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Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release Highlights: Platform Updates

Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release Highlights: Platform Updates

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The Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release is on its way! Let’s dive into the top declarative features and updates for admins.

In line with messaging from Salesforce, the Summer ‘24 Release includes new and enhanced features that all center on the relationships between CRM, data, AI, and trust.

Salesforce Summer ’24 Highlights

Security & Access

Get a Summary of a User’s Permissions and Access

Viewing what access a user has will be easier with the User Access Summary. Accessible directly from the user details record, you can see what a user has access to without having to spend multiple clicks checking each profile, permission set, public group, or queue.

Other great Security & Access Updates:


Set Conditional Visibility for Individual Tabs in Lightning App Builder

Now you can control visibility to tabs and their contents in the Lightning App Builder, based on specific criteria, giving you another tool to customize the user experience, and what users can see and when. 

View Field History Tracking from Setup

Admins can now view and control field history tracking across objects in on place, from the Setup menu. From here you can view and control the objects that have tracking en tracked, and enable, view and update the fields. 

Other Customization updates worth mentioning:

Sales Productivity

Do More in the Intelligence Views

More functionality is coming to Account, Contact, Lead and Pipeline Intelligence views to help users do more in one place. Now it’s possible to perform mass actions like Add to Campaign or Send Email, and inline editing of the same field, from these Intelligence views.

Organize and Find Records Easily with Personal Labels

Users can apply their own private labels to records to help them organize, track, and find the records they need quickly and easily. Labels work on several objects including:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Contact
  • Case
  • Email Template
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Task
  • …and more

The once added to the page layout, a Labels related list will appear on the record page, allowing users to add their labels. Then the Labels tab provide a view to all of the records that have that Label applied.

Note: Users will need access to the Labels object. This is enabled by default in standard profiles but will need to be granted in custom profiles or permission sets.


Flow Management 

Automation Lightning App

The Automation Lighning App includes a Home page showing recently modified flows, and flow errors, as well as quick links to flow topics on Trailhead and to the Flow Community. 

The app also includes a Flows tab where list views to access standard and custom list views of existing flows. From here you can open a flow, open the latest version, change the owner, or delete the flow.

Note you may have to enable this features from Setup > Process Automation Settings, and checking the Enable the Automation Lighting App checkbox.

View Flow Details from a Lighting Page

When using the Automation App and list views, you’ll notice that clicking on a flow shows the details on a Lightning record page. This lets you take advantage of customizing your page layout as I’ve done in the screenshot below. 

Organize Your Flows Based on Categories and Subcategories That You Define

Another new flow admin feature, new Category & Subcategory text fields are now available on the Flow object, and accessible when creating custom list views, which can be a handy tool for organizing long lists of flows. 

Control User Access to Specific Flow Elements

Use new permissions to enable users who don’t have the Manage Flows permission, to use specific flow elements when building segment-triggered and form-triggered flows. Elements supported include:  Assignment, Collection Filter, Collection Sort, Delete Records, Get Records, Loop, and Subflow. 

Keep in mind that these permissions are available for Enterprise and Unlimited Edition with Marketing Cloud Growth. 

Flow Builder

Check for Duplicates Before Creating Records in a Flow

The Create Records element in flow just got more intelligent for preventing duplicates. Now you can first check to see if another record with specific criteria exists before creating a new record.  If an existing record is found, the field values are applied to the existing record, otherwise a new record is created. 

Before you would have to use a Get element to search for an existing record and a decision to check if anything was found before creating a new record. Having this all rolled into one element makes the flow build and maintenance much simpler and more efficient.

Required fields automatically added for Create elements

Another cool feature spotted in the pre-release org is that Create elements also automatically include required fields.

I didn’t see this feature mentioned in the Release Notes, but as this could be a super helpful I’m hoping it will turn up in the Release. Admins can probably relate to the headache of building a flow that creates a record, hitting error when a required fields are not included, then having to go back the flow to make sure that field is populated… maybe more than once!

A couple of notes to consider for this to be useful: 

  • Only fields that are marked required at the field level are included. Fields that are flagged as required on the page layout are not included. 
  • Also, the element may include other non-required fields. For example when creating a Lead, the IsConverted and IsReadbyOwner fields were also added to the element automatically.  This may be something only seen in the pre-release org, so it may look a bit different in the actual release.

Other cool Flow Builder Updates:

Screen flows

New Action Button Component (Beta)

Now you can Add an Action Button to a flow screen to run and retrieve information from an active autolaunched flow, without leaving the screen. This is a huge win for creating a better user experience. Before you’d have to use one screen to collect some information, then click next to do the necessary actions and display the output on a second screen. 

Other Updates

Other Notable Updates

A few other updates in this release that are worth noting.

Default No-Reply Email Required

To stay in line with increased email security standards, orgs are required to create and verify a Default No-reply address in their Organization-Wide Email Address settings (replacing [email protected]). This will affect any orgs that send emails from Salesforce. Think automated emails like Lead or Case assignment, or even emails sent from a flow. This is will be enforced starting in Winter’25, meaning that some emails may not send, so its a good idea to set up a default no-reply email address sooner rather than later.

Get Ready for the Salesforce Summer ’24 Release

This is just a handful of platform features planned for the Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release. If you’re interested in diving in to learn more about the updates in this release, I highly recommend reading through the full release notes

You can also check out our post on the Salesforce Summer ’24 Release for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) here.

Which Salesforce Summer ‘24 features have you the most excited? Let us know in the comments!

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