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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer ‘22 Release Highlights

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer ‘22 Release Highlights

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If you were like us, you thought the Summer ‘22 Release was going to be a summer of NO love for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Thankfully, we were wrong! 

Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release notes came out recently, and we’ve hand-picked the things Marketing Cloud admins should know about.

We’ll highlight what Salesforce deems its Top Feature/Release Highlights. And we’ll also throw in a few gems not to be overlooked! 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer ‘22 Release Highlights

Before we jump into it, we wanted to point out the key theme we are continuing to see: enhancements that allow for greater cross-collaboration use cases. The lines between studio, platform, and cloud are blurring more than ever. Now on with the show…

Einstein: Engagement Frequency ‘What-If’ Analyzer

Users will now be able to clearly see how saturated contacts are within a business unit based on engagement data. It’s no longer a guessing game or trying to compare yourself against industry benchmarks and best practices. 

 The goal of Einstein Engagement Frequency ‘What If’ Analyzer is to help you better plan for your upcoming campaigns and more specifically, can help you decide how many message activities to add to each of the paths and Einstein Frequency Split Activity within Journey Builder. 

Einstein Engagement Frequency

Key Benefits Include 

  • Greater visibility into frequency performance:  grouped by on-target, over-saturated and undersaturated, you can now segment and target based upon these groupings. Pull back on recipients who may be experiencing email fatigue, ramp up on those who are not getting enough communications, and stay the course with those who are on target. The end goal should be to have the majority of your contacts in the on-target grouping. 
  • Visually test multiple message frequency scenarios: instead of testing scenarios in the wild and coming to learn potential negative outcomes that are too late to be course-corrected, you can view possible outcomes on how additional messages will affect your engagement over time through the power of AI. It’s like a crystal ball into the future! 

Availability: customers who have access to Einstein Engagement Frequency (paid add on to pro, included with corp editions and above)

Personalization: Triggered Campaign Messages

Combining Marketing Cloud Personalization (Interaction Studio) with the outbound communication engine of Journey Builder, users are now able to easily deliver personalized, relevant messages across numerous channels based on deep, contextual customer behavior — all in real-time. 

You can use nine configurable, real-time, behavioral triggers to start Marketing Cloud Journeys. That includes cart or browse abandonment, product price reduction, and product back-in-stock. 

You also can send user information and recommendations from Interaction Studio to Journey Builder Entry Events, and then use that data for personalization and decision splits. You can run A/B tests and analyze the performance of your triggered campaigns with built-in reports and dashboards.

Availability: Included in both Growth and Premium editions of Marketing Cloud Personalization.

Engagement: Data Extensions Query Support for Intelligence Reports Advanced 

Before we dive right in, as a reminder, Intelligence Reports Advanced (formerly known as Datorama Reports Advanced) is a premium upgrade for Marketing Cloud Engagement (SFMC). It’s an included analytics tool for analyzing and optimizing email, mobile and Journey Builder messaging. 

With Intelligence Reports Advanced, you can create your own dashboards, dimensions, and measurements, query high volume and granular data with a Codeless Query Builder, and start your cross-channel analytics journey. You have access to ready-made apps for connecting email to the web, advertising studio first-party audiences to performance data and more. 

Now to the latest enhancements. In a nutshell, users who have Intelligence Reports Advanced will be able to add Data Extensions and query them with Engagement Data (Opens, clicks,  bounce, unsubs, etc).

Key benefits include: 

  • Enrich Engagement Data with Data Extensions: by easily querying your data extensions alongside email and mobile push engagement you’re able to add additional context and optimize messages based on performance by audience attributes from your data extensions
  • Optimize future messaging based on performance by audience attributes: Perform codeless queries to uncover optimization opportunities per any audience attribute stored in a Data Extension.
    • Use Case: You have a data extension of subscriber IDs and an audience attribute indicating that they’re part of your brand’s loyalty program. Now, you can join this data and then run queries to compare performance for subscribers in that loyalty program, versus customers not in that loyalty program. Once your data connections are connected, querying them is easy. 
  • Query Data Extensions to validate and explore their data: Understand the structure and rows of your Data Extensions with standalone querying.

Availability: Requires Intelligence Reports Advanced for Engagement.

Intelligence: Database Exports

Users can now easily export clean and harmonized marketing data into your enterprise database, specifically for Snowflake and Postgres, and in turn unlock more value in your enterprise data strategy while creating an audit-proof system of data for managing exports.  

To break this down a bit more, your marketing data no longer needs to live in a silo. It can be made available to your Business Intelligence group to make insights accessible across the org in a manner that addresses concerns such as data integrity and auditing.  

Highlights include: 

  • Automation of the export of cleansed and harmonized marketing data into your orgs database
  • Marketing Data is available to other parts of your org for analysis and deeper insights
  • Marketing data is backed up in your preferred database, creating an audit-proof system for all your enterprise data.

Availability: Included in all Intelligence (Datorama) editions

Customer Data Platform (CDP): Activation Enhancements

Users can now send additional customer profile information from CDP to marketing platforms like Marketing Cloud Engagement (SFMC). This feature allows marketers to enhance personalization communication and leverage mobile push as an activation contact point, which until now was not possible. And as a result, you can more easily reach customers with the right message on their preferred channels. 

Benefits include: 

  • Greater personalization options for messaging and journeys by changing the volume and variety of data types that can be shared with Marketing Cloud Engagement, for example.
  • Ability to connect data from across the enterprise: blend marketing (loyalty data) and non-marketing (transactional) systems simultaneously during activation across clouds.
  • Meet customers on preferred channels: increase marketing reach and flexibility, specifically driving personalization mobile messages.

Availability: Included in all CDP editions

Some other gems we wanted to call out…

Marketing Cloud Einstein and Analytics

  • GA Integration with Journey Builder:  You can now see how your SMS, mobile, and email activity throughout a journey impact conversion events on a website or mobile app (err… about time 😀)
  • Einstein & Mail Privacy Protection: Einstein models have been updated to address the expanding list of MPP initiatives, allowing more accurate predictions
  • Subject Line Performance: Uncover which language factor is impacting your subject line. For each factor, you get a score and guidance on how best to update to get the highest impact 
  • Einstein Weather Content Selection:  Use local weather conditions including forecasts (temperature and precipitation) and alarm events (thunderstorms) to personalize and promote your content.

Marketing Cloud Journeys and Mobile App

From activating audiences in CDP (as previously mentioned) and retargeting contacts when they open a push notification or engage with an in-app message to directly linking between your mobile app and Journey builder, which allows for marketers to listen for corresponding in-app message engagement as a wait step in a journey, this release is finally expanding on the potential of mobile push and in-app interaction points. 

See full Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer ‘22 Release details here.

Summer of Love

As you can tell, the Marketing Cloud Engagement product teams have been quite busy and super focused on cross-cloud capabilities. This release is chock full of terrific enhancements that will allow marketers to continue to push the limits and advance their digital marketing initiatives forward. Thanks for the love, Salesforce!

To learn more about this release, register to attend Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Summer ‘22 New Feature Overview Webinar on June 23, 2022, or contact us for assistance on how to unlock some of the exciting new enhancements for your org. We are ready to take your program to the next level!


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