading through I wasn’t taken away from your great blogpost

  2. Sercante! Great features, as usual. Quick ones:

    – Differentiating every Pardot email click
    In a list email, you may have to add the same CTA at several areas of the email. For instance, before the fold and at the bottom of your email. Today, the report shows the total amount of clicks, not the split between the different areas. How about having the split count in the Click-Through Rate Report?

    Also, to add to your point 9, couldn’t other link formats be tracked? Yes, email replies aren’t tracked, but nor are the mailto features (ie, if behind a CTA button you have an email address in the likes of mailto:[email protected]). Only the http:// structured links are tracked, could this be extended to other formats?

    Hope this is clear! 🙂

  3. Especially like the PDF export one, if Pardot could also introduce a way to API or FTP into email templates for mass download and upload that would really help organizations when they go through major rebranding.

  4. This is a great list and I upvoted most.

    Here is another few ideas I feel should be higher in the rankings:

    Speeding Up Pardot Import Processes:
    –Select Campaign and Member Status during Prospect Import (

    Salesforce Enhanced Note Integration:
    –Pardot Accommodation of Salesforce Enhanced Notes – Visibility & Mass Creation (

    Automation Enhancement:
    –Parameter in automation rules for “is changed” (

    Improve Engage (product with great potential, but needs so much love):
    –Additional ownership criteria and attribute filters for Engage Alerts
    –Allow Lightning for Gmail and Engage Chrome extensions to work together (

    Add ability to export marketing calendar or link it with outlook calendar (

    Auditing / General Admin Help:
    –Audit Trail on Pardot Emails, Forms, etc. (
    –Notification on SFDC Connector Errors (
    –Country lists match between Salesforce and Pardot (

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